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dom Resources
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Minidom and the DOM standard
The xml.dom.minidom module is essentially a DOM 1.0-compatible DOM with some DOM 2 features (primarily namespace features).

Type: DOM  #Views: 765  Category: Resource    

Accessing the DOM
One very common way to extract XML elements from an XML document is to traverse the node three and extract the text value of each elements. A small snippet of programming code like a VBScript for/each construct can be written to demonstrate this. The following VBScript code traverses an XML node tree, and displays the XML elements in the browser:

Type: DOM  #Views: 1356  Category: Resource    

DOM Overview
How does DOM work ?

Type: DOM  #Views: 874  Category: Resource    

XSLT vs DOM, Document, 2003-07-16, This illustrates two different ways requires IE 6, or at least IE5+ and MSXML 3 2003-10-06.

Type: DOM  #Views: 1139  Category: Resource    

Resources about the Document Object Model (DOM).

Type: DOM  #Views: 756  Category: Resource    

MSXML 3.0 Illustrated
MSXML 3.0 is a DOM based XML parser, with SAX 2.0 support, full implementation of XSLT and XPath specifications, and more. Takes a practical approach including an example for each.

Type: DOM  #Views: 842  Category: Resource    

microdom: an XML DOM Designed For HTML
As the change from HTML to XML-based standards takes place, it is natural to start using XML tools and APIs for processing and generating HTML documents. Unfortunately the change to newer standards is not without problems and requires additional work on part of the software. Although XHTML is an XML vocabulary, millions of HTML web pages still exist that are not well-formed. When it comes to generating HTML, a small but still significant number of browsers have serious problems rendering HTML that is well-formed XML. This article introduces microdom, a XML DOM implementation written in Python which was designed for dealing with HTML's legacy issues both when parsing and when generating documents.

Type: DOM  #Views: 599  Category: Resource    

DOM Level 3 Core, and Load and Save Are W3C Candidate Recommendations
W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of two Document Object Model (DOM) specifications to Candidate Recommendations.

Type: DOM  #Views: 503  Category: Resource    

DOM Level 3 Validation is a W3C Recommendation
The World Wide Web Consortium today released Document Object Model Level 3 Validation as a W3C Recommendation. DOM Level 3 Validation is a module that provides guidance to programs and scripts to dynamically update the content and the structure of documents while ensuring that the document remains valid, or becomes valid. Learn more about the DOM Activity.

Type: DOM  #Views: 481  Category: Resource    

An XML Fragment Reader
While many potential uses of XML result in fragments of XML text, not complete documents, XML parsers require complete documents to do their jobs properly. I have been running an XML-based servlet to conduct online surveys. It records user responses by adding XML formatted data to a continuously growing cumulative file. I needed a way to analyze survey responses on the fly without going to the trouble of copying the file and adding the markup required to create a complete document.

Type: DOM  #Views: 367  Category: Resource    

White Space and the DOM
White Space and the DOM. To achieve maximum performance, when a text file is opened...As a result, a node in an XML DOM document "knows" that at least one occurrence of white space follows or precedes it, but does not know exactly how much white space there was. This method is efficient...

Type: DOM  #Views: 282  Category: Resource    

The IMXWriter Interface
The IMXWriter interface is a complementary application programming interface (API) to the latest version of the Simple API for XML (SAX2) implementation of Microsoft® XML Core Services (MSXML). MSXML provides two CoClasses that implement IMXWriter.

Type: DOM  #Views: 390  Category: Resource    

Using XSLT with the DOM or SAX
Microsoft® XML Core Services (MSXML) makes XSLT services available from the Document Object Model (DOM). This integration of XSLT with the DOM makes XML applications simpler and more powerful. XSLT becomes a general service for locating and manipulating XML data in Web pages, server-side applications, and stand-alone applications.

Type: DOM  #Views: 305  Category: Resource    

Output Namespace-Aware XML Documents
Using an XML DOM processor to create XML documents is relatively straightforward. Making these documents namespace aware is also easy; however, if you create a namespace-aware DOM, when you output the DOM as a text file the namespace data is lost.

Type: DOM  #Views: 314  Category: Resource    

W3C Document Object Model (DOM)
The W3C Document Object Model is a "platform- and language-neutral interface that will allow programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure and style of documents. The document can be further processed and the results of that processing can be incorporated back into the presented page."

Type: DOM  #Views: 210  Category: Resource    

The IXMLDOMDocument/DOMDocument Method
The Method Represents the top level of the XML source. Includes members for retrieving and creating all other XML objects.

Type: DOM  #Views: 547  Category: Resource    

The transformNodeToObject Method
This method processes this node and its children using the supplied XSL Transformations (XSLT) style sheet and returns the resulting transformation in the supplied object.

Type: DOM  #Views: 628  Category: Resource    

Starter Kit
This starter kit is designed to provide tools and information for working with XML and the Document Object Model (DOM).

Type: DOM  #Views: 277  Category: Resource    

DOM Level 3 Core, and Load and Save Are W3C Candidate Recommendations
W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of two Document Object Model (DOM) specifications to Candidate Recommendations. With DOM Level 3 Core, software developers and Web script authors can access and manipulate HTML and XML content.

Type: DOM  #Views: 229  Category: Resource    

Document Object Model (DOM) Concepts
The Document Object Model (DOM) provides a standardized way to access and manipulate the information stored in XML documents. DOM application programming interfaces (APIs) serve as a bridge between applications and XML documents.

Type: DOM  #Views: 287  Category: Resource    

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