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smil Examples
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Slide Show on the Web Using SMIL
This page shows how to slide a multimedia show on the web using SMIL.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 1391  Category: Example    

Animation Example
Animation Example

Type: SMIL  #Views: 992  Category: Example    

The Flying Green Inchworm
This example shows a simple path animation. Look at the string of numbers and letters given after the path element within the <smil:animateMotion> tag. Those are the x,y coordinates for our animation path. Click the button and watch the worm walk the path. Also notice that the repeatCount element is set for "indefinite", and the end command is set as an action β€” the animation will continue to loop until the user clicks the stop button.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 957  Category: Example    

Event-Based Activation - SMIL V2.0 addition
Event-Based Activation - SMIL V2.0 addition

Type: SMIL  #Views: 534  Category: Example    

Transitions Example ("style-like")
Transitions Example ("style-like")

Type: SMIL  #Views: 416  Category: Example    

The Race
Below is an example of three timelines running in parallel, yet at different speeds.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 532  Category: Example    

Bill Cosby Speech
Bill Cosby delivers the commencement address at Ohio State University in 2001. These captions are text-based, but are delivered as open captions in that the SMIL file specifies that they will always be displayed.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 580  Category: Example    

Prefetch with SMIL 2.0 Profile
Click on Prefetch Element in SMIL code to view Tutorial (if the text does not appear, stop and restart).

Type: SMIL  #Views: 502  Category: Example    

Animation Example
Animation Example

Type: SMIL  #Views: 421  Category: Example    

ICEID 2002 Webcast
This collection of videos focuses on the exchange of scientific and public health information on global emerging infectious disease issues. The presentations offer video and synchronized powerpoint slides and captions.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 354  Category: Example    

Annotated SMIL
This example describes a SMIL 2.0 presentation taken from the Token2000 project, showing the use of semantic annotations embedded in a SMIL document.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 313  Category: Example    

W3C Talk - slide "Animation Example"
Animation Example.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 291  Category: Example    

Also known as "The Car Video" in accessibility circles, this multiple-language captioned and described Real movie is widely shown as an example. Change the language in RealPlayer to view this video in German. Also available in QuickTime and Windows Media.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 316  Category: Example    

SMIL 2.0 Samples
Real provides several examples to demonstrate how RealOne implements SMIL 2.0. The "switching" category has some examples of captioning.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 401  Category: Example    

Header Tag
A RealPix file contains information about how a certain set of images will be displayed in a certain region of your SMIL presentation. In fact, you can think of it as a mini-presentation within your SMIL presentation.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 284  Category: Example    

Begin and End Times For Clips
You can specify when a particular clip or group of clips will begin to play within the presentation, as well as when it should end. Note: if you specify an end time that is longer than the length of the actual clip, you will need to decide what happens within the clip's region after it finishes.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 327  Category: Example    

Parallel Clips
As you noticed in the last practice example, playback regions can define where media play, but not when. This is the default behavior for media when no timing tags are provided in the SMIL file. But what if you want to play more than one at a time? SMIL includes timing tags for this purpose.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 293  Category: Example    

SMIL Tag Summary
Intended for advanced users, this appendix provides a reference to SMIL 2.0 tags and attributes. Be sure to familiarize yourself with "Conventions Used in this Guide", which explains the typographical conventions used in this appendix.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 403  Category: Example    

The Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
The Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language

Type: SMIL  #Views: 522  Category: Example    

SMIL Transitions
Transitions can generate effects like "fading" and "wiping" to elements.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 376  Category: Example    

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