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XMLPitStop: Mikael's Taking a Byte Out Of XML

Mikael's Taking a Byte Out Of XML

And now, a little bit about Mikael, Author of "Taking a Byte Out Of XML"

I used to draw comics for a living for the longest time, and then one day I was asked to both design and 'program' a website, and I promptly did so, and discovered how much fun that was. But I wanted the tags to do the work, and stumbled across this new thing called XML. This was way back 1999.

Later, I got 3 XML-patents regarding xml-behaviors, and formed a company based on those, which is Naltabyte today. For us, the fluid nature of xml means that web-solutions can be delivered tailormade, something that would never be possible at such a low cost otherwise, and that there are huge possibilities for various innovations that still remain standard-compatible and easy to understand for other developers.

And with my background, the creative part is important. What we do has a lot to do with dynamic interfaces, and the consulting we offer is about making things go online with a minimum of fuss, that originally were'nt intended to go online at all. And there, you really can't beat xml.



An Xtra look at all things XML (Dec 11, 2004)
Interacting with the Matrix (Dec 8, 2004)

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