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Section 508 - Will Bobby Approve of your website?
Author: David Silverlight
Published: 11/25/2005 4:07 PM
Category: ASP.NET, AWS
Summary: This session covers the technical details involved in developing .NET applications that meet the WCAG or Section 508 accessibility guidelines.

Would your site be "Bobby Approved" if it were evaluated today?  If it  is, well hats off to you!!!  It means that your site is section 508 compliant or meets the Web Content Accessibility guidelines specified by the W3C's Web Accessibility initiative (WAI).  Next question… Have you ever even checked your site or for compliance?  Like many of us, the answer is a resounding no, primarily because most developers are not even aware that recent laws have passed to enforce this compliance.  Currently, the law affects only federal agencies, at the same time it is still directly relevant to all web developers as we consider the millions of users with disabilities that are surfing the web with text or Aural browsers.  This session covers the technical details involved in developing .NET applications that meet the WCAG or Section 508 accessibility guidelines.  We will explore the modifications that are necessary to make our ASP.NET 1.1 applications accessible to users with disabilities.  We will also explore the  enhancements and tools made available to simplify this task in Whidbey.


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