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Welcome to the XML about Bearded dragon care sheet guide
Efficient eXtensible Markup Language (XML) Interchange (EXI). The document is now available on the IJIS Institute’s web site at The whitepaper, authored by the IJIS Institute’s Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC), identifies EXI as an emerging technology applicable to integrated justice and public safety data sharing in the context of the Justice Reference Architecture (JRA) and the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)about baby bearded dragon care sheet, guide and book. In essence, EXI is a compact binary representation of XML that leverages existing XML technologies, such as schemas, rather than replace them with another format or methodology. It addresses the increased need for efficient or binary XML resulting from the increased use of XML.about baby bearded dragon books XML has gained significant use and adoption within many information technology-related fields; integrated justice and public safety are no exception. EXI was identified as an efficient XML solution through of the extensive and open process that was used by the World Wide Web Consortium about baby bearded dragon care sheets and guide (W3C). This W3C effort was performed by the XML Binary Characterization Working Group and later by the EXI Working Group.

Type: XMLA  #Views: 536  Category: Article    

Microsoft, SAS, Hyperion Release New XMLA Spec
Hyperion Solutions Corp., Microsoft Corp. and SAS Institute Inc. announced today an update to the XML for Analysis Specification, of which the three companies are leading development to access data from multidimensional databases as a Web service.

Type: XMLA  #Views: 2738  Category: Article    

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