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voicexml Resources
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European Voice Hosting
Leading European VoiceXML Hosting company. Online tools, certified VoiceXML 2.0 platform, geographic and non-geographic telephone numbers throughout Europe. Developer packages for testing and demos available, flexible prices for live services. Carrier-grade hosting environment. Contact

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 502  Category: Resource    

VoiceXML Forum
The VoiceXML Forum is an industry organization established to promote VoiceXML as the universal standard for speech-enabled Web applications.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 517  Category: Resource    

Passport VoiceXML partners with U-Voice to organize VoiceXML Business Strategy Seminar
Passport VoiceXML and U-Voice announce a partnership to promote VoiceXML in Northern Europe. With its technical sessions, Passport VoiceXML has trained many speech application developers and contributed to the adoption of VoiceXML as the preferred standard for developing speech applications.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 504  Category: Resource    

VoiceXML Users Group Call for Participation
The VoiceXML Forum is beginning to prepare for the Spring Users Group Meeting, to be held in conjunction with the AVIOS Speech Developers Conference and Expo, ( from March 31st to April 3rd 2003, at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose California. The VoiceXML Users Group Meeting will be held on April 3, 2003.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 244  Category: Resource    

VoiceXML Forum Conformance Committee
The VoiceXML Forum's conformance program provides the industry with a test suite for VoiceXML to ensure interoperability of platforms, tools, and applications from all vendors, and clear identification of compliance to the specification.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 235  Category: Resource    

VoiceXML 2.0 Essentials
VoiceXML 2.0 Essentials. Now, we're going to take a look at VoiceXML, a specific kind of XML designed to describe voice applications.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 237  Category: Resource    

Developing VoiceXML applications
An introduction to developing VoiceXML applications.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 257  Category: Resource    

VoiceXML and Dialog Systems Resources
VoiceXML and Dialog Systems Resources. You'll also find a very comprehensive list of categorised links at Ken Rehor's World of VoiceXML.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 249  Category: Resource    

Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML)
An introduction to the Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML).

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 259  Category: Resource    

The Business Advantages of VoiceXML
If you’re thinking about investing in proprietary technology to voice-enable your web site or your IVR system, think again. If you don’t invest in VoiceXML today, chances are you will be porting your investment to VoiceXML in the foreseeable future.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 316  Category: Resource    

Building VoiceXML applications
Building VoiceXML applications. A voice application is a collection of one or more VoiceXML documents. A VoiceXML document is composed of one or more dialogs. The remainder of this document provides some simple examples of a voice application and provides details about the application root document

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 277  Category: Resource    

Voice Application using Speech, VoiceXML and Web Produces Overwhelming Response Rate ...
The application—which combined speech, VoiceXML and the web—provided children with an opportunity to have a personalized ‘chat’ with S.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 201  Category: Resource    

Generating VoiceXML Content
You can build powerful voice applications using VoiceXML and JavaScript. These languages are executed by the VoiceXML interpreter to handle call flow logic and user interaction. To tie your phone application into back-end systems such as databases and middle-tier business logic, your voice application needs some way to interact with those systems.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 249  Category: Resource    

The voxBuilder ODE supports development in both VoiceXML 1.0 and VoiceXML 2.0. The first version of VoiceXML was the result of a collaboration of work from AT&T;, Lucent, Motorola and IBM and was released under the auspices of the VoiceXML Forum. The evolution of the VoiceXML specification is now the responsibility of the W3C.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 236  Category: Resource    

IBM WebSphere Voice Application Access Supports VoiceXML.
IBM has announced the WebSphere Voice Application Access middleware product designed to simplify "building and managing voice portals and to more easily extend web-based portals to voice. Leveraging the scalability, personalization, and authentication features of IBM's WebSphere Portal, it enables mobile workers to more easily access information from multiple voice applications -- using a single telephone number.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 233  Category: Resource    

What is VoiceXML?
VoiceXML is the industry's open, standards-based development language for voice-driven solutions. It is endorsed by the W3C, the same organization that defines other key standards such as HTML. A growing number of carriers and corporations around the world use VoiceXML for customer care and enhanced service applications.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 257  Category: Resource    

VoiceXML Reference
The VoiceXML Reference is available for download here.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 229  Category: Resource    

VoiceXML Description
This document introduces VoiceXML, the Voice Extensible Markup Language. Its goal is to elicit feedback from the wider community, and thus is a language description, not a formal specification.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 204  Category: Resource    

VoiceXML Forum Endorses VoiceXML 2.0 and XHTML+Voice Profile
The VoiceXML Forum today announced its support for the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C's) release of Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) 2.0 as a Proposed Recommendation.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 220  Category: Resource    

VoiceXML and SALT: Approaches for Developing Telephony Applications
Should you choose the high-level VoiceXML or low-level SALT language? Find out how to make this decision by examining the nature of the application and the skill of the programmer.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 235  Category: Resource    

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