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Highlights of Qualifications

  • Strong inter-personal skills have made me an effective teamplayer.
  • Ability to take a project from concept to market, meeting all deadlines
  • Successful track record as system architect in large-scale database driven Internet applications.·
  • Various speaking engagements have allowed me to develop my communication skills.
  • Recent writing opportunities have allowed me to enhance my written communication skills for technical audiences.

Software and Hardware

Operating Systems Windows (2000, NT, 98, 95), MS-DOS

XML/XSL, ASP, Visual Basic, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, WML, Java, Clipper, dBase, Pascal, Basic, C++, COBOL  

Software Packages

XML Spy, Excelon Stylus Studio, Visual InterDev 6.0, SQL Server 6.5/7/2000, Microsoft SOAP Toolkit, IIS 5.0, MTS 2.0, Net Satisfaxion, BEA Jolt, Microsoft Office,  Crystal reports 7.0,  Access,  Visual Voice, Word Developers kit, SourceSafe, InstallShield, WinFax, ODBC 3.0, Visual Café 2.5

Custom Controls Stingray’s Objective Grid, Objective Blend, Spread, VBTools, Sheridan Data Widgets, Crystal, RoboHelp, VideoSoft, Crescent Quickpack

Professional Experience

Motorola APTC Division
Lead Software Developer
APTC - Advanced Product Technolog Center
09/2002 - Present

Lead developer for REPTAR. The REPTAR system, with 300 daily users world-wide is a system that allows customers and Technical Managers to submit new jobs, track the progress of the job for the full lifecycle, maintain and bill on a monthly basis. REPTAR was built on an architecture that made heavy use of client-side DHTML, Data Islands, XMLHTTP, XML and XSLT communicating with a SQL2K back-end. SQLXML was also use very extensively for sending, parsing and retrieving data from a SQL2K back-end

Lead developer for TechTrak, a project management system built using Microsoft Visual Studio with ASP.NET and a SQL Server Back end. A Hierarchical interface using Nested Data Repeaters and Data Relation objects allowed for an elegant user interface. A RichTextBox control was used to offer the user a robust HTML Editor to enter project and milestone information. . The Data Access Layer is based on Microsoft’s Data Access Application Block. Exception Handling is based on Microsoft's Exception Management Application Blocks.
07/2002 - Present

Help to found NonProfitWays, a software development community that offers developers an opportunity to volunteer their efforts in building real-world NET websites for Nonprofit Organizations. Responsible for heading up a current Volunteer project as well as constant infrastructure development of the site, including building the chat room, task check-in and check-out, admin sections and other site features. The entire site is built using .NET, including the chat application which is built upon web-services, client-side DHTML, DataGrids and other various .NET technologies


Kellstrom Industries
Lead Developer
08/2001 - 09/2002
Lead Development of Sales Module for Kellstrom. System handled all stages of sales process from the initial Part Location to inventory management. The system was built using architecture comprised of ASP, DHTML, HTC, HTA, ,CSS, XML, XSLT and XMLHTTP for the front end. COM Components written in Visual Basic for the middle tier talking to a SQL Server Back end. Tables were replicated to a DB2 Database, allowing the system to access inventory from the DB2 Database. A Walthrough of this application can be found here

Infoteria Corporation
Chief XML Evangelist
(10/2000 – 11/2001)

Chief XML Evangelist for Infoteria Corporation. Responsibilities include speaking at high profile XML Events, R&D for upcoming XML technologies, coding of 100 XSLT Stylesheets for Infoteria’s upcoming stylesheet repository.


XML Journal
Monthly Columnist
(02/2001 - 01/2002)

Author of a monthly column in XML Journal entitled "Shedding a little light on XML ". Responsibilities include researching areas that are of a common cause of frustration to fellow XML Developers and to propose solutions that may include creating code snippets to illustrate solutions.
Technical Team Lead
(10/2000 – 06/2001)

Technical Team Lead for an Internet-based client/physician communication tool. Primary responsibilities included designing the system architecture, developing screen prototypes and designing middle-tier data access and business rules components. The system architecture SQL Server 2000 for the back-end, COM+ data components developed in VB 6.0, and implementation of the XML DOM and Data Islands for a client involving several hundred forms. Due to the large number of forms involved in maintaining an electronic medical record, generic design was a key factor in the base form model. Other responsibilities included training members of my team in XML, DOM, XSL and Data Islands, setting realistic deadline expectations for the Project Manager and communicating system requirements for the SQL Server development team
Lead Programmer/Analyst
(08/99 – 10/00

Lead programmer for an eHealthcare Application Service Provider.   Responsibilities include architecture, design and development of software.   Developed healthcare claim editing software for analyzing healthcare claims for accuracy and fraud prevention.   The primary claim editing engine, faxing server and FTP server were all developed in Visual Basic 6.0 using SQL Server 7.0 as the back-end database.   Results of the analysis are returned to the client through a web-interface, fax and/or FTP process.   The web-based interface for viewing the results contains statistical reports, daily processing results and/or claim analysis information.  This interface was developed using DHTML, ASP and SQL Server.   Developed a cross-browser, front-end claim coding checker to allow users at the front-desk of a healthcare facility to check claims for accuracy as they are entered. Medessary was developed using DHTML, ASP and SQL Server 7.0 stored procedures.   Developed an XML based interface to allow B2B transactions between and other companies.   This system allows users to send XML encoded claim information to a MedEweb server.   The information is analyzed and processed and the results of the processing are returned to the client as XML.  The system uses XML, ASP and SQL Server 7.0. Developed a claim-mapping toolto allow entry-level developers the ability to graphically map client specific data formats into our Claim Server Analysis engine forprocessing.   The mapping tool was written in VB 6.0 using SQL 7.0


Homnick Systems
VB and VID trainer
(09/99 – 11/99)

Instructor for the Visual Basic and Visual Interdev courses for students who are pursuing Microsoft Certification. Responsibilities include teaching the courseware, creating concept-specific demos and sample code, helping students with work-project issues that students bring with them from their companies and handling questions submitted by students after the class has ended.


