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wsdl Examples
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Nokia - example usage of WSDL
This section contains a WSDL service advertisement example.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 1434  Category: Example    

Basic WSDL Example: XMethods eBay Price Watcher Service
Before moving on to more complicated WSDL examples, let's examine another relatively simple one. Example 6-3 provides a WSDL file for the XMethods eBay Price Watcher Service. The service takes an existing eBay auction ID, and returns the value of the current bid.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 2155  Category: Example    

WSDL and Media types
This section contains a simple WSDL example.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 965  Category: Example    

Generating PHP SOAP Servers from WSDL with XSLT
WSDL is an XML format for describing web services. Constructing PHP clients from WSDL is no problem but as WSDL is uses XML schema (which is effectively strongly typed), the relationship between PHP and WSDL on the server side is not so fine. Rather than generating WSDL from a PHP server, this is an experiment in generating PHP from WSDL, with help from a little XSLT.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 1266  Category: Example    

A Dynamic Proxy Client Example
The client in the section, A Simple Example: HelloWorld, used a static stub for the proxy. In contrast, the client example in this section calls a remote procedure through a dynamic proxy, a class that is created during runtime. Before creating the proxy class, the client gets information about the service by looking up its WSDL document.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 672  Category: Example    

Creating Web Service Clients with JAX-RPC
This section shows how to create and run these types of clients: Static stub,Dynamic proxy, Dynamic invocation interface (DII).

Type: WSDL  #Views: 476  Category: Example    

Bioinformatics Web Services
This page provides links to various services in the wild. Note that these are examples, and may or may not be available at any given time.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 477  Category: Example    

A Simple Example: HelloWorld
This example shows you how to use JAX-RPC to create a Web service named HelloWorld. A remote client of the HelloWorld service can invoke the sayHello method, which accepts a string parameter and then returns a string.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 771  Category: Example    

Axis WSDL Example 3 (Canteen Menu Info)
This is the interface part of the service definition file.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 1271  Category: Example    

Axis WSDL Example 2 (Calendar Service)
This is service definition file. Note that there are three complexType XSM definition which will result in three auxiliary classes defined by wsdl2java.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 4026  Category: Example    

XSpace Apache Axis Example
This section shows an example of how to PocketSOAP to call the XSpace service using Visual Basic.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 397  Category: Example    

Example: Create documentation for Web Service
This is an example to create documentation for Web Service.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 397  Category: Example    

WSDL example (service)
An example about WSDL.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 627  Category: Example    

WSDL example (binding)
WSDL example (binding)

Type: WSDL  #Views: 402  Category: Example    

WSDL example (message)
WSDL example (message)

Type: WSDL  #Views: 362  Category: Example    

WSDL example (port)
WSDL example (port)

Type: WSDL  #Views: 320  Category: Example    

.NET example
The following is an example of how to use Insuma search engine Web Service remotedly from your Windows computer, using the MS .NET platform.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 357  Category: Example    

XSpace .NET Example
This section shows an example of how to use the .NET framework to call the XSpace service using C#.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 403  Category: Example    

WSDL example
Using Visual Studio .NET, I created this C# Web Service.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 1147  Category: Example    

Web Services from WSDL
In our example, we will create a WSDL file from scratch.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 727  Category: Example    

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