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flash Resources
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Sending the TRANSACTION element
The user interface of the Flash movie allows the user to enter a series of buy/sell trades. After these trades are entered, you want to transmit these trades to the server using the TRANSACTION element. To do this, the user interface scripts must first convert the data into an easy-to-manipulate form. You must create an Array object called trades that consists of one or more Trade objects.

Type: Flash  #Views: 1000  Category: Resource    

Flash MX | XML Transition Gallery
Flash MX | XML Transition Gallery is a simple image gallery that requires zero editing. It will support an unlimited number of images. All you need to do is edit the xml file and upload all files to your server and you are all set. You can resize the gallery to fit any image need.

Type: Flash  #Views: 8293  Category: Resource    

Flash MX | XML Image Gallery
Flash MX | XML Image Gallery is a fully customizable, expandable image gallery. Images are loaded dynamically via an easy to edit XML file. Supports unlimited images. Can be modified for larger images as well.

Type: Flash  #Views: 8955  Category: Resource    

XML and Macromedia Flash from Start to Finish
Start your XML education here with these resources.

Type: Flash  #Views: 2146  Category: Resource    

The Flash of XML
Many think of Flash strictly as a web animation program. However, Flash has been ported to almost every platform – from game interfaces on the PS2 to mobile devices. The recent release of Flash Player 6 for PocketPC allows the 1.6 million registered Flashers to start creating games, presentations and application interfaces for Microsoft’s mobile platform. There are a few optimisation rules that one should follow, but aside from these, intermediate users should be able to begin porting their existing projects to the PocketPC in a matter of hours, as Ari Jacobs shows.

Type: Flash  #Views: 1324  Category: Resource    

The Collections Ticker
The Collections Ticker is a Flash and XML-based thumbnail viewer that provides access to the entire David Rumsey Map Collection. Thumbnails and short descriptions of maps, charts, globes and other items automatically "scroll" across your desktop (similar to a news or stock ticker).

Type: Flash  #Views: 1226  Category: Resource    

XML Image and Text Loader v1.0
Use an XML file and the XML ActionScript object in FLASH MX to load jpeg images and text descriptions into a flash image viewer.

Type: Flash  #Views: 4082  Category: Resource    

Flash Developer Resources
FlashDeveloper dot nl is a resource portal informing about Flash MX, Flash with XML, Flash versus SVG, and a Flash XML FAQ. Visitors can join the flash developer dot nl mailinglist, browse through book reviews about Flash, XML and SVG books and submit their own information. The focus of this extensive resource lies in making Flash MX communicate with other languages, documents, and to improve the use of dynamic flash. Make Macromedia Flash communicate with PHP, XML, mySQL, Perl, ASP, Access, Macromedia's Flashcomm server etc.

Type: Flash  #Views: 1258  Category: Resource    

Spark: A Flash to XML converter
Spark is a Java library that converts data in Macromedias SWF ("Flash") data format to XML conforming to a specialized DTD and vice versa. The primary goal of Spark is to make it easier to work with SWF in a Java and XML based server environment.

Type: Flash  #Views: 793  Category: Resource    

Flash MX | Scripts. 9 various Flash scripts. PHP and XML
Flash MX Scripts contains 9 robust, interactive and fully editable Flash MX scripts for use on commercial or personal web sites. All source files as well as complete instructions are included with every script. Everything you wil levery need when it comes to creating fully interactive stunning Flash websites.

Type: Flash  #Views: 1168  Category: Resource    

Flash MX|PHP Form
Animated Flash/PHP form. Easy to modify. Full version available. Looking for a flash form for your website? Well, look no further! This form is as simple as it gets! Full version comes complete with all necessary files for easy customization. Unlimited input fields for full version.

Type: Flash  #Views: 491  Category: Resource    

Flash MX | PHP User Authentication
A sophisticated, but simple to use Flash MX/PHP/MySQL user authentication system that allows you to protect your flash pages. It utilizes PHP/MySQL for quick interaction. All necessary files included as well as detailed instructions on how to set everything up. Files include source fla and table.sql file for easy database configuration.

Type: Flash  #Views: 483  Category: Resource    

Unicode in Macromedia Flash MX
The Macromedia Flash Player 6 supports Unicode text encoding for SWF movies in Macromedia Flash Player 6 format. This support greatly enhances your ability to use multilingual text in SWF movies that you create with Macromedia Flash MX, including multiple languages within a single text field. Any user with the Macromedia Flash Player 6 can view multilanguage text in a Macromedia Flash Player 6 movie, regardless of the language used by the operating system running the player.

Type: Flash  #Views: 364  Category: Resource    

XML-RPC Flash Lib
I then decided to build this lib, which was as powerfull as the other one, but much more easy to use. Now a programmer who doesn't know how to work with XML, can send and receive XML-RPC data seamlessy, like if it was AS data. And because I didn't forget the "power-users", it lets you define the data-types by hand (like the other lib did). After said this, if your new to the world of XML and Web Services, please read the next chapter, otherwise you may proceed to chapter 3.

Type: Flash  #Views: 430  Category: Resource    

XML-RPC Flash Client Library
XML-RPC is an open specification targeted for designing XML-based RPC servers and clients. XML-RPC Flash Client is actionscript that can be integrated into a Flash project and allow flash to act as an XML-RPC client.

Type: Flash  #Views: 409  Category: Resource    

Flash MX Component Library
A list of Flash MX Component Libraries and components.

Type: Flash  #Views: 428  Category: Resource    

XML and Flash
A very useful list of XML and Flash resrouces.

Type: Flash  #Views: 918  Category: Resource    

Examine the sample Macromedia Flash movie
The sample movie slideshow.fla contains "placeholders" for the slide show's content and ActionScript that merges the content of each slide with those placeholders. The placeholders consist of dynamic text fields (to display the current slide's index, for example) and an empty movie clip instance into which each JPEG image is loaded.

Type: Flash  #Views: 550  Category: Resource    

The easiest way to connect Flash to application logic and data
Easily integrate rich Macromedia Flash content with applications built using Macromedia ColdFusion, Microsoft .NET, Java, and SOAP-based web services using the powerful—yet simple—programming model provided with Flash Remoting MX

Type: Flash  #Views: 385  Category: Resource    

FlashTrading portfolio holdings
The user will enter one or more buy/sell trades into the Flash movie, and then transmit them to the server using an XML element called TRANSACTION .

Type: Flash  #Views: 381  Category: Resource    

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