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ConData with ADO.NET Visual Studio 2005
Author: Unknown
Published: 12/7/2005 6:44 PM
Category: ADO.NET, C#, Caching, Datagrid, Datalist, Namespace, RegExp, Security, WS-Referral, ExceptionHandling, Debugging, DTD, RSS, Schema, SQL, WebDAV, WebService, XForms
Summary: This was one of my projects using ADO.NET for Hotel SQL Database. This SQLDatabase will work with MSMQ message and Web Service XML. This project helped the guess register on line via Internet for their Hotel Date Arrival and their Date Departure.


ADO.NET is microsoft's latest addition to their data access APIs.

Adjunct to DBlib, ODBC, DAO, RDO, ADO

System.Data namespace provides classes for working anytype of data.

Provides specific namespace allows for access to particular data source:

  • System.Data.OLEDB
  • System.Data.odbc
  • System.Data.SQLClient
  • Systems.Data.OracleClient

System.Data namespace contains disconnected of objects:  DataSet, DataTable, DataRow, and so on...


  • ADO works great, but requires COM and Windows.  Recordset don't travel well across the internet. 
  • Connected behavior is hard to work with.  

ADO.NET solves these problems:  Use familiar concepts to perform familiar tasks.  Use XML under the covers for data transport.  XML has no runtime/transport requirements. 

No special code requirement to marshal across the internet.  ADO.NET requires new mind set.  Most data activities disconnected Data Transport uses XML


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