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oracle Resources
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Oracle BPEL Process Manager Provides SOA and Integration Platform Support.
Oracle has announced the immediate availability of the Oracle (Collaxa) BPEL Process Manager with native, cross-platform, and comprehensive BPEL support. The BPEL Process Manager enables enterprises to model, deploy and manage BPEL processes. It comprises an easy-to-use BPEL modeler, a scalable BPEL engine, an extensible WSDL binding framework, a monitoring console and a set of built-in integration services for transformation, user tasks, and java embedding.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 769  Category: Resource    

Buffer Overflow in the XML Database of Oracle9i Database Server
A set of potential buffer overflows has been discovered in the XML Database (XDB) functionality of the Oracle9i Database Release 2. A knowledgeable and malicious user can exploit these buffer overflows to cause a Denial of Service (DoS) attack against and/or capture an active user session of the Oracle9i Database Server.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 589  Category: Resource    

06-Jun-03 Release of Oracle Data Access Components 4.15
Support for Oracle internal NUMBER datatype added. Allows to work with high precision numbers without accuracy losses Following list describes the main features of Oracle Data Access Components:

Type: Oracle  #Views: 557  Category: Resource    

Goal of oraschemadoc is "JavaDoc" style detailed documentation for all objects in schema covering Oracle specific features.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 245  Category: Resource    

.NET Web Service using ODP.NET
This ASP.NET sample application shows how one can use Oracle Data Provider for native driver that offers faster and reliable access to Oracle Database by using

Type: Oracle  #Views: 306  Category: Resource    

Oracle Database Viewer
This is a GUI based application which connects to an Oracle database depending upon the DSN, username and password that you provide. It then shows the list of tables

Type: Oracle  #Views: 298  Category: Resource    

Java on Oracle interview questions
What is JServer and what is it used for? Oracle JServer Option is a Java Virtual Machine (Java VM) which runs within the Oracle database server’s address space. Oracle also provides a JServer Accelerator to compile Java code natively. This speeds up the execution of Java code by eliminating interpreter overhead.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 1311  Category: Resource    

Java on Oracle interview questions
What is JServer and what is it used for? Oracle JServer Option is a Java Virtual Machine (Java VM) which runs within the Oracle database server’s address space. Oracle

Type: Oracle  #Views: 510  Category: Resource    

Accessing Oracle Database
Accessing Oracle Database. This source code shows you how to connect to an oracle database and do operations such as select, insert, update and delete.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 334  Category: Resource    

Oracle9i Database: The New Generation Globalization Technology
Clusters (formerly Oracle Parallel Server); new high availability technology including advancements in standby database technology (Oracle Data Guard) and user

Type: Oracle  #Views: 235  Category: Resource    

Oracle .NET Data Provider - From Microsoft
The Microsoft .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle is an add-on component to the .NET Framework 1.0 that provides access to an Oracle database using the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) as provided by Oracle Client software.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 238  Category: Resource    

Oracle Database Connectivity
Oracle Database Connectivity. Description This is a GUI based data entry application which shows how to add, modify and delete records using Oracle Database.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 261  Category: Resource    

Oracle9i XML FAQ Demo:
Building a Real FAQ website with New Oracle9i XML Database Features and the 9i XDK.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 351  Category: Resource    

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions
Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about XML and Oracle.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 348  Category: Resource    

Oracle9i XML Product Order Application
The application will accept user inputs for Product and Customer details for creating a Product Order XML document. The document created adhers to the given schema ProductOrder.xsd. The application also allows the XML document to be saved into the database.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 273  Category: Resource    

XML: Develop Applications
Learn the fundamentals of major XML industry standards and how to use them with your Oracle database. Discover several ways to transport data to and from your Oracle database. XML is an open standard that allows complicated information to be transferred over the Internet and used by a variety of applications, providing flexibility and increased interoperability essential to Internet business practices.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 329  Category: Resource    

Oracle9i XML Sample
OTN developers have built sample applications that demonstrate the features of Oracle XML Developer's Kits(XDK) for Java and Oracle9i native XML support. The Employee Information sample application manages employee information in the database. It provides interface for Adding, Updating, Deleting and Viewing of Employee Information stored in the database. All database operations and presentation of data to the user in the application are done through the XSQL pages publishing framework which is available as part of the Oracle XML Developer's Kit(XDK) for Java.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 357  Category: Resource    

Using XML in Oracle Database Applications
In Part 1, we introduced you to XML. In Part 2, we described Oracle products that support using XML in database applications. In this document, we describe how to use XML and Oracle XML products to customize presentation of data.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 633  Category: Resource    

XML Features of Oracle 8i and 9i
XSQL servlet - as distinct from the XSU described above - is a tool that processes SQL queries and outputs the result set as XML. As a standard java servlet it should work with any java enabled web server. As input it uses an "XSQL" file: an XML file containing embedded SQL queries. XSQL pages are similar to ASPs/JSPs but give XML as output and allow for standard XML processing using XSL.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 439  Category: Resource    

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