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And now, a little bit about the Head Geek
David Silverlight is an independent software developer with deep knowledge of XML and Microsoft’s .NET. An avid teacher and evangelist, he created as a resource for other developers. is a resource for XML and .NET developers at all levels of experience. The site is notable for its appeal to hands-on developers, offering good demo applications that provide a full working version of commonly sought functionality. “Developers come to the site to learn how to do something,” David comments, “And white papers, or even code snippets, just aren’t as helpful as a real piece of source code.”

While the availability of examples is impressive, David actually takes things one step further in his in-person technical presentations at conferences and events such as Microsoft Developer Days. His favorite approach is to spend time going through the code for the demo applications he creates for, giving developers the opportunity to learn firsthand the principles behind their creation. “It’s like a chef’s cooking show on TV,” says David. “I present the general technique, and spend time on anything that’s tricky. Just as a cook would then turn to the full recipe, developers who have participated in my presentation can refer to the demos they download, with greater knowledge of how they were built.”

Conferences at which he has spoken include the 1996, 1997, and 1999 Microsoft Developer Days, XML 2000, and XML & Web Services 2002, and this Year's Comdex 2003. 

David also writes a newsletter, “XML Developer Tips, Trends & Technology eXTRA,” published by Pinnacle Publishing ( In 2001 he wrote a column for the XML Journal called Shedding a Little Light on XML; those columns are archived here.

With two colleagues, David is also involved in a project called Nonprofit Ways, an innovative site that matches non-profits who need software projects with developers who are interested in contributing their time to such projects. The approach is a win-win scenario for both groups: developers who join the program have an opportunity to use the latest programming techniques, with guidance from their peers, and have access to all of the code that is created through the program for their future use and learning. Non-profit organizations get help with custom-written projects they would not have been able to afford otherwise. For more information, go to

David’s technical projects as an independent developer have ranged widely; examples include upgrading a quality control application in a glass manufacturing company, creating a medicare claims processing system for a startup company, and writing a job tracking system for a large manufacturer of cell phones. His specialty is creating clean, simple architectures based on the use of XML and .NET. He enjoys creating applications that take advantage of the advanced features of Internet Explorer, and is currently very psyched about using Open XML.

An active member of the Gold Coast (Florida) .NET User Group and the Florida .NET Developers Den, he is a past president of the Gold Coast XML User Group.

In 2001, David was also chief evangelist for Infoteria Corporation, a provider of XML tools.

Previously, David was a founder of the eHealth company, now ClaimTrust, which creates thin-client applications for the health care industry.

For additional background on David Silverlight, click here to read his full resume.

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