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Free soccer tips
Betting tips, guide and advice online can be found at Bet on sports, soccer and horse racing with the free betting tips, join our community and win. Learn betting strategy with news and free betting tips.

Type: Java  #Views: 84  Category: Article    

Excel 2016: 10 Features You Must Know
The new version of Microsoft Office was recently released and all the Office geeks are going gaga over it! MS Office comes loaded with new features and user friendly options that will, hopefully, make life easier for us, the computer people. MS Excel has always been more of an office used programme rather than a home based, as opposed to MS Word or MS PowerPoint. Therefore, it was crucial for Microsoft to step up their game and come up with something innovative and useful so as to make this already valuable programme even better. Microsoft Office has run course for 27 years and has managed to change the market with almost zero competitors.So let’s save you time by diving straight into the good stuff- new as well as hidden features of MS Excel 2016, which will enable you to work faster and smarter.

Type: Java  #Views: 509  Category: Article    


-- DE&E is the leader in providing the entire value chain from concept stage to a successful implementation of an unforgettable event.

Type: Java  #Views: 714  Category: Article    

Internet Connection with DSL Modems - 8 Tutorials
A collection of 8 tutorials on Internet connections with DSL modems covering: What are required to use DSL modems; How to connect DSL modems; How to configure Windows systems for DSL modem connection; How to troubleshoot DSL modem connection problems; etc.

Type: Java  #Views: 7636  Category: Article    

An introduction to a lightweight Java IDE - JCODER
***I can supply some screenshots for this article*** An introduction to a lightweight Java IDE - JCODER Java is an object orientated programming (OOP) technique which is designed to simplify complex programming concepts. Object orientated programming uses three basic concepts which are the fundamentals for the programming language. These concepts consist of objects, methods and classes. Additional concepts are Inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Event Handling and Encapsulation. Object Orientated Programming was originally developed by Xerox PARC to specify a computer application that describes the methodology of using objects as the foundation for computation. By the 1980’s, OOP’s rose to prominence as the best most reliable programming language. Currently, OOP’s such as Java, J2EE, Visual Basic.NET and JavaScript are popular OOP programming languages that any good Software Engineer or developer should be familiar with. Java was originally developed by Sun Microsystems and released in 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems' Java platform. The language derives much of its syntax from C and C++ but has a simpler object model. Java applications are typically compiled to byte code that can run on any Java virtual machine (JVM) regardless of computer architecture. Today Java is used widely across the internet but it is also an invisible force behind many of the applications and devises that power our day-to-day lives. Mobile phones, handheld devises, games and navigation systems are all java driven. JCODER is a Java integrated development environment (IDE) that runs on Windows which enables programmers to create, modify, navigate and debug their code faster with a lot more accuracy. JCODER features a nice and simple interface which provides a range of features including fast opening, rapid response times, multiple project management, wizards, customisable user interface, class viewer, package viewer, tabbed documents, multiple source path support, syntax checking and highlighting, stepping through a program step by step and remote debugging. The list goes on and on and with the comprehensive code editor tools, programmers can develop sophisticated java applications or applets very quick and easily. JCODER can also be used jointly with different other Java Development Kits (JDK). You just need to configure the JDK profiles and your away. The easy installation and intuitive interface makes JCODER an irreplaceable tool for Java programming. In more detail, with the JCODER IDE you can work on multiple documents simultaneously using multiple tab groups, split view, and cross-document search. You can navigate through projects and files using a smart tree view and when files have been updated or added you will see these on the tree. It has plenty of support for the standing editing features including incremental search, auto-indent and out-dent, displaying of tabs and spaces, simple navigation back and forward and unlimited undo/redo capabilities. Syntax checking and highlighting helps you to catch any errors immediately and improve readability. The smart code completion feature allows you to code faster; it will suggest methods properties and events to insert into your code relating to what you are doing. It has an overview ruler which helps you to easily locate any errors by quickly navigating to errors that might not be visible on the screen. The remote debugging feature allows you to debug any of your programs which are running on a remote machine. It works exactly as if you were debugging the code locally except the client user interface is running on one system while the debug engine is running on another system. JCODER also supports keyboard shortcuts which helps increase the productivity when performing certain tasks. It has a bookmarking feature which allows you to navigate through long files. You can mark any part of code with a bookmark; this will display a green flag in the left hand side of the code editor. Then when you need to return to that bookmark you just click on the green flag and immediately you will be taken there. Overall the JCODER makes compiling java programs and applets very simple indeed. If you are just starting out learning Java you will need to learn and understand the basic fundamentals in OOP’s first. There are plenty of online tutorials to work through and before long you will have programmed for very own java program /applet.

Type: Java  #Views: 1489  Category: Article    

JavaScript Tutorials - ECMAScript Language Specification and JavaScript Dialects
This Tutorial provides introductions and tutorial examples on the ECMAScript language specification and JavaScript dialects. Topics include history of JavaScript, versions of dialects: LiveScript, JavaScript, JScript, JScript .NET, interface with host environments, automatic semicolon insertion.

