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Extending XQuery to access non-XML Data
Need to access legacy or other non-XML data formats and relational data? It's easy with Stylus Studio XML Deployment Adapters — high-performance Java components that can extend DataDirect XQuery by providing bi-directional programmatic access to virtually any data source (EDI, flat files, relational, and others) as XML. Stylus Studio also provides integrated support for developing applications which use DataDirect XQuery.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 285  Category: Article
Need to access legacy or other non-XML data formats and relational data? It's easy with Stylus Studio XML Deployment Adapters — high-performance Java components that can extend DataDirect XQuery by providing bi-directional programmatic access to virtually any data source (EDI, flat files, relational, CSV, TSV, Binary Data, etc.) as XML. Stylus Studio also provides integrated support for developing applications which use DataDirect XQuery.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 252  Category: Article    

Zapthink Report: Building XML Data Services
Report Abstract: Stylus Studio 6 XML Enterprise Edition from DataDirect Technologies is a mature XML Integrated Development Environment (XML IDE) that offers developers a complete set of capabilities for increasing XML development productivity. In particular, the latest release augments their popular XML editor, XSLT debugger, and other XML tools with extensive legacy data integration capabilities, enabling developers to create XML data services in either Java or .NET environments that access a wide range of legacy data formats and systems. The key to Stylus Studio's success with customers is the completeness of their offering as well as their platform-neutral delivery approach, unlike the platform-specific offerings of its competitors. Download the entire report for free.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 273  Category: Article    

An Introduction to the XQuery FLWOR Expression covers the principal parts of the powerful XQuery For, Let, Where, Order By, and Return expression. This XQuery tutorial includes several FLWOR examples and easy to understand explanations.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 329  Category: Article    

Working with XQuery
Stylus Studio provides many features for working with XML Query (XQuery), including a graphical mapper that allows you to construct a query without writing any code, and tools to help you run and debug XQueries. This XQuery tutorial covers the following topics:

Getting Started with XQuery in Stylus Studio, Building an XQuery Using the Mapper, Debugging XQuery Documents, Creating an XQuery Scenario, Generating Java Code for XQuery.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 303  Category: Article    

XQuery Tools for Berkeley DB XML
This article describes how to Open/Query and Save XML to/from Berkeley DB XML 2.0 from the Stylus Studio XML IDE. Berkeley DB XML is an application-specific native XML data manager built on Berkeley DB, a widely deployed data management engine.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 522  Category: Article    

An Interview With Mike Olson on XQuery and Database Technologies
Mike Olson is the President and CEO of Sleepycat Software, the makers of Berkeley DB, a widely-used open source developer database software in the world with more than 200 million deployments. Mr. Olson has held numerous positions since joining Sleepycat in 1998 — he was one of the original authors of the Berkeley DB software, and he served as Vice President of Marketing before being appointed CEO in 2000. Last year, Sleepycat Software released Berkeley DB XML, a new edition of its developer database that stores and retrieves data using native XML.

Stylus Studio is an XML IDE for XML data integration, featuring advanced support for XQuery development, including XQuery editing, mapping, debugging and performance profiling, as well as tools for working with XSLT, XPath and XML Schema. Ivan Pedruzzi, Stylus Studio's Senior Product Architect and editor of The Stylus Scoop newsletter, recently had the opportunity to meet up with Mike on behalf of the Stylus Studio developer community. This interview covers the impact of XML technologies on database technologies and other topics related to XML data integration.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 505  Category: Article    

How to Debug and Troubleshoot XQuery
Complex XQuery documents require robust debugging features - this tutorial covers how to set breakpoints in your XQuery documents, how to monitor the value of XQuery variables, trace the sequence of XQuery expressions that created a particular XML output, how to use breakpoints, and more.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 492  Category: Article    

XQuery for All: An online Petition to Support XQuery in Microsoft.NET
Help get the word out! The "XQuery for All" campaign is an ongoing effort to mobilize the Microsoft XQuery developer community who have lost their right to XQuery. You'll find free campaign gear, an FAQ, an online petition, a list of ways to help, and more. Many have already signed the petition, and together we can make the world a better place to code!

