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voicexml Articles
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Speech Applications Voice New Strengths
Companies that want to broaden the range of features in telephony-based applications now have more options through speech recognition, but the new technology will require the development of greater levels of expertise. With Version 2.1 of VXML (Voice XML), the World Wide Web Consortium is about to standardize a number of improvements that consolidate several common vendor implementations of features that previously weren't inside the scope of VXML. This will allow developers to build more robust applications and handle exceptions more effectively. Version 2.1 of VXML is currently under final review by the W3C (

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 589  Category: Article    

Building VoiceXML Dialogs
Until fairly recently, the web has primarily delivered information and services using visual interfaces, on computers equipped with displays, keyboards, and pointing devices. The web revolution had largely bypassed the huge market of customers of information and services represented by the worldwide installed base of telephones for which voice input and audio output provided the primary means of interaction.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 712  Category: Article    

Look Ma Bell - No Hands!
The emerging world without wires has fostered a growing number of small and mobile devices (everything from PDAs to smart phones) capable of accessing data and running applications. The trouble is, while devices are getting smaller, human hands and fingers are not.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 612  Category: Article    

Last Call: VoiceXML 2.1
The Voice Browser Working Group has released a Last Call Working Draft of the Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) 2.1. Fully backwards-compatible with VoiceXML 2.0, the draft standardizes eight additional features implemented by VoiceXML platforms.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 523  Category: Article    

Tomorrow's Web Today
Ten to midnight -- it's your partner's birthday tomorrow, and you've forgotten their gift! Suddenly, a thought comes to mind: she's always wanted to see a musical in the big city. "Barry," you say, for that is the name of your web agent, "buy two tickets for Cats in London for tomorrow." A short pause, then Barry responds: "Please confirm; Cats the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, in London the capital of the UK?" "Correct," you reply. "Understood." The next morning a print-out awaits your attention, comprising a receipt for your tickets and a map with directions to the theatre.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 533  Category: Article    

Term of the Week: SALT
The SALT (Speech Application Language Tags) specification pairs speech with HTML, XHTML, and XML. The specification boasts a 70-member consortium of backers including industry heavyweights Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel. The group submitted SALT 1.0 to the W3C. SALT is not a W3C standard, though. SALT was submitted to the W3C's Voice Browser working group, which will consider it as a part of the next VoiceXML standard. This article will touch on the SALT/VoiceXML relationship again near the end.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 578  Category: Article    

VoiceXML & Instant Messaging
When I'm at the airport and my flight is cancelled, I call my travel agent who gives me travel alternatives. But copying down new itineraries—flight numbers, confirmation numbers, addresses, and telephone numbers—can require several frantic minutes of repetition and scribbling. However, if my travel agent could send me instant messages, the interaction would be quite different. Instant messages would help me decipher complicated lists of choices. When we finished, instant messages would contain my entire itinerary.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 566  Category: Article    

VoiceXML Language Reference—Part 1
Learn the entirety of VoiceXML from the perspective of its Document Type Definition (DTD). You will begin with a brief overview of the language, moving into an examination of each individual language element type.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 566  Category: Article    

VoiceXML language reference—Part 2
Get all the necessities of VoiceXML, beginning with a brief overview of the structure of the language. You will see several abstract element types that will be used as a shorthand as you examine each language element type individually.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 533  Category: Article    

VoiceXML Language Reference—Part 3
Continue your study of the VoiceXML language with more language elements. You will visit aspects of the language from "phoneme" to "vxml."

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 549  Category: Article    

Human Factors and Voice Applications
So it's 2001 and most VoiceXML applications do not quite sound like Space Odyssey's Dave and HAL. But there have been giant leaps in speech recognition technology and voice services over the last several years. While the computer has not attained the sophisticated processing power of a human, if you understand the rules of user interface design and you know the limitations of the technology, you can create effective human-machine speech dialogues.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 502  Category: Article    

VoiceXML Events
Welcome to "First Words" - the VoiceXML Review's column to teach you about VoiceXML and how you can use it. We hope you enjoy the lesson.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 532  Category: Article    

What is VoiceXML?
VoiceXML is a language for creating voice-user interfaces, particularly for the telephone. It uses speech recognition and touchtone (DTMF keypad) for input, and pre-recorded audio and text-to-speech synthesis (TTS) for output.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 382  Category: Article    

Results of the VoiceXML Forum Survey
In August 2002 the VoiceXML Forum's Education Committee conducted an on-line survey on VoiceXML. Our objective was to try to gauge the interest level within the VoiceXML community on the various ongoing and proposed activities within the Forum so that we can better calibrate our efforts with the interests of the Forum's membership and beyond.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 242  Category: Article    

VoiceXML: Where Speech Meets the Web
This article will focus on static VoiceXML pages in order to demonstrate some of the concepts, but readers should keep in mind that they can also use their favorite server-side technologies to build compelling dynamic applications.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 220  Category: Article    

VoiceXML Experience Report: Flight Tracker Voice Application
Describes the VoiceXML application for a commercial Airlines flight tracker that delivers voice query searches of current flight status for 2000 in-air flights per day, using the TellMe Networks deployment environment, perl, javascript and server-side search of dynamic data inputs. The piece also covers general principles of usability and programming.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 273  Category: Article    

Enhancing VoiceXML Application Performance By Caching
Enhancing VoiceXML Application Performance By Caching. By Dave Burke,. Figure 1: The VoiceXML architecture model. Why bother with Caching?

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 234  Category: Article    

VoiceXML in the Large
Welcome to First Words, VoiceXML Review's column that teaches you about VoiceXML and how you can use it. We hope you enjoy the lesson.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 188  Category: Article    

What is VoiceXML?
If you are new to VoiceXML, this overview article will serve as an excellent starting point. For those of you who have already been authoring VoiceXML applications with one of the software developer kits, platforms, and/or on-line developer "web studios" available from various vendors, this article goes beyond the syntactical elements of the language and describes the typical reference architecture in which the VoiceXML interpreter resides.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 232  Category: Article    

VoiceXML certification plan set
The VoiceXML Forum last week launched a pilot certification program that marks the start of its effort to promote interoperability of voice applications across platforms, tools and applications. According to Ken Rehor, chair of the Forum's VoiceXML conformance committee, the VoiceXML Platform Certification Program will consist of a series of tests designed to determine whether a VoiceXML platform is fully compliant with the latest release of the specification.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 258  Category: Article    

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