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Creating VS2005 Applications: All you really need is a mouse
Author: David Silverlight
Published: 11/25/2005 4:07 PM
Category: ASP.NET
Summary: This presentation focuses on the use of Data Adapters to streamline .NET Development and to demonstrate how they can be used to build applications in minutes.


Using Visual Studio 2005, you will find yourself dragging and dropping your way to full application development. In fact, you will start believing that you are doing something wrong if you actually have to use the keyboard. In this very first dual meeting of the NonProfitWays .NET Architecture Group and the Miami Users Group, we are going to examine the underlying architecture of one of our applications in which we lean heavily on table adapters and binding of Object Data Sources to our grids and forms. This architecture analysis will cover 5 templates that we are using as the basis for our application and how we build each one.

a) Display records from a table
b) Display of records with a parent-child relationship, allowing the user to expand/collapse the child records upon the click of a +/- graphic.
c) Displaying a GridView of records and editting the record inline.
d) Using a GridView and DetailView to list and edit records on one form.
e) Using a GridView and DetailView to list and edit records on two seperate forms.

We will also be discussing the underlying Business Layer that is generated automagically for you upon the creation of a Table Adapter. Be sure to bring your opinions with you on this topic so that we can have an open discussion on how this compares with other more keyboard-intensive approaches. It definitely saves time, but is it violating any rules of n-Tier application development?


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