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flash Examples
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Sending the LOGIN XML element
The user interface for the online brokerage system is a Flash movie. The first frame of the Flash movie contains a prompt for a user name and password. This frame contains two text fields assigned the variables username and password to input the user name and password. There is also a button labeled "Enter", and perhaps another button labeled "Forgot your password?" for the benefit of absent-minded users.

Type: Flash  #Views: 2213  Category: Example    

XML Radio with Flash MX dynamic MP3 loading
This is a small example showing a XML Radio with Flash MX dynamic MP3 loading.

Type: Flash  #Views: 2630  Category: Example    

Radio Button Example
This example shows how to dynamically load groups of radio buttons into Flash. Use's LoadVars and Text Files.

Type: Flash  #Views: 1223  Category: Example    

This method invoked by the Flash Player when an XML document is received from the server. If the XML document is received successfully, the success parameter is true. If the document was not received, or if an error occurred in receiving the response from the server, the success parameter is false. The default implementation of this method is not active. To override the default implementation, you must assign a function containing your own actions.

Type: Flash  #Views: 1310  Category: Example    

The following example uses the information from the XML object in a user-defined This method returns true if the specified XML object has child nodes otherwise, returns false.

Type: Flash  #Views: 989  Category: Example    

Flash Combo Box link Selector
Use's a PHP Script that generates XML data that is read into and parsed by Flash to populate the Combo Box Component. In this case the XML data is a set of Link Names and URL's, you can use this to provide a quick navigation interface for your site.

Type: Flash  #Views: 1672  Category: Example    

Flash Tree Menu Using Text file and LoadVars
A Flash Tree component Menu. This is as simple as it gets for a tree menu. Just reads in a simple text file and builds the Menu. Does not support nested nodes - as it gets complicated to format nested nodes with just a text file. Two custom images where added to this one - but other then that it is exactly the same as the standard one.

Type: Flash  #Views: 3124  Category: Example    

Customized List box Catalog
A short example on how to extend and customize the List Box. This one is the sample code for a catalog component.

Type: Flash  #Views: 854  Category: Example    

Pie Chart with XML Datasource
The simplest possible example of using a Pie Chart with an external XML data source. This is a bare bones example meant to be easy to follow.

Type: Flash  #Views: 961  Category: Example    

Integrating XML and FlashViewing portfolio holdings
When the user issues the View Portfolio command, the client Flash movie transmits the following XML to the server: The server responds with an XML element called PORTFOLIO , that contains the contents of the user's portfolio in zero or more HOLDING elements, as in the following example

Type: Flash  #Views: 1361  Category: Example    

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