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Building Modular XHTML Web Pages with PHP
A 8-part article series describing the process of building modular, structured and valid XHTML Web pages using the PHP server-side scripting language.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 577  Category: Article    

Producing XHTML-Compliant Pages With Response Filters
Programming with web standards in mind, although vastly ignored, is becoming more and more important. It almost seems it took too long to promote ASP.NET. Now that we're over the hill and "this stuff works" it is about time to start paying attention to web standards. In this article you will learn how to implement a response filter and plug it into the ASP.NET pipeline. The filter will transform outgoing HTML into XHTML 1.0-compliant markup.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 456  Category: Article    

Making the switch to XHTML
It's been more than four years since XHTML replaced HTML 4 as the standard markup for Web documents, according to the W3C, and yet most Web builders still haven't switched to XHTML. That's a puzzling observation considering that XHTML boasts several advantages over the older HTML standard, and you can implement the new standard with only modest changes to your code.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 671  Category: Article    

Why Switch to XHTML?
For Web developers, the learning process never seems to end. New technologies are constantly being developed, the manipulation of multimedia seems to know no bounds, the proliferation of knowledge, distribution and programming languages continue to develop and grow, and, of course, design standards are constantly being upgraded in an effort to keep up with it all.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 600  Category: Article    

Day One: What Is XHTML?
XHTML expert Molly Holzschlag walks you through the basics of XHTML, shows how it compares to HTML, and tells what it means for the world of Web development.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 693  Category: Article    

XHTML in the Real World
In this chapter from her book Special Edition Using XHTML, Molly Holzschlag discusses several complex and historical issues surrounding HTML -- how it became what it is today and how it can be fixed. While the current problems with Web markup are not necessarily our fault, they do exist at many levels and have therefore become our responsibility. This chapter is an honest assessment of where we as Web authors have been, where we are today, and where we need to go to make our lives and work less frustrating and more progressive.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 597  Category: Article    

What is XHTML?
XML expert Benoit Marchal discusses the differences among XML, HTML, and XHTML, including coherence, modularization, and where we go from here.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 628  Category: Article    

XHTML by Example: A Hybrid Layout (Part I)
Use your beginning XHTML skills to mark up a real-world design project. This is the first step in Jeffrey Zeldman's "teaching by doing" XHTML plan.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 643  Category: Article    

Mapping HTML to XML
Easily map form elements to XML nodes using XPath, HashMap, and dom4J

Type: XHTML  #Views: 708  Category: Article    

Term of the Week: XHTML
HTML (HyperText Markup Language) exploded into the savvy computer user and developer's consciousness around 1994. Although it had been around before that, this was roughly the tipping point when HTML went from obscure scientific curiosity to the point where you could pick up a mainstream computer magazine or go to a bookstore and be assaulted by an overwhelming number of articles and books about HTML. Over the next several years, the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) codified several new versions of HTML, driven by the leaps in technology from the Mosaic, then Netscape and Internet Explorer web browsers.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 600  Category: Article    

XHTML: Crossroads of HTML and XML
By now we all know what HTML is. The collection of tags was made famous by the Web, or was it the other way around? Tim Berners-Lee is credited with inventing HTML and the Web, but they were not completely original inventions, as the ideas of hypertext and metatags abounded in Gopher and document-management systems that were based on SGML (Standardized General Markup Language).

Type: XHTML  #Views: 515  Category: Article    

XHTML explained
I’m sure you’ve heard people mumbling about XHTML and how it combines HTML and XML to create the "next generation" of HTML. This guest article provides a quick run down of what XHTML is, its benefits, how it can be used, and what it looks like.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 225  Category: Article    

Valid XHTML within .NET
Valid XHTML within .NET. Series Abstract. This can cause problems when using ASP.NET controls on pages that need to conform to one of the XHTML standards.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 259  Category: Article    

XHTML in the Real World Part II
If your goal is interoperable sites that work across platforms and beyond to wireless, alternative, and internationalized documents, then Molly has some XHTML advice for you in this excerpt from her most recent book....

Type: XHTML  #Views: 236  Category: Article    

Extending the Web: XHTML Modularization
This article gives an overview of XHTML Modularization, the W3C technology for extending XHTML. Tutorial | from | by Kendall Grant Clark.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 227  Category: Article    

XHTML Tutorials and Tips
XHTML Tutorials and Tips. Fast and Easy XHTML Wondering how to turn your HTML markup into XHTML? Here are a few quick tips...

Type: XHTML  #Views: 242  Category: Article    

XHTML articles and tutorials: A List Apart
Various XHTML articles

Type: XHTML  #Views: 207  Category: Article Listing of TutorialsXHTML
XML Car ImageAlign, Tools. Examples. Tutorials. XML. XSL. XLL. DOM. SMIL. SVG. SOAP. WML. XHTML. Websites. Articles. Links, Developers, Jobs, Newest Websites, Title.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 232  Category: Article    

XHTML Articles and Tutorials
Basic Forms Tutorial (Shelley Lowery, 2003-11-30) Great tips and tricks to spice up html forms; XHTML Web Design for Beginners: Introduction (Nigel Peck, 2003-06

Type: XHTML  #Views: 233  Category: Article    

XHTML - Extensible HyperText Markup Language
XHTML is a repurposing of HTML in XML format. It is Extensible HTML. XHTML provides more structure to your markup with style and layout being left to style sheets.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 237  Category: Article    

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