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soa Articles
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EIP Patterns using BPEL
Article that explains how EIP Patterns can be realized using a BPEL service engine

Type: SOA  #Views: 775  Category: Article    

SaaS Architecture
Learn how Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) is deploying a SOA-based SaaS (software as a service) application for near-real-time risk profiling that will help lower bank account risk and prevent the opening of fraudulent accounts. To be effective, however, this application had to be able to meet high performance SLAs, ensure reliable operations with zero downtime, flexibly execute—on the fly—risk profiling transactions customized to individual bank branches and products, and to protect customer privacy. FIS chose Progress Sonic ESB for its scalability and agile service orchestration and Progress Actional web services and SOA management software for its end-to-end visibility into SOA operations, real-time performance monitoring and alerting, and consistent SOA security enforcement.

Type: SOA  #Views: 2419  Category: Article    

Jumpstarting SOA in Your SAP Environment
Learn the advantages of SAP's enterprise SOA approach, steps to effective SOA adoption, how to quickly integrate with various SOA standards, how to secure, manage, govern and enforce policies around non-SAP applications, and more.

Type: SOA  #Views: 1056  Category: Article    

Implementing SOA
Your organization is committed to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) - You've put in place procedures to govern your Design-time processes - but do you know what is really happening within your SOA infrastructure – at Runtime? Progress Software's Director of Technology Dr. Giles Nelson discusses the key reasons for implementing SOA Runtime Governance and shows how other organisations have used Actional to strike the balance between encouraging reuse of services at Design-time and ensuring that policies for access, SOA security and performance are enforced at Runtime.

Type: SOA  #Views: 1042  Category: Article    

SOA Guidelines
Mike Gero, Director, Product Management, Progress Software and Alex Rosen, SOA Practice Manager, MomentumSI reveal the guidelines for SOA success. Don't fall victim to common SOA mistakes: learn from the dubious design, development and deployment practices of some not-so-fortunate IT organizations. Viewers may also download the SOA Worst Practices white paper.

Type: SOA  #Views: 1210  Category: Article    

SOA Worst Practices Volume I
Make no mistake: SOA can be tricky. Learn from this compilation of SOA Worst Practices which traps to avoid. Learn the limits of XML firewalls. Find out how not to fall prey to consultants. Make sure you don't hand out your WSDL to passersby... This wisdom and much, much more from the experts at Actional.

Type: SOA  #Views: 1068  Category: Article    

SOA Adoption
As organizations begin to adopt service-oriented architectures (SOA), the topic of SOA governance -- the articulation and enforcement of policies related to the lifecycles, implementation protocols, service access, information protection and service-level agreements of Web services -- is receiving an increasing amount of attention. ebizQ conducted this online survey in August 2006 in order to understand the current state of SOA adoption from the practitioner's point of view. Discover the surprising results.

Type: SOA  #Views: 543  Category: Article    

SOA Performance Monitoring
Because of the global competitive environment in which there is no room for IT problems, effective SOA performance monitoring and alerting are necessary to ensure reliable SOA operations. At the same time, SOA operations must be cost-effective. However, in the loosely coupled SOA world, services that are components of the same process execute across heterogeneous computing resources. Unlike traditional applications, there is no single group of systems dedicated to running a SOA process to easily monitor. As a result, how can organizations know what's happening—especially if there are performance and availability issues—in their SOA? Progress Actional products have a powerful yet cost-effective SOA performance monitoring and alerting solution that enables companies to operate their SOA reliably and meet SLAs: For monitoring, Actional's Flow Mapping™ technology auto-discovers and maps the process flow of all services in a SOA transaction end-to-end, revealing service dependencies. It provides this unprecedented visibility without the coding and manual configuration required by other solutions for end-to-end monitoring—lowering IT costs.

Type: SOA  #Views: 478  Category: Article    

Extending Your SOA and Internal Applications Utilizing Commercial Web Services
To react faster to ever changing market dynamics, companies need to reconsider how they extend their SOA implementations and internal applications to integrate external data and functionality. Commercially available XML Web services can address these issues by providing plug-and-play functionality to access real-time, on-demand data and functionality. An eCommerce platform with tools and services specifically designed for Web services commercialization has enabled the emergence of a commercial Web services marketplace.

Type: SOA  #Views: 862  Category: Article    

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