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Drive your VML Car
This is a very cool example using VML to drive a car across a screen. Warning: This example will cause you to lose a lot of productive time just driving around. You will definitely want to view the source code of this example to see how it is done. Really amazing in it's simplicity. It was created by Hedger Wang who has created some truly amazing examples. A big thumbs up by the Head Geek.
Type: XML  #Views: 1565  Category: Example    

Sample Application: XML Form Generator, Part 3: Displaying the Results
Part 1 of this series demonstrated how to create an XML form using a DataGrid in a web page. Part 2 focused on how to display the XML form using XSL and then save the user input to a new XML file. This final part of the series will show how to create a web form that will list the saved XML results and allow viewing the data.
Type: XML  #Views: 4363  Category: Example    

XML Emend
If you have ever wanted a way to make a quick change to the structure of an XML file then take a look at this example. XML Emend will allow you to edit both the structure and the data of an XML file.
Type: XML  #Views: 1497  Category: Example    

Content Management using XML and XSLT
The content management application shows how training content can be marked-up using XML to allow different document formats to be targeted. The downloadable code targets classroom slide views for instructors, self-study views for students, and can also be used with Adobe Acrobat 5"s "Open Web Page" functionality to generate PDF files (a sample PDF is included with the code download). The application has several different slide filtering technologies integrated into it. The online example provides a small sampling of Dan Wahlin"s XML Programming for .NET Developers training course material. In addition to the ASP.NET code, an ASP version is included as well.
Type: XML  #Views: 2576  Category: Example    

Combine RSS Feeds and Display Random Items
This code sample demonstrates how multiple RSS feeds can be combined, parsed, and displayed using the XmlTextReader and XmlTextWriter classes in the .NET framework. It can display all items found in one or more RSS feeds or display only a few items in a random manner. Ben Miller (Microsoft MVP Lead for ASP.NET, IIS, and Web Services) and I briefly discussed doing this and I ended up with this code sample as a result.
Type: XML  #Views: 972  Category: Example    

XML, SQL Server 2000, and the SQLXML3 Managed Classes
With the introduction of the DataSet and XmlDataDocument classes in .NET and the XML features in SQL Server 2000, the task of converting relational data into XML has been greatly simplified and made much more efficient. However, what if you would like to leverage SQL Server 2000 XML features directly from within a .NET application using managed classes?
Type: XML  #Views: 841  Category: Example    

Converting Flat-Files to XML using the XmlTextWriter
Although XML is in widespread use throughout the world now, there are still many "legacy" systems that do not know a thing about XML or how to use it. Many of these systems work with different types of flat-files that delimit data using commas, tabs, or have fixed-length fields. The keyword here is of course "delimit". Aside from a potential header row, flat-files do not describe data in any great detail. They simply delimit it in some type of manner.
Type: XML  #Views: 1475  Category: Example    

ASP.NET DropDownList XML Binder Class
There may be many occasions when a complex hierarchical XML document needs to be bound to an DropDownList control in an ASP.NET page. Although there are different ways to approach this, this sample introduces a class named XmlReaderBinder that has a single static method named BindDropDown(). This method accepts the name of the element containing the data that should be bound, the attribute name(s) for the value and text data to be used in creating a ListItem control, and the path to the source XML Document. If the XML data is not contained in the target element"s attributes but is instead in child nodes, the control will automatically find these child nodes and extract their text node values instead.
Type: XML  #Views: 1327  Category: Example    

Sample Application: XML Form Generator, Part 2: Capturing User Input
Part 1 of this series demonstrated how to create an XML form using a DataGrid in a web page. The focus of this part is the display of the XML form using XSL to transform it and then saving the user input to an XML file.
Type: XML  #Views: 1524  Category: Example    

Manage Development and Production Database Connection Strings with XML Serialization
Database connection strings are an important part of any data-enabled application. Because developers typically have development and production connection strings to manage (depending upon the environment they are working in), many different strategies have been created to handle switching from development to production. One popular way to manage this task is to have multiple web.config files and simply name them differently. For example, while in development the production web.config file may be named When code has been tested in development and needs to be deployed to production the production web.config file can be renamed to "web.config" and then moved over to the production Web Server(s). While this works well it involves an unnecessary step that should be more automated to avoid human error and involves keeping data in-sync between two or more web.config files.
Type: XML  #Views: 1787  Category: Example    

Regular Expression Validation in XSD
The following code performs powerful Date type validation in XSD. It validates date fields with timestamp (optional) in yyyyMMdd hh:MM:ss.ffffff format.
Type: XML  #Views: 832  Category: Example    

CodeSnip: Forms Authentication Against an XML File
This code shows how to validate against an XML file for Forms Authentication security in ASP.NET. The code here is just a modification of a standard login.aspx page.
Type: XML  #Views: 1076  Category: Example    

CodeSnip: Displaying XML Files with ASP.NET 2.0
Displaying XML documents in web pages is a task that web developers perform on a regular basis. Using the XML web server control in ASP.NET 2.0 makes displaying XML data enjoyable. You can easily load different XSLT style sheets to show the same XML data in different ways.
Type: XML  #Views: 1098  Category: Example    

Matching a value inside XML tags with an attribute
An example to parse for the value inside an XML tag, containing an attribute of some kind.
Type: XML  #Views: 1473  Category: Example    

Display XML in AxSHDocVw.AxWebBrowser
In my recent blog, AxShDocVw, SHDocVw, mshtml References, I showed how to set up a VS.NET project to use the AxSHDocVw.AxWebBrowser control. I was recently asked how to display formatted XML in this control. Here's just one way. I'm sure you can find ways to improve upon it.
Type: XML  #Views: 3208  Category: Example    

How to read xml returned by a WebService in a IE?
This how to shows how you can read the XML which is returned by a WebService and displayed in raw XML in IE.
Type: XML  #Views: 1991  Category: Example    

Generate Dynamic Maps and Flight Routes with XML and SVG
This code sample demonstrates how over 30 meg of XML data containing world mapping points, airport locations, and flight routes can be dynamically parsed and used to generate Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) images. Because the images are vector-based they can be zoomed in and out without affecting the image quality. The example also shows how Web Services can be integrated into SVG. Airports shown on the map can be selected to view temperature and wind data (when available).
Type: XML  #Views: 1160  Category: Example    

An XML Framework for Registry Development
An XML example for registry developement.
Type: XML  #Views: 733  Category: Example    

Intelligent XML Content Firewalls
This is a small example to preprocess requests and postprocess requests at a semantic level.
Type: XML  #Views: 619  Category: Example    

XML Technologies in the Presentation Layer
This page shows you to add intelligence to transformations in a multitier environment.
Type: XML  #Views: 989  Category: Example    

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