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Articles from the Head Geek's XML Journal column, "Shedding a Little Light on XML"

Article Description Source Code
Read January 2002 Issue

"Miss Cleo - Is your XML Processor Psychic?"

In the January 2002 issue, I cover...
a) Why do Namespaces use a URL Naming Convention if they do not reference a website?.
b) What is the difference between a URI, URL and URN?
c) Where are Namespaces Headed
d) Why should I use Namespaces in my XML documents?
e) Namespace Navigator

Read December 2001 Issue

"The Silverlight technique or Ode to Steve Muench"

In the December issue, I cover...
a) What is the Muenchian method.
b) What are some of the cautions regarding the Muenchian Method?
c) A world without Steve Muench

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Read November 2001 Issue

"Recursion reminds me of.....Recursion"

In the November issue, I cover...
a) Why does xslt require recursion for what seems to be simple tasks? After all, many other languages can solve the same problems without using recursion.
b) What is recursion useful for?
c) How do I iterate through a string of characters in XSL?
d) How can I load a Treeview in Visual Basic with XML Data?

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Read October Issue

"Getting ready for when the Internet becomes World-Wide"

In the October issue, I cover...
a) How can I create a Multi-lingual version of my website?
b) Important Localization Resources

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Read September Issue

Why Johnny Can't Read XML?

In the September issue, I cover...
a)NodeSets: This stylsheet demonstrates using the "intersection" template to find all elements who have BOTH:
     a) A child 'purchase' element of type = 'ProductA' and Quantity > 10
     b) A child 'purchase' element of type = 'ProductB' and Quantity > 10

b) The Differences between the Push and Pull Method.

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Read August Issue

"Dates are an important area in anyy Database Application"

In the August issue, I cover...
a) Handling Dates in XSLT.
b) Handling Fixed length text with XML.
c) Webovoteomatic.

Download Source

July Issue

"When your own brain just isn't enough..."

In the July issue, I cover...
a) A cool technique for returning the top X elements from a nodeset.
b) What is the difference between xsl:import and xsl:include.
c) Various techniques for combining XML Documents.

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Read June Issue Accelerate Innovation in the world of distributed computing"

In the first of my monthly columns, I cover...
a) Passing Parameters to a stylesheet from ASP. Using parameters to do a conditional select in XSLT.
b) The differences between SAX and the XML DOM.
c) Dynamically changing the SortField and SortOrder in an XSLT Stylesheet.

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