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sax Examples
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A simple SAX example
A simple SAX example [PPT]

Type: SAX  #Views: 1935  Category: Example    

A Unmarshaller is the opposite of the Marshaller: It takes as input XML in either of several representations (byte or character stream, DOM node, or a series of SAX events) and returns a JAXB object with the same contents

Type: SAX  #Views: 453  Category: Example    

SAX Win32 AppWizard Creates a Visual C++ SAX Application
Instead of using the Document Object Model (DOM), you can use the Simple API for XML (SAX) to provide a lower-level API to parse XML data that can result in a much greater performance gain under certain scenarios. For example, a messaging scenario where you preprocess and reroute XML documents to other servers.

Type: SAX  #Views: 565  Category: Example    

SAX Example Code
The error handling section checks to see if the XML parser is not at the end of the XML file when an error occurs. If there is an error and we're not at the end of the file, then we capture and send the error code and the line where the error occurred to the browser:

Type: SAX  #Views: 978  Category: Example    

SAX Example Code
In the startElement function we define what HTML is associated with which element. The function startElement is called by the xml_set_element_handler function in the code. The startElement function must have three parameters:

Type: SAX  #Views: 802  Category: Example    

SAX Example Code
In this section we will read an XML file and display it as an HTML table, using SAX.

Type: SAX  #Views: 824  Category: Example    

SAX & DOM parsers
We need XML parser because we do not want to do everything in our application from scratch, and we need some "helper" programs or libraries to do something very low-level but very necessary to us.

Type: SAX  #Views: 4937  Category: Example    

The following example demonstrates some basic SAX functionality, and mirrors the example described in the SAX project quickstart guide. The main program creates a SAXParser and arranges for the SAX events to be send to the MySAXApp handler.

Type: SAX  #Views: 658  Category: Example    

SAX to DOM Implementation Notes
When a DOMDocument object is built from SAX events, the document is locked and cannot be modified until the endDocument method is called. The document can, however, be read anytime after startDocument method is called. The following provides an overview of how the document is locked as it is built.

Type: SAX  #Views: 448  Category: Example    

Parsing XML documents using JAXP and SAX
This article demonstrates the techniques involved in parsing an XML document using SAX and the JAXP API. It assumes a basic familiarity with XML and some experience with the Java programming language.

Type: SAX  #Views: 701  Category: Example    

Creating a SAX Parser using the XmlTextReader
Although the Simple API for XML (SAX) is not built into the .NET platform, SAX type functionality can be created using the XmlTextReader.

Type: SAX  #Views: 422  Category: Example    

Writing an application for a SAX-compliant XML parser
See the file for a simple example

Type: SAX  #Views: 343  Category: Example    

The SAX interface
The SAX interface. Subsections: A simple example; Monitoring the sequence of events:

Type: SAX  #Views: 343  Category: Example    

Add a SAX Parser to Your Apps
Extensible Markup Language (XML) is everywhere, and many developers are enhancing their apps with XML functionality. The one problem in doing so, though, is that your VB projects become dependent on an external XML parser, be it from Microsoft or a third-party company.

Type: SAX  #Views: 408  Category: Example    

SAX operators
Following Soliton's announcement to unleash their APL into the Linux community I decided to review the differences between SHARP APL and APL2 style APLs (IBM's APL2, Dyalog, APL+Win). I have divided the report into several articles, each with a different topic.

Type: SAX  #Views: 365  Category: Example    

A SAX parser example with a simple calculation.
A SAX parser example with a simple calculation.

Type: SAX  #Views: 1069  Category: Example    

Callback Interfaces
SAX uses the Observer design pattern to tell client applications what’s in a document.[1] Java developers are most familiar with this pattern from the event architecture of the AWT and Swing. In that context, the client programmer implements an interface such as MouseListener that receives events through well-known methods.

Type: SAX  #Views: 317  Category: Example    

Parsing is the process of reading an XML document and reporting its content to a client application while checking the document for well-formedness. SAX represents parsers as instances of the XMLReader interface.

Type: SAX  #Views: 388  Category: Example    

SAX Example
This section contains some SAX examples.

Type: SAX  #Views: 560  Category: Example
The provides a simple API for XML. It includes a set of functions for constructing a XML document. The use of requires you to include the line below in your Perl script.

Type: SAX  #Views: 250  Category: Example    

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