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soap Examples
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Using the WSDK to Digitally Sign SOAP Messages
This sample application demonstrates how to authenticate users via username and password and digitally sign a SOAP message to ensure no tampering of the message occurred as it was sent to the Web Service. It includes a sample web.config file with the necessary WSDK entries, a sample class that implements the IPasswordProvider interface, a test proxy, and other code to show you this SOAP signing technique.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 770  Category: Example    

SOAP Example 1
Here's a simple SOAP request:

Type: SOAP  #Views: 1552  Category: Example    

SOAP Example 2
Here's a simple SOAP request.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 877  Category: Example    

WebServices SOAP Response Object
This object is passed as a parameter to the handler function for SOAP requests. These handlers are specified by the onComplete property of the SOAP request object. Response objects contain either a response payload or error information.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 706  Category: Example    

Using WSDL in SOAP applications
An introduction to WSDL for SOAP programmers.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 618  Category: Example    

SCNS driver for SOAP 1.1
Earlier this week we released Radio 8.0.4 with support for Simple Cross-Network Scripting or SCNS. At the time we released a driver for XML-RPC, promising a driver for SOAP 1.1 later in the month. It's ready now. To get the new driver for SOAP 1.1, please update Radio.root.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 330  Category: Example    

OSE: Example Programs /
OSE: Example Programs /

Type: SOAP  #Views: 381  Category: Example    

SOAP Overview
A walk through of core technical conepts.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 553  Category: Example    

OSE: Example Programs /
OSE: Example Programs /

Type: SOAP  #Views: 303  Category: Example    

SwA (SOAP with Attachments) Example
This example will illustrate how to use WebLogic Web services SwA (SOAP with Attachments).

Type: SOAP  #Views: 493  Category: Example    

SOAP Version 1.2 / Web services - slide "Example of SOAP Version ...
Example of SOAP Version 1.2 message

Type: SOAP  #Views: 334  Category: Example    

WSDL 1.2 - slide "SOAP 1.2 over HTTP binding example"
SOAP 1.2 over HTTP binding example

Type: SOAP  #Views: 408  Category: Example    

WSDL 1.2 - slide "SOAP 1.2 over HTTP binding example"
SOAP 1.2 over HTTP binding example

Type: SOAP  #Views: 273  Category: Example    

Using SOAP with the Google API
This example shows how to use the SOAP component to submit searches via the Google SOAP API. Testing this example requires a valid license key, which is available for free from

Type: SOAP  #Views: 428  Category: Example    

SOAP and the Web
The first part of SOAP defines the Envelope, the top-level element of all SOAP messages. Here's an example from the SOAP 1.1 specification:

Type: SOAP  #Views: 337  Category: Example    

Consuming web services with eZ SOAP Client
The following is a simple example of fetching some data from the service using the eZ SOAP Client.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 296  Category: Example    

Amazon Query Web Service
To be fair, Amazon does have their own native SOAP interface which most likely is a better option than this gateway. Please visit Web Services Homepage for more details. However, as an example on how to implement a Web service using SOAP::Lite, this might be just what you are looking for!

Type: SOAP  #Views: 382  Category: Example    

MOO/SOAP Interoperability
There have been many attempts to interlink MOOs in the past, many of which are documented here and many which aren't. My hypothesis is that the reason that many of the past attempts have failed is due to the proprietary nature of the linking methods.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 264  Category: Example    

Spheon JSOAP - Webservices
To test the server implementation of Spheon JSOAP, we set up a a server with a few webservices. If you find any bugs or incompatibilities, please send me an Email.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 302  Category: Example    

gSOAP Examples
This example shows you how to create a client that will interact with Xmethod's Delayed Stock Quote Service to provide you with up to date information on your choice of stock.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 609  Category: Example    

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