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WebConReg in Visual Studios 2005
Author: Unknown
Published: 12/7/2005 8:09 PM
Category: ADO.NET, ASP.NET, C#, DAAB, Localization, Namespace, Repeater, VS.NET, WS-Referral, WS-Security, Database, Debugging, DTD, Schema, SQL, SQLXML, WebDAV, XForms, XHTML, XML, XML.NET, XPath, XPointer, XQL, XSchema, XSL
Summary: This WebSite provides intergration with CLR and full support for compiled, type-safe languages via DHTML or static for older browser.


Purpose of Designing  this Web Page

Server control provide rich functionality with events, support multiple client types with one template.   HTML 3.2, NETscape, Mobil devices, etc.  Include support for many .NET languages.  What is happened?

Visual Studio uses the ASPX file as a template for the presentation layer.   The build process takes the code defined in the ASPX page's matching code file and creates a .NET assembly.

Assembly named  using the name of the ASPX file and the .DLL extension.  In addition, seperation of UI and code.  Design ASPX pages with layout and tags.   Support for HTML, XML, and TEXT.   Runtime combines the template and links to the compile code.




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