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schema Examples
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XML/XSD Schema Validator
To teach how to write XML and Schemas (or DTD's). Schemas can be complex to understand some of the more finer details. I needed an easy (and free)way to know if my work was correct, if not then exactly what was wrong with them. As implied above, this example will also show you how to use schemas in your own programs.

Type: Schema  #Views: 3233  Category: Example    

Resin J2EE web.xml Relax-NG Schema
Resin J2EE web.xml Relax-NG Schema, Resin 3.0. The formal definition for the strict J2EE web.xml. Relax-NG Schema. com/caucho/server/webapp/web-xml.rnc.

Type: Schema  #Views: 534  Category: Example    

Best Practice For XML Schemas
Best Practice For XML Schemas

Type: Schema  #Views: 954  Category: Example    

XML Schema: An Overview at
An XML Schema such as the one shown in Example 3 can also be used to
validate the XML document.

Type: Schema  #Views: 520  Category: Example    

Representing XML Schema in IFF
We illustrate how to represent XML schemas in IFF with an example from
a article by Norman Walsh concerned with purchase orders.

Type: Schema  #Views: 410  Category: Example    

An XML Schema Tutorial
For an example, see the new schema reference in the sample under Open Content Models.

Type: Schema  #Views: 2831  Category: Example    

XML Polar Data Format
The eXtensible Markup Language format (XML) is being used by many programs for almost all kind of data handling. In contrast to several other file formats, its main advantages are:

Type: Schema  #Views: 394  Category: Example    

Example DC XML Schemas - UKOLN
The schemas take a modular approach in an effort to make them flexible to use. In particular, they seek to allow an application to select various subsets of Dublin Core terms in combination.

Type: Schema  #Views: 446  Category: Example    

XML Schema: An Overview at
One important advantage of schemas over DTDs is the support for namespaces. A target namespace is used in a schema to indicate the namespace to which all components belong.

Type: Schema  #Views: 440  Category: Example    

NM-WG Schemas for OGSI
The GGF Network Measurements working group has created a document which provides a model for network measurement data and specific attributes for a subset of the "characteristics".

Type: Schema  #Views: 330  Category: Example    

Relational schema for example
The following figure shows the relational schema for this example. Employee
in this example includes teachers and support personnel.

Type: Schema  #Views: 472  Category: Example    

RDF Query and Rule languages Use Cases and Examples survey
RDF Query and Rule languages Use Cases and Examples survey: ...

Type: Schema  #Views: 341  Category: Example    

DiGIR Schema Readme (Usage and Tips)
The schema documents, for both the protocal and federation schemas,
as well as some examples, are in the xml module in CVS. All ...

Type: Schema  #Views: 328  Category: Example    

Namespaces and XML Schema
These attributes are part of the XML Schema Instance
namespace. Examples. No namespace. ...

Type: Schema  #Views: 481  Category: Example    

Cover Pages: CIMI Consortium Releases SPECTRUM XML Schema Version ...
The examples illustrate areas of the Schema relating to complex
issues in the description of museum objects. Implementers ...

Type: Schema  #Views: 334  Category: Example    

AACLS schema and syntax
Examples: A simple example; A complex example. Sebastien Bahloul 2003-02-10.

Type: Schema  #Views: 327  Category: Example    

WSLA: Web Service Level Agreements
Web Service Level Agreements (WSLA) Project. WSLA Schemas and Examples.
The WSLA schema according to which SLAs are defined in WSLA. ...

Type: Schema  #Views: 387  Category: Example    

SQL and PL/SQL Syntax and Examples: C
CREATE SCHEMA: Definition , Search for examples. CREATE SCHEMA ... examples.
CURRENT_SCHEMA = schema: Definition , Search for examples. CURRENT_USER ...

Type: Schema  #Views: 290  Category: Example    

Showing most recent code examples . . ... This will create your schema file (Employees.xsd).
5. In Crystal Reports, create a report from a ADO.NET XML data source. ...

Type: Schema  #Views: 274  Category: Example    

LIS 429 Spring 03 XML Schema Project
How to Validate Example Data Files. For information on how to validate the data
files with the Relax NG schema see the README file in the examples directory. ...

Type: Schema  #Views: 246  Category: Example    

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