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dom Examples
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DomDocument document_element
This function returns the root element node of a document.

Type: DOM  #Views: 1554  Category: Example    

A lightweight object that is useful for tree insert operations.

Type: DOM  #Views: 752  Category: Example    

Represents the text content of an element or attribute.

Type: DOM  #Views: 747  Category: Example    

XSLT, DOM, SQL and the web
The selection of information from a relational database using both SQL and XSLT for delivery on the web. Focus is on the use of Ferris to bring the relational database into the world of XML by mounting either a table or query and presenting that data as parsed XML in the form of a Document Object Model (DOM). The DOM is then transformed into HTML using XSL.

Type: DOM  #Views: 560  Category: Example    

XML Strengths and Weaknesses with DOM, ASP and XSL
Microsoft have provided us with the MSXML parser, which exposes an XML document in the form of a DOM (Document Object Model). With the XML DOM, you can load and parse XML files, gather information about those files, navigate through and manipulate those files. To learn more about the details of the XML DOM, please refer to this site.

Type: DOM  #Views: 915  Category: Example    

WBI Examples - DOM
The MegObjectExamplePlugin demonstrates the use of WBI's new MegObject API. MegObjects enable Megs to pass certain kinds of objects rather than simply streamed binary or character data. This ability is used in this example so that all Megs can work on the same Document Object Model (DOM). This eliminates the need for continual parsing and reparsing of the stream.

Type: DOM  #Views: 565  Category: Example    

A simple example to return the public id of the document type.

Type: DOM  #Views: 322  Category: Example    

A small example to return the system id of the document type.

Type: DOM  #Views: 313  Category: Example    

XML Asia
DOM models a standard XML parser output (parse tree).

Type: DOM  #Views: 396  Category: Example    

Parsing documents with a DOM Parser Example
Parsing documents with a DOM Parser Example

Type: DOM  #Views: 1283  Category: Example    

Programming XML: using the DOM Current status DOM Level 2
The Document Object Model, Level 1 , became a W3C Recommendation on October 1, 1998. Since that time, it has been implemented in several different software products, both free and commercial. The Document Object Model, Level 2 , was at the time of writing very close to being a Proposed Recommendation.

Type: DOM  #Views: 382  Category: Example    

Marshalling Populations to XML
For many applications, some sort of marshalling mechanism can be very useful. Perhaps it's desirable to save the current population to disk for later so that evolution can continue at another time, or perhaps it's necessary to send populations over a network as part of a distributed application.

Type: DOM  #Views: 407  Category: Example    

PHP Manual / Function Reference / DOM XML functions
The DOM XML extension has been overhauled in PHP 4.3.0 to better comply with the DOM standard. The extension still contains many old functions, but they should no longer be used. In particular, functions that are not object-oriented should be avoided.

Type: DOM  #Views: 323  Category: Example    

Effective XML processing with DOM and XPath in Perl
Based on an analysis of several large XML projects, this article examines how to make effective and efficient use of DOM. Developer/author Tony Daruger provides a set of usage patterns and a library of functions to make DOM robust and easy to use.

Type: DOM  #Views: 376  Category: Example    

DOM Example
This example program is a fairly realistic example of a simple program. In this particular case, we do not take much advantage of the flexibility of the DOM.

Type: DOM  #Views: 750  Category: Example    

The function parses the XML document in the file named filename and returns an object of class "Dom document", having the properties as listed above. The file is accessed read-only.

Type: DOM  #Views: 393  Category: Example    

The Document Object Model, DOM, is the second major standard API for XML parsers, and the first tree-based API I’ll consider. Most major parsers implement both SAX and DOM. DOM programs start off similarly to SAX programs, by having a parser object read an XML document from an input stream or other source.

Type: DOM  #Views: 389  Category: Example    

Introduction to Using the XML DOM from Visual C++
This article assumes that you are familiar with the basics of what XML is and what it can be used for. If you are new to XML, I would suggest reading one of the many fine tutorials on the subject first and then returning to this document.

Type: DOM  #Views: 903  Category: Example    

What is the Document Object Model?
The Document Object Model (DOM) is an application programming interface (API) for valid HTML and well-formed XML documents.

Type: DOM  #Views: 251  Category: Example    

ActivePython 2.3 - Online Docs
Actually parsing an XML document is very simple: one line of code. However, before we get to that line of code, we need to take a short detour to talk about packages.

Type: DOM  #Views: 267  Category: Example    

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