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xpointer Articles
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The XPointer XMLNS Scheme
The XPointer xmlns() scheme is intended to be used with the XPointer Framework to allow correct interpretation of namespace prefixes in pointers, for instance, namespace-qualified scheme names and namespace-qualified element or attribute names appearing within scheme data.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 371  Category: Article    

XML Schema: XPath and Xpointer
Learn the basics about XPath and XPointer, and learn how to locate elements that represent schema components.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 1110  Category: Article    

Pulling the Pieces Together
The XPointer and XLink specifications, currently under development, introduce a standard linking model for XML. In consideration of space, and the fact that the XLink draft is still developing, what follows is survey of the features of XLink, rather than a detailed description of the specification.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 585  Category: Article    

XPointer with Witango
When using XML DOM Variables in Witango, there are a number of Metatag functions available to help you return Arrays or Text from XML, e.g., <@ELEMENTVALUE> or <@ELEMENTATTRIBUTES>, as well as Metatags for creating XML from other data, e.g., <@DOM> or <@DOMINSERT>.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 764  Category: Article    

XML Pointer Language — XPointer
XPath, described in detail in the previous chapter, provides a common foundation for other standards that need to address into XML documents. One such standard, and the most interesting with regard to implementing hypermedia based on XML technologies, is the XML Pointer Language (XPointer) [DeRose+ 01a], which is used for fragment identifiers for XML resources.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 598  Category: Article    

XPointer is the component of the XLink technology that's used to address parts of XML documents. More specifically, XPointer allows you to walk the tree of nodes that make up an XML document to address a specific node or nodes. XPointer defines a syntax that is used to describe fragment identifiers, which in turn are used to specify parts of documents. XPointer provides much finer-grained control over the part of an XML document that can be addressed, which is in contrast to the general approach employed by HTML.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 578  Category: Article    

The XPointer content-type() Scheme
This document specifies a content-type() scheme for use in XPointer-based fragment identifiers. This scheme, like other XPointer Framework [12] schemes, is designed primarily for use with the XML Media Types defined in RFC 3023 [5], to identify locations within a given XML representation of a resource, though it may potentially be used to mix schemes for XML and non-XML representations.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 542  Category: Article    

What Are... XLink and XPointer?
Introduction about XLink and XPointer.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 262  Category: Article    

XLink and XPointer Overview By Eve Maler
A brief rundown of XLink and XPointer from an email from Eve Maler that has since been posted on the Oasis site.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 268  Category: Article    

XPointer and the Patent
The issuing of patents on software has been an industry hot topic for a while. Now it's the XML community's turn to get burned. The XML-Deviant reports this week on a Sun patent causing consternation on XML-DEV.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 222  Category: Article    

An overview of the new XPointer specification
The W3C’s new XML Pointer (XPointer) standard provides a method for identifying pieces or fragments of an XML document. XPointer extends the XPath standard and reuses many of the same concepts, evaluation rules, and syntax. But there’s more to it than just that.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 253  Category: Article    

New XPointer Spec Labels Parts of XML Docs
After years of work, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Tuesday gave a thumbs up to XML Pointer Language (XPointer), providing a way to identify and point to segments of an XML (define) document.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 215  Category: Article    

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