Type: Java  #Views: 2556  Category: Article    

'jstat' - JVM Statistics Monitoring Tool
This tutorial provides tutorial notes on JVM statistics monitoring tools. Topics include listing JVM processes with 'jps', the JVM remote monitoring server - 'jstatd', Java security policy file, connecting 'jps' and 'jstat' to a remote machine, RMI protocol and URL, getting garbage collection statistics with 'jstat -gcutil'. 'jps' - JVM Process Status Tool

Type: Java  #Views: 2792  Category: Article    

Derby (Java DB) JDBC DataSource Objects
This article provides tutorial notes on using DataSource objects and JNDI to connect Java DB (Derby) Database. Topics include creating connections with ClientDataSource objects directly without JNDI; downloading and installing JNDI File System Service Provider; Binding ClientDataSource objects to JNDI names; Looking up ClientDataSource objects through JNDI.

Type: Java  #Views: 1044  Category: Article    

EJB Transaction
A transaction is a unit of work that consists of a group of activities performed as a unit such that either all or none of them succeed. Every transaction has a beginning and an end. The process of marking the transaction boundaries is known as transaction demarcation. Transactions either commit or roll back to their initial stage. In EJB, a transaction must pass the ACID test.

Type: Java  #Views: 1012  Category: Article    

Customer Story: Thailand Kasikorn Bank chooses Elixir for high performance and reliability
KBank chose Elixir Report, which best satisfies all reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness metrics. Elixir Report offers true multi-lingual support, coupled with sophisticated report layout control and a rich set of output format choices, making the report server transition as painless as possible. Built on Java™ technology, Elixir Report runs seamlessly on multiple platforms, allowing KBank to leverage existing IT infrastructure without a mandate for dedicated hardware and software environment.

Type: Java  #Views: 2260  Category: Article    

Simplify Java XML Parsing with Jakarta Digester
Jakarta's Digester maps data from an XML source to Java objects. Learn all about this package and its advantages over other similar APIs. Then follow a real life Digester parsing example.

Type: Java  #Views: 1782  Category: Article    

Understanding JavaServer Faces
The Internet has no doubt become the most popular source of information today. More and more businesses have adopted the Internet as the vehicle to display their business information, advertise their products, and maintain customer interactions. The activity of developing Web applications occupies a fair amount of resources, time, and effort.

Type: Java  #Views: 1740  Category: Article    

Serializing Java Objects with XStream
Joe Walnes's XStream is a unique open-source Java library for serializing objects into XML and deserializing that XML into objects. Unlike other APIs, such as David Megginson's XMLWriter or Elliotte Rusty Harold's XOM, which use specific classes and methods to produce XML, XStream relies on Java idioms such as object names to produce element names and strings within classes to produce element content. It also produces a kind of reflection of objects in XML.

Type: Java  #Views: 1664  Category: Article    

.NET & Beyond: J2EE split ending war with .NET
The big story in app development for the past few years has been the competition between Microsoft’s .NET Framework and products that support the J2EE specs. Lots of people have talked about it, and many development organizations have been faced with this issue. To a large extent, the .NET vs. J2EE struggle has defined the recent app development landscape.

Type: Java  #Views: 1346  Category: Article    

Bridging the gaps from SQL Server to Java apps
With demand for Microsoft SQL Server connectivity for Java applications growing steadily, and with many companies migrating their production platform from the 32-bit SQL Server 200 Enterprise Edition to the 64-bit versions of SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005, JNetDirect has added 64-bit support to two of its components.

Type: Java  #Views: 1347  Category: Article    

Practical data binding: JaxMe - The new kid on the block
The previous installments of this column gave you a thorough overview of JAXB, so you're now ready to study varying data binding implementations. This article begins an in-depth look at JaxMe, an open source implementation of JAXB. In addition to offering several enhancements to the basic JAXB specification, JaxMe offers integration with databases and Enterprise JavaBeans, both significant extensions to basic data binding behavior.

Type: Java  #Views: 1555  Category: Article    

JavaOne 2004: Robust Java Economy Calls for Developer Entrepreneurship
As the message of Java's robust health permeated the 2004 JavaOne Developer conference, an underlying message became clear: The opportunities for Java developer entrepreneurship are also alive and well.

Type: Java  #Views: 1269  Category: Article    

JavaOne 2004 Recap
Sun Microsystems held it's annual JavaOne conference in San Francisco this year. There was a great turnout and many announcements made during the first two days. For details on each announcement Sun has set up a nice JavaOne website to link you to more detailed information.

Type: Java  #Views: 1251  Category: Article    

Java and XML Basics, Part 1
In a previous article (XML Basics Part One);we had a brief look at XML. However, as stated in the article, XML itself is worth nothing without the set of APIs that are generated-it would simply be just another fancy form of CSV, that is, a proprietary data format! My aim in this set of articles is not to actually reveal XML in its every detail, but rather have a look at the implications of XML in today’s technologies. That’s why the previous article only sheds a little light into the insights of XML, which included some terms and technologies you will be confronted with the moment you step in the XML arena.

Type: Java  #Views: 1424  Category: Article    

Java and XML Basics, Part 2
Last time, we learned about JAXP, Xerces, DOM and the javax.xml.parsers Java Package. How about getting a little taste of the SAX interfaces? We look at available classes and interfaces, and learn how to use SAX for XML Processing. Given SAX's power, perhaps we can look forward to the day when we'll be translating not just XML, but maybe even Klingon! Maybe not. Before you get started, you'll want to download the support files for this tutorial.

Type: Java  #Views: 1655  Category: Article    

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