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The X-men
Author: mikael bergkvist
Published: 2/25/2005 12:00 AM
Category: XML
Summary: The new mutants are spelling the end for the world as we know it.


The Xmen is a movie based on a comic, which is about a school for gifted youngsters.
- Only these youngsters aren't really 'gifted', instead, they have superpowers.
In the comic business, there's a running joke that anything with the letter "X" in the title
sells better that anything without it.
It's partly true.

Infact, the letter "X" appears all over in the entertainment business.
Xmen, X-files, X-box, WinDiesels action-flick XXX, and so forth.
It makes you wonder what "X" is realy about, doesn't it?

Well, the letter "X" stands, not for Xstensible, but for "unknown", since the young mutants
in the movie mentioned above has a strange gene, which is unknown of origin and function -
the "X-gene" - thus the name.
And the unknown both terrifies and intrigues us, doesn't it?
We think of muslims as the bad guys of the world, while we celebrate Valentines day, thinking
of the Great Lover in his desert tent in the romantic arabic Sahara night.
I doubt that's Bin Ladin there..

Thing is, everything has two sides, and until we have come to know it and learned about it, we can't
decide what's what.
That's really terrifying, is'nt it, the fact that we can't tell the two sides apart?
Muslims blend together before our eyes into a diffuse threat, until we have come to know them that is,
and for that to happen, we need to make an effort.
Some of them burn for freedom and democracy, hard and fierce, and we need to be able to recognize
this fact.
We need to be able to distinguish the facetts of the situation, and make sound judgementcalls based
on that, and not on judgmental assumptions.

Now, what the.. does this has to do with XML?

Well, in some small way it does, it's about fear, and I see companies shun from it's obvious advantages
daily, because they dont know what to make of it.
I'ts kinda intriguing, but it's still regarded as some type of hype by a lot of people.

It's that "X"-factor, the unknown aspect of it, that gives them the shivers, and they look upon developers
into it with suspicion and fear..

The "Xmen"..


Fans of "The Office"
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