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xhtml Examples
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XHTML TAG: noframes
The noframes tag is used to display an alternative message on browsers that do not recognize frames.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 798  Category: Example    

XHTML 1.0 reference with examples
been developed for Zvon, where you can find other not only XML related materials (both basic and advanced tutorials and references about XSLT, XML, DTD, Mozilla

Type: XHTML  #Views: 839  Category: Example    

Example XHTML document
Hello XHTML World!

Type: XHTML  #Views: 806  Category: Example    

Beginning XHTML
Beginning XHTML

Type: XHTML  #Views: 770  Category: Example    

XHTML/CSS style sheet test page
XHTML/CSS style sheet test page

Type: XHTML  #Views: 877  Category: Example | Simon | XHTML tutorial | lesson 5
We will create an example of a simple contact form.
There are two parts:-. The XHTML form. The PHP mail handler. ...

Type: XHTML  #Views: 467  Category: Example    

- XHTML Server-Side Image Map Module
XHTML Server-Side Image Map Module. This section is normative. ... In the
following example, the active region defines a server-side link. ...

Type: XHTML  #Views: 381  Category: Example    

Television Document Profile Example
This document begins to explore what might be found in an XHTML document profile. ... For
example, a "text/html"-based application and a java application. ...

Type: XHTML  #Views: 535  Category: Example    

- XHTML Object Module
In the following example, we insert
a video clip into an XHTML document. <object data="mymovie.mpg ...

Type: XHTML  #Views: 374  Category: Example    

DevGuru XHTML event: onunload
The onunload event occurs just before the HTML document is unloaded or removed from viewing (also when the page is refreshed).

Type: XHTML  #Views: 386  Category: Example    

DevGuru XHTML Tag: label
The label tag is used to associate text labels with a specific element (control) inside a form (such as an input element). This is done by having the values of the for attribute of the label tag and the id attribute of the form element be the same.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 271  Category: Example    

Structure of an HTML 4.01 Document
Elements are the structures that describe parts of an XHTML document. For example,
the p element represents a paragraph while the em element gives emphasized ...

Type: XHTML  #Views: 329  Category: Example    

DevGuru XHTML Tag: area
The area tag is used (along with the tag) to create a client-side image map which is divided into two or more mouse-sensitive regions. When you click on a region in the map, an attribute contained in the area tag can direct an action to occur.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 441  Category: Example    

Atom Feed Autodiscovery (PRE-DRAFT)
Each of the following examples represents an Atom autodiscovery element
in an XHTML document located at ...

Type: XHTML  #Views: 409  Category: Example    

- XHTML Object Module
In the following example, we insert a Java applet into an XHTML
document. <p><object classid="java:program.start"> </object>. ...

Type: XHTML  #Views: 328  Category: Example - Sample Chapter from XHTML Black Book
Take a look at the previous XML example, in which the root element is <DOCUMENT>.
In XHTML documents, the root element is <html>. Here’s an example. ...

Type: XHTML  #Views: 321  Category: Example    

DevGuru XHTML event: onkeypress
The onkeypress event is associated with press of a key on the keyboard while the mouse is inside a selected HTML element. In other words, the key press event occurred while the HTML element was in focus.

Type: XHTML  #Views: 494  Category: Example    

A basic XHTML document example is given in Fast and Easy XHTML by Shirley Kaiser.
Structured content. Text in HTML documents. Headings (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6). ...

Type: XHTML  #Views: 257  Category: Example    

Modularization of XHTML in XML Schema - Schema Modularization ...
Example: xhtml-1.1.xsd. In the case ... using the
"+" character. Example: xhtml+fml-1.0.xsd. This module naming ...

Type: XHTML  #Views: 222  Category: Example    

- XHTML Scripting Module
As XHTML does not rely on a specific scripting language, document authors must explicitly ... In
this example, we include one script in the header, whose script is ...

Type: XHTML  #Views: 186  Category: Example    

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