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xforms Examples
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Hands on XForms
This page describes simplifying the creation and management of XML information.

Type: XForms  #Views: 2254  Category: Example    

XForms Samples
The following samples illustrate different aspects of XForms. They are aimed primarily at users familiar with XForms. A full tutorial for the beginner will be available soon.

Type: XForms  #Views: 2178  Category: Example    

XForms Samples
A Collection of XForms samples.

Type: XForms  #Views: 1916  Category: Example    

Sample Forms
This example shows an XHTML document with two separate XForms embedded using simple syntax, one with a set of initial instance data.

Type: XForms  #Views: 1143  Category: Example    

XForms based applications
XForms based applications

Type: XForms  #Views: 1109  Category: Example    

Short XForms Example
Short XForms Example.

Type: XForms  #Views: 1120  Category: Example    

Zero Factored - FormFaces Tutorial: Controls Example
The following controls are the XHTML equivalent of XForms controls. They were converted from XForms to XHTML using formBuilder.

Type: XForms  #Views: 629  Category: Example    

FormFaces Tutorial: Actions Example
Clicking any of the following buttons will reset the "Total" input control at the bottom of the page to its original value

Type: XForms  #Views: 694  Category: Example    

FormFaces Tutorial: Validation Example
This page shows the element validation, restrictions placed by the schema. There are two types of validation possible with xforms. The first being restrictions from a schema and the second being constraints placed on a particular element by a value from another element/other elements on the page.

Type: XForms  #Views: 540  Category: Example    

FormFaces Tutorial: Relevance Example
You can view the xforms created for this page here.

Type: XForms  #Views: 459  Category: Example    

FormFaces Tags - Controls Example
The following controls are the XHTML equivalent of XForms controls. They were converted from XForms to XHTML using formBuilder

Type: XForms  #Views: 491  Category: Example    

DENG Linkbase
XForm Google demo !!

Type: XForms  #Views: 478  Category: Example    

LJ 41: Programming with the XForms Library
An even more powerful example of a goodie is the XForms-supplied file requester.

Type: XForms  #Views: 472  Category: Example    

Simple Example with C++
Simple OpenGL/XForm Example with C++ (Trackball implemented).

Type: XForms  #Views: 1759  Category: Example    

JBrix - Kits/Xybrix/Screenshots/XForms 1/source code
This example shows a very simple program that builds an xform based on an XML xforms definition file, creates an empty document, and allows the user to edit the fields.

Type: XForms  #Views: 438  Category: Example    

FormFaces Tutorial: Controls Example
The following controls are the XHTML equivalent of XForms controls. They were converted from XForms to XHTML using formBuilder.

Type: XForms  #Views: 430  Category: Example    

W3C XForms
What’s Wrong with HTML Forms? It’s hard to believe that HTML forms have been with us for nearly a decade. This technology has been the workhorse of web shopping, auctions, searches, polls, and interactive design—but it has limitations.

Type: XForms  #Views: 573  Category: Example    

Hello, World!
Our first example is the (universal) "Hello, World!" example. In this example, we create a button that has the phrase as the label. Program exits when the button is pushed.

Type: XForms  #Views: 517  Category: Example    

A simple question
It is common for a program to ask user questions, such as Do you want to quit etc. This example will lead you through the entire process of creating such a dialog.

Type: XForms  #Views: 329  Category: Example    

Using OpenGL and XForms
Using OpenGL and XForms.

Type: XForms  #Views: 371  Category: Example    

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