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webservice Examples
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Microsoft Newsgroup Web Service Client
This sample application shows how to integrate .NET applications with non-.NET platforms. The application creates a custom Web Service proxy to handle the situation where the SOAP envelope must be created from scratch rather than through an auto-generated proxy created in VS.NET or with WSDL.exe. The sample code shows how to construct the SOAP envelope, send it to a PHP Web Service, and retrieve and parse the response SOAP envelope.

Type: WebService  #Views: 749  Category: Example    

Application Map Files
The following application hosts a single Query web service that invokes the XMethods Query service described in the Invoking Web Services section and returns the number of services hosted at XMethods.

Type: WebService  #Views: 626  Category: Example    

A Simple Example: HelloWorld
This example shows you how to use JAX-RPC to create a Web service named HelloWorld. A remote client of the HelloWorld service can invoke the sayHello method, which accepts a string parameter and then returns a string.

Type: WebService  #Views: 944  Category: Example    

Amazon Webservice
Here is our code to use an Amazon Web service from Basically any WebService available has a SOAP interface that is a WSDL file.

Type: WebService  #Views: 870  Category: Example    

Building a Real-World Web Service - Part 4
This section shows you an example to build a real-world web service.

Type: WebService  #Views: 750  Category: Example    

An Introduction to Web Services
The good news is that anyone can consume a web service. Its easy, read this and then I’ll show you how in a demo. It’s just like anyone can - including your grandmother - use the world wide web.

Type: WebService  #Views: 660  Category: Example    

Build a Charting Web Service using WS-Attachments and the WSE
This sample deals with the WS-Attachments specification (read the complete specification at MSDN. In a nutshell the WS-Attachments specification defines how documents can be “attached” to a SOAP message as opposed to being embedded directly within the body of the SOAP message.

Type: WebService  #Views: 555  Category: Example    

Use Data in XML Web services
This sample shows how DataSets, a powerful new XML-based way to represent disconnected data, can be returned from a XML Web service method. This is an extremely powerful use of XML Web services, as DataSets can store complex information and relationships in an intelligent structure. By exposing DataSets through a service, you can limit the database connections your data server is experiencing.

Type: WebService  #Views: 740  Category: Example    

Creating a Web Service with JAX-RPC
Behind the scenes, JAX-RPC maps types of the Java programming language to XML/WSDL definitions. For example, JAX-RPC maps the java.lang.String class to the xsd:string XML data type. Application developers don't need to know the details of these mappings, but they should be aware that not every class in the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) can be used as a method parameter or return type in JAX-RPC.

Type: WebService  #Views: 430  Category: Example    

Web Services Examples
The goal of this presentation is to give you some practical information about webservices technologies.

Type: WebService  #Views: 783  Category: Example    

Web Services / UDDI Examples
A UDDI businessEntity describes a business and its services.

Type: WebService  #Views: 447  Category: Example    

Web Services Samples
This sample demonstrates passing information in SOAP request message headers from client to the Web Service and processing these headers at the Web Service end. The sample also implements MVC architecture using the Struts Framework.

Type: WebService  #Views: 730  Category: Example    

XML Protocol (XMLP) Requirements
The XML Protocol Working Group is the part of the Web Services Activity that is chartered with defining a W3C recommendation for distributed processing based on XML messaging. XMLP will evolve SOAP while remaining compatible with XML specifications such as Namespaces and Schema and transports such as HTTP

Type: WebService  #Views: 430  Category: Example    

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