Interim Healthcare
Contract Programmer
(03/98 to 08/99)

Senior level developer for a series of thin client applications, deployed in over 300 offices, utilizing an HTML/ASP/SQL Server architecture. The primary purpose of the applications is to automate the processing of forms-based data using a thin client interface.   A combination of HTML, DHTML, Java and ActiveX technologies are used in the development of the client interface.  SQL Server stored procedures and ASP are used to implement the database processing.   Application reports utilize the Crystal Reports 7.0 web application interface. Primary developer in a team of six responsible for the analysis, design and development of a 3-tier Employee Tracking System housing data for 40,000 plus employees. The server system is deployed on Windows NT 4.0 on a Compaq Proliant 7000 server and the workstations are running Windows NT 4.0 workstation on various types of PC's. Extensive use of Java for developing the client-side GUI application including the underlying interface which serves as the communication layer between the server and the front-end applications. Significant time was spent designing and developing a dynamic report generator in Java for custom reports by the users. The report generator also provided printing from the client machine. The application server was BEA Tuxedo 6.3 and the services were written in C and utilized ODBC to connect to the SQL Server 6.5 database. Some Transact SQL stored procedures were written to accommodate database processing.


Financial Data Planning
Senior Programmer
(02/91 to 08/97)

Responsibilities included developing, testing and maintaining software. Acted as lead programmer for the import module of Contact Partner, a Visual Basic based, time and schedule management software used by Insurance agents to track clients, policies, and calendar of appointments.  Converted sections of the Data Access Layer from an Access based engine to an engine that uses SQL Server via ODBC< /b> . Developed a ASP-based bug reporting/tracking utility for the FDP website. Developed a Microsoft Word based report generator using Visual Basic and WordBasic


Independent Software Solutions
(06/94 to 10/97)

Designing, programming, and documentation of software for small companies. Projects include: AVI system, converted from VB1.0 to VB4.0 32-bit, tracks defects on manufactured glass as it comes across an assembly line. CardTrak, developed in Visual Basic, is a data maintenance program for use by Phone Card companies to track the sale and distribution of phone cards and related items. Plantcare, developed in Visual Basic, is a touchscreen based information system to allow customers in a nursery retrieve information about plants.


Southeast Florida Database
Developer’s Group
VB/Access SIG chairman
(10/95 to 7/98)
Planning and organization of monthly user group meetings.   Frequent speaker on Visual Basic and internet development topics. Driving force behind the development of the SFDDG website.  Currently developing an Active Server Page web application to facilitate networking and marketing of members and to electronically distribute monthly meeting notifications

Professional Accomplishments

  • One of the founders of NonProfitWays, a software development community that offers developers an opportunity to volunteer their efforts in building real-world NET websites for Nonprofit Organizations. The site was recently recognized as a Wrox Site of the Month.
  • Current contributor and speaker at the FlaDotNet user group. Recent presentations include "Building Hierarchical User Interfaces using DBNetGrid, Infragistics and Data Repeaters".
  • Presented at the London XML Web Services 2002 on the topic of "Effectively Using XSLT Visual Studio.NET"
  • Recently began a Motorola Branch of the FlaDotNet user group to discuss new .NET technologies and how they can be applied to Motorola Intranet development.
  • Spent a year authoring a monthly Q & A column in XML Journal entitled "Shedding a little light on XML". Past columns can be found here.
  • Worked as a Publisher of Pinnacle’s XML Newsletter for the year of 2002.
  • Developer of a collection of XSLT Stylesheets for Infoteria’s Stylesheet Repository. These samples were also included as part of the collection of XSLT samples library in the XSelerator XSLT editor.
  • Speaker at XML 2000 on "Building Websites with XML"
  • Presented at the SuperSession at NACS expo 2001 on the topic of "XML In-Depth"
  • Past President of the GoldCoast XML users group.
  • Authored a chapter, "Web Databases with SQL Server and Access", in Visual InterDev Unleashed. Authored an Appendix on Query Designer in the same book.
  • Speaker at the 1996, 1997 & 1999 Microsoft Developer Days conferences as well as the 1997 & 1998 NetCom.
  • MCSD, MCP, MCT (Specializing in XML, Visual Basic and Visual Interdev)
  • Currently Microsoft certified in VB 6 Enterprise, VB 6 Development and in Visual Interdev
  • Past President of the Southeast Florida Database Developers Group.

    Internet Websites - Designer and current webmaster of this site. Current traffic bordering 1 million hits/month. - Founder and infrastructure development - Technical team lead for an electronic medical record application for client/physician communication. - Fixed issues regarding the shopping cart capabilities of this site. - Designer and one of the primary developers.

    Intranet Websites

    Kellstrom Sales Module – View a run-through of the Kellstrom Sales Module to see how the UI behaves.
    REPTAR – Screen Shots of the REPTAR System (Not available yet)
    TechTrak – Screen Shots of the TechTrak Project Management system (Not Available Yet)


    • Florida International University, B.S. degree in Computer Science, May 1995.
    • Broward Community College, A.A. degree in Computer Science, October 1987.
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