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Developing a Taste for XML-Standard Alphabet Soup
I've lost count of the number of XML standard acronyms in this alphabet soup, distinguished from the myriad of technology acronyms by the preponderance of letters X and M. Switching food metaphors, I like broccoli but I know many people do not. I also monitor the activities of the World Wide Web Consortium ("W3C") avidly, and I know most of you do not. To keep track of W3C pronouncements on everything from HTML to XML, I have developed and maintain a standards database that has swelled to over 150 entries and grows monthly. I suspect most of you do not spend your idle hours this way. So, without trying to convince you that this activity is good for you and that you should do the XML standards equivalent of eating your broccoli, I will explain why I monitor the W3C and other sites. Perhaps you'll see how stewards of econtent might also find it useful and even develop a taste for it.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 671  Category: Article    

SOAP-over-UDP and related specifications are provided as-is and for review and evaluation only. BEA Systems, Lexmark, Microsoft, and Ricoh make no warrantees or representations regarding the specifications in any manner whatsoever.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 701  Category: Article    

SOAP forms global integration
With offices in 35 countries, Future Electronics, the third largest electronic distributor in the world, has developed its own enterprise apps to run its operations. But the firm needed a way to integrate all of its global systems.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 613  Category: Article    

Using the SOAP Protocol with Java
When you're through with this sample book chapter, you'll know not only how to use SOAP straight out of the box but also how to extend SOAP to support your diverse and changing needs. You'll have also followed the development of a meaningful e-commerce Web service in Java.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 698  Category: Article    

SOAP forms global integration
With offices in 35 countries, the IT operation at Future Electronics, the third largest electronics distributor in the world, developed its own enterprise applications to run its operations. But the organization needed a way to integrate all of its global systems.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 589  Category: Article    

Understanding SOAP FAQs
SOAP allows business software programs to communicate over the Internet regardless of the platform on which they are based. The Understanding SOAP FAQs answer some of your most pressing questions about this technology and shed light on why SOAP is such an important topic.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 801  Category: Article    

Throwing SoapExceptions
Sometimes things can go wrong when code is executed, so Exceptions are thrown. When your application exposes services through a webservice layer, SoapExceptions are thrown from the server to the client. By default normal Exceptions are converted to a SoapException, resulting in a rather ugly Exception containing all information concatenated in a long String. But luckily the SOAP protocol allows any XML document to be included in SOAP error messages. This article shows how to build some helper classes to easily pass error information from the server to the client through a webservice layer.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 578  Category: Article    

I'm Going To Wash Your Mouth Out With. . .
SOAP. No, not the kind that leaves you feeling zestfully clean, the kind that allows you to do RPC over HTTP. Everyone is singing the praises of SOAP recently, especially those of us that are learning the ropes of .NET development. I, however, am not. But I haven't been singing them since SOAP and XML-RPC were first announced. I hate SOAP more than the French. (And if you're French, please knowthat I'm only kidding...)

Type: SOAP  #Views: 725  Category: Article    

Extend JAX-RPC Web services using SOAP headers
In this article, the author examines how JAX-RPC SOAP handlers process SOAP message headers. Specifically, he shows how a handler adds a SOAP header to an outgoing message and how a corresponding handler removes the SOAP header from an incoming message. In addition, he presents the JAX-RPC programmatic configuration and deployment models as they relate to this topic.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 591  Category: Article    

Simply SOAP
Greetings from Redmond, I hope you are enjoying the fall season. A lot has been written about SOAP in the last year or so, but most articles spend a lot more time talking about what a SOAP message looks like rather than why you would want to use SOAP in the first place. This article by Roger discusses SOAP at a high level, in terms of both what it is and how you can use it. - Eric Schmidt

Type: SOAP  #Views: 647  Category: Article    

The Crux of SOAP Encryption
You can use .Net classes to create a custom Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) encryption application to protect sensitive information sent from a client to a Web service (see "Encrypting SOAP Messages in .Net," XML & Web Services Magazine, October/November 2002). The application relies on public and private keys for the encryption and decryption of SOAP messages.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 716  Category: Article    

Validate SOAP Messages With XSD Schemas
As Web service technology matures, it's a good bet that schema-based document/literal SOAP messaging will gradually replace the rpc/encoded format used by most of today's fledgling Web services.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 553  Category: Article    

Transporting Binary Data in SOAP
You know the old saying, that a picture is worth a thousand words? There's an awful lot of binary data out there, and XML is not going to replace it all or even a significant percentage.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 303  Category: Article    

Exposing Application Services With SOAP
With its recently released SOAP Toolkit for Visual Studio, Microsoft has made the process of creating Windows-based SOAP Web Services easy for anybody familiar with the use of COM objects. There are, however, a few gotchas that you need to know about. This article, and the associated download, will provide you with the information you need to make it work.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 300  Category: Article    

MS Soap Toolkit 2.0 - Oi! Where's My Rope Gone
Using the high level API to send and receive SOAP messages in MFC.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 368  Category: Article    

SOAP Client : Using SOAP Toolkit 3.0
A SOAP client, using SOAP Toolkit 3.0.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 905  Category: Article    

C++ SOAP client for MS SOAP Toolkit 1.0 using wire transfer technique
C++ SOAP client for December 2000 release of MS SOAP Toolkit 1.0 using wire transfer technique.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 402  Category: Article    

Setting up Apache Tomcat and a Simple Apache SOAP Client for SSL Communication.
This document gives steps involved in setting up Apache Tomcat and a simple Apache SOAP client for SSL communication. The aim of this document is to allow a person with minimum Java security to be able to set up SSL connection in a Apache SOAP/Tomcat Application. The steps you will carry out are:

Type: SOAP  #Views: 272  Category: Article    

C++ SOAP client for MS SOAP Toolkit 1.0 using wire transfer technique
C++ SOAP client for December 2000 release of MS SOAP Toolkit 1.0 using wire transfer technique

Type: SOAP  #Views: 298  Category: Article    

SOAP Interopability Changes
New Frontier and Radio betas released today mark a step forward in SOAP support. As part of our ongoing work with other developers on interoperability, we've made some changes to the kernel.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 249  Category: Article    

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