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SQL Server proximity visualizer
Author: Duray AKAR
Published: 3/12/2006 12:41 PM
Category: ADO.NET, ASP.NET, C#, SQL
Summary: find the most responsive SQL server in your server pool, and monitor it real time...



I have always struggled with selecting among a list of SQL servers, when all are available to some degree.

But it is kind of hard to choose which one is your best bet.

So I coded this example.

You simply add your connection strings to your application settings when you open the solution, build and run it...

It will detect the response times of your servers, and rotate the relevant db icons nicely around your world :) If they go down, they will disappear, and if they come back up, they will appear...

The icons are actually transparent user controls with a button, so there is the possibility of doing something on the click ;)

The detection runs on a separate process, so the UI is not blocked.

The detection is done via "Select 1" to calculate the roundtrip, and not to clog the server, and is done every other second.
Please note that there is no other way of really finding out the roundtrip time, because after you connect for first time, the connection is opened and closed in "0" ticks :) "Select '1'" gives you an ACTUAL wire roundtrip time every second, and it is not really a hard hit on the server , is it ?

The db icons will get smaller and move away from your world as their response time goes down, and they will get bigger and get closer to your world as it goes up...

You will see the fastest connection in the status bar.

and some junk code, labels. e.t.c. in the code, sorry for them, will clean them up soon.

Planning to have this as a tray application with transparent forms... so that you can put it in your status bar in any application.

Thank you




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