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sql Articles
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A Quick Introduction to SQL Server Management Objects (SMO)
Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 supports a COM-based object model, called SQL-DMO, which can be used to programmatically manage the SQL Servers. Enterprise Manager uses this API to manage SQL Server. SQL Server 2005 replaces SQL-DMO with two .NET based object libraries: SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) & Replication Management Objects (RMO). In this short tutorial, I'll show you how you can use SMO in your .NET applications.

Type: SQL  #Views: 4386  Category: Article    

SQL Server Yukon and CLR integration
Yukon, code name for the next version of SQL Server, will include several feature enhancements designed to make integration with the .NET Framework more efficient. One way this integration will be achieved is through the Common Language Runtime module.

Type: SQL  #Views: 3065  Category: Article    

Reporting Strictly for Developers: Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
With the release of SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft finally makes a commitment to developer-centric reporting. They've integrated the design-time environment integration with Visual Studio and enabled report delivery through Web browsers, PDFs, Excel, and XML. Learn how to make this tool work for you.

Type: SQL  #Views: 3197  Category: Article    

Preventing SQL Injection Attacks
Keep your code secure against intruders. In this article we provide examples of SQL injection attacks and how you can write code to prevent them. Stop people from getting information from your database.

Type: SQL  #Views: 1926  Category: Article    

The AdventuresWorks of Yukon Jack: Schema Separation and the SQL Server 2005 Authorization Model
If you're not starting to get the idea that you and I have a ton of learning in our futures if we expect to be prepared to lead the charge to SQL Server 2005 me thinks you've likely been spending a little too much time out behind the shed with (the other) Yukon Jack. In case you didn't notice, Itzik Ben-Gan's SQL Server "Yukon" Beta 1 Transact-SQL Enhancements white paper in the MSDN Library claims to be a mere 68 pages in length even though it disclaims, "This paper does not cover every new Transact-SQL feature.". And on top of the T-SQL we have to get our brains around the wherefores and whys of managed .Net code within the SQL Sever 2005 memory space as potentially powerful additions to the T-SQL tool set for building stored procedures, functions, and User Defined Data Types, ADO.Net Data Sets, new administrative programmability powers with SMO and WMI, the intrinsic asynchronous message based interoperability of System Broker, a rich new world of XML integration in both the administrative depths and the development interoperability layers, a completely rewritten DTS and the emerging Reporting Services among the other exciting details of a dramatically evolved next generation BI Suite, web services that are truly part of the SQL Server architecture (That's right, IIS not required!), and even some giant and sweeping authorization model changes that are going to render much of our security models obsolete and profoundly vulnerable.

Type: SQL  #Views: 2029  Category: Article    

SQL Server Yukon - Next Generation Information Management System
“Yukon” is a proposed new 32 - bit version of Microsoft SQL Server aka, MS SQL 2000, which is not yet released from Microsoft, which may expect to be release in the year 2004. It contains a lot of additional tools which improves a rich scale of performance, reliability and ease of use for the information management system. Many tools in the old version of SQL Server such as Database Engine, Analysis Services, DTS, Database administration tools, XML support and ADO.NET, have been enhanced in a greater extend.

Type: SQL  #Views: 1921  Category: Article    

Kiss the Middle-tier Goodbye with SQL Server Yukon
Yukon's new XML support features cut out the middleman and allow you to deal with your data directly on the database tier. Learn how to use these features to improve your database app's performance and design.

Type: SQL  #Views: 1872  Category: Article    

Get Ready for Yukon
The next release of SQL Server promises increased developer productivity and reduced DBA workload.

Type: SQL  #Views: 3168  Category: Article    

Evolution of the SQL Server Data Access Model
Get an annotated overview of the data access layers available today that work with SQL Server, including ADO, the XML interface of SQL Server 2000 (SQLXML), ADO.NET, and the upcoming ADO.NET 2.0.

Type: SQL  #Views: 1856  Category: Article    

SQL Server Connection Basics
SQL Server 2000 clients connect to SQL Server using a stack of APIs, object libraries, and protocols. Ken Henderson walks through each one and explains how they work and interoperate.

Type: SQL  #Views: 1929  Category: Article    

Two Ways To Connect To SQL Server 2000 Via ASP
In this article I'm going to show you two different methods that you can use to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database: System DSN's and the OLEDB connection string. I will explain the positives and negatives of each method, and I will also provide you with some examples to get you started.

Type: SQL  #Views: 2983  Category: Article    

Real Life SQL and .NET
Welcome to the world of SQL and the huge, growing database technologies of today’s business all over the SQL world. By reading this article, we have begun accepting the knowledge that will soon be required for survival in today’s world of relational database and data management.

Type: SQL  #Views: 1371  Category: Article    

SharpHSQL - An SQL engine written in C#
Presenting a high performance SQL engine ported to C# from Java.

Type: SQL  #Views: 2513  Category: Article    

Using ADO.NET with SQL Server
As a developer, I find that an incredible amount of my time is spent dealing with databases in some form or another - be it displaying, manipulating or analyzing data; creating client or server applications. The advent of the .NET Framework has brought with it some major changes, and database access is certainly no exception. Although ADO has been around since 1996, with the arrival of ASP, its latest incarnation present in the .NET Framework - ADO.NET - really does represent its coming-of-age.

Type: SQL  #Views: 1787  Category: Article    

SQL Server DO's and DONT's
SQL Server database best practices

Type: SQL  #Views: 1015  Category: Article    

Most enterprise applications today use databases to keep track of their content, and since SQL is supported by every modern relational database, you can apply your SQL knowledge to MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2, to name just a few. This compilation of resources will get you on your way.

Type: SQL  #Views: 824  Category: Article    

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