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xql Examples
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XML XQLEngine portlet example
Some services provide content in an XML format. Portal Interface provides a special type of portlet for interpreting and displaying XML. The XML portlet uses XQLEngine from Adaptive Server(TM) version 12.5 to query XML using JTF tags. This allows developers to create a JTF content template that uses any XML source, and display its properties via HTML without writing code.

Type: XQL  #Views: 988  Category: Example    

Comparative Examples of XML Schema and Query Languages
In this article, we present comparative examples of six XML schema languages (XML-DTD, XML-Schema, RELAX, SOX, Schematron, DSD) and six XML query languages (Lorel, XML-QL, XML-GL, XSLT, XQL and Quilt). Such comparative examples for real-life scenario greatly helped us to understand the languages and to realize the differences among them.

Type: XQL  #Views: 597  Category: Example    

ADC XQL Query Demo
This is a preliminary look at some of the extra capabilies we can provide once all of our astronomical datasets are converted to our XML format. Although this demonstration lacks a refined interface, it shows that the addition of XML tags can allow quite specific queries to be constructed.

Type: XQL  #Views: 535  Category: Example    

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