Type: XQuery  #Views: 499  Category: Article    

How NASA uses XQuery
This article explains how DynCorp (CSC) used XQuery at NASA's Johnson Space Center to Simplify XML Data Access and Integration in a real-world data integration application. Michael Ritchson is a systems integrator employed with a DynCorp (recently bought out by CSC), who is the present contractor for NASA's Aircraft Operations in Houston, Texas. His duties include Architecting and developing JAVA J2EE web applications for their managers, team leaders, and employees, which vary from Quality Document routing systems to CRM tools. This article describes Michael's XQuery experiences, in his own words.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 634  Category: Article    

Learn XQuery in Ten Minutes
"Learn XQuery in 10 Minutes" is the perfect XQuery primer for all those people who really want to know what XQuery is, but don't have the time to find out. We all know the problem: so many exciting new technologies, so little time to research them. So, we've packed all the XQuery essentials into a brief primer covering the following topics: * What is XQuery for? * Building Your First XQuery * Accessing XML Documents with XQuery * XQuery FLWOR expressions * Generating XML output with XQuery * Understanding the Relationship between XQuery and Databases Read the new XQuery Primer at:

Type: XQuery  #Views: 362  Category: Article    

Debunking XQuery myths and misunderstandings
XQuery shows much promise for software architects and developers because it greatly reduces the amount of code you need to write to build services that work with XML. You might think XQuery does everything and is well understood, but misconceptions and misunderstandings still exist in the software development community about XQuery. In this IBM Developerworks article, Frank Cohen details and clarifies many of the myths and misunderstandings that surround XQuery.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 266  Category: Article    

Dr. Michael Kay on XQuery 1.0 and XSLT 2.0
An interview with XSLT inventor, Dr. Michael Kay about new XQuery and XPath 2.0 technologies, XML development tools, recent updates to Dr. Kay's Saxon product line, and other XML development topics.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 215  Category: Article    

Priscilla Walmsley on XQuery and XML Schema
An interview with Ms. Walmsley about the relationship between XML Schema and XQuery, including static typing, and other database/xml technologies.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 227  Category: Article    

Microsoft's Michael Rys on SQL Server 2005 (Yukon) and XQuery
Dr. Michael Rys is the Program Manager for the SQL Server Engine Team at Microsoft. In this role, he has responsibility for many of the XML initiatives in Microsoft SQL Server, including the XQuery support in the upcoming SQL Server 2005, codenamed "Yukon"; Microsoft's server-side SQLXML technology; the XML Data type; and other XML related features being developed in Redmond. Dr. Rys also represents Microsoft on the W3C XQuery Working Group and has a seat on the SQL standardization committee at ANSI. Ivan Pedruzzi, Stylus Studio's Senior Product Architect and editor of The Stylus Scoop newsletter, recently met with Dr. Rys on behalf of the Stylus Studio developer community. The two chatted about what's the scoop on Microsoft and XQuery technologies - Read on!

Type: XQuery  #Views: 244  Category: Article
An interview with Dr. Daniela Florescu, one of the editors of the standard XML Query Language, XQuery. She has been involved with the XML Query Working in W3C group since its inception, and she authored two XQuery precursors, XML-QL and Quilt. Today, Dr. Florescu represents Oracle Corporation in the Working Group. Inside Oracle, she is helping the XQuery team develop their products in Oracle10g. Prior to Oracle, Daniela was founder and CTO of XQRL, a startup whose goal was to build a streaming XQuery engine. This article talks about her research project familiar to most in the XML community — trying to extend XQuery to a full programming language for Web services!

Type: XQuery  #Views: 229  Category: Article    

XQuery Use Growing: DevX Poll
A DevX online poll which shows that a majority of software developers currently use or plan to use XQuery technologies. According to the non-scientific poll of 302 software developers, 43% said that "We implemented XQuery and it's incredibly useful"; another 16% said that "We'll be using [XQuery] soon, too." DevX is the premier online technical information source for application development professionals.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 212  Category: Article    

Use XQuery to transform an XML vocabulary into RDF
This tutorial shows you how to use XQuery to transform a specific XML vocabulary into RDF using RDF/XML as an intermediary medium. The query that you'll develop exhibits a number of basic XQuery syntactic features. The syntactic mechanisms discussed are useful both in this particular exercise and in transforming between XML vocabularies in general. A discussion of available tools covers several common XQuery processors, as well as an online RDF validation service that's used to check the correctness of the final RDF. RDF and RDF/XML are explained in sufficient detail (albeit briefly) that novice readers should be able to understand the context of what's going on.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 459  Category: Article    

An Interview with Jason Hunter on XQuery and XQJ Technologies
In the discussion with Stylus Studio's Ivan Pedruzzi, Mr. Hunter talks about his recent work on XQuery and XQJ technologies, providing his take on how these technologies are likely to reshape the way Java and XML applications are built. A must read!!!

Type: XQuery  #Views: 479  Category: Article    

Focusing on XQuery
DataDirect Technologies, Bedford, Mass., provides components for connecting software to data. Developers use these components to develop and deploy business applications across all major databases and platforms, and to connect those applications to a range of data sources.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 409  Category: Article    

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