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XCool - Development branch
XCool is an XQL (XML Query Language) implementation in Java. It consists of an engine which executes queries upon an XML file and can be accessed both programatically and in command line mode. It's not yet fully XQL compliant (doesn't support XML namespaces, methods, and queries containing the root operator), but the goal is to implement the complete XQL functionality.

Type: XQL  #Views: 550  Category: Resource    

The W3C XML Query Working Group
The W3C XML Query Working Group is developing a query language for XML documents. This talk will provide an update on the work of the XML Query WG. In particular this talk will cover the proposed syntax for the XQuery language.

Type: XQL  #Views: 532  Category: Resource    

What's New in Adaptive Server Enterprise?
This chapter describes the new features and system changes introduced with Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise version

Type: XQL  #Views: 756  Category: Resource    

The Java-Based XQL Processor
This chapter describes how you use XQL to select raw data from Adaptive Server, using the XQL language, and display the results as an XML document.

Type: XQL  #Views: 681  Category: Resource    

Using XML Queries and Transformations
Now we have an easy and platform-independent method of describing XML data, validating its type as we wish and modifying and reading it programmatically. So we basically have a transportable miniature database. No surprise then that when you start to work with it, you'll feel the need for a query mechanism. Using the DOM, you can get to each and every node in your document, but it can get tiresome, maneuvering through the hierarchies of children to find that single node you are interested in.

Type: XQL  #Views: 522  Category: Resource    

Unicode and Text Retrieval
This document describes various aspects of Tamino's text retrieval capabilities and how you can customize the word recognition process. This has implications for query expressions that use full-text capabilities. In XQuery 4 this affects functions from the ft namespace such as ft:text-contains(), in X-Query this affects the contains operator ~=.

Type: XQL  #Views: 635  Category: Resource    

Non-Position Paper for Quark, Inc.
This paper lacks a specific position with regard to XML QL, but rather contains a set of guidelines by which we will evaluate differing proposals. Instead of presenting implementation specifics for our vision of an XML query language, we prefer instead to list the features upon which we will rely.

Type: XQL  #Views: 509  Category: Resource    

XQL: Coming Soon to a Search Engine Near You
Most people out there, database developers as well as the citizenry at large, have taken for granted the ability to execute queries on data stores for, oh, years. Haven't you? Admit it.

Type: XQL  #Views: 383  Category: Resource    

Evaluation of XML Query Implementations
This list represents the evaluation of XML Query implementation.

Type: XQL  #Views: 180  Category: Resource    

Efficient querying
Before we go into the details of database tuning, we should make clear that due to ongoing development and tuning of the Tamino engine the performance hints given here are only based on a snapshot of the current situation. Future versions of Tamino may exhibit in parts a different performance profile.

Type: XQL  #Views: 281  Category: Resource    

XML Query Languages: Experiences and Exemplars
This paper discusses XML query languages and particularly the features or characteristics that the authors believe to be the most important for XML query languages. In order to do this, many example query types are enumerated and an example of each is presented in upto four particular existing query languages. These examples and discussion of them make up the bulk of the paper.

Type: XQL  #Views: 235  Category: Resource    

PDOM and XQL Engine, the XML Data Server
XML-based applications often blur the borders between Internet-, document- and database technology. This is reflected in the architecture of XML-based information systems. Monolithic systems are superseded by systems composed of lightweight, reuseable Java components which are loosely coupled via standardized interfaces. Using the XQL-processor and the PDOM, XML component systems can easily and transparently be augmented with functionality characteristic for database systems: declarative queries and transaction-safe persistence.

Type: XQL  #Views: 248  Category: Resource    

Comparison of XML query languages
The main material in this presentation comes from the paper Comparative analysis of five XML query languages, which compares Lorel, XML-QL, XML-GL, XSL, and XQL, where I only focused on the three bold ones.

Type: XQL  #Views: 232  Category: Resource    

Position Paper on XML Query
The requirements for querying XML documents cover a wide spectrum. Below, we identify a three points on the spectrum based on where the query executes. Later sections discuss characteristics and requirements for each of them.

Type: XQL  #Views: 190  Category: Resource    

XLoc is the XWeb mechanism for referring to a specific unique object on an XWeb site. XLoc is defined as a restriction on XQL. All searching, matching, attribute comparison and methods are removed. What remains are the basic path and subscript mechanisms. An XLoc can be used in conjunction with the protocol, site and port information found in a URL. XLoc is used in a URL after the protocol, site and port information. For example the bold portions of the following URLs are expressed as XLocs.

Type: XQL  #Views: 228  Category: Resource    

W3C Math Working Group XML Query Language Requirements
This document details the W3C Math Working Group's requirements for the XML Query Language effort. Querying MathML requires a pattern language for both element structure and content to return a subtree of the MathML expression tree. The pattern language could be derived from XSL patterns by allowing multiple branches and positions to be specified relative to any node and regular expression matching on content.

Type: XQL  #Views: 213  Category: Resource    

XML Query
W3C XML Query presentation by Ivan Herman.

Type: XQL  #Views: 182  Category: Resource    

The Extended XQL for Querying and Updating Large XML Databases
XQL has been argued as just a model for asking for specific sets of elements with very limited query capability. This paper proposes several extensions of XQL to address the issues. The extensions include full-text indexed search, path variables, joins, session-based navigations, and updates. Effort has been spent to preserve the conciseness of the language syntax.

Type: XQL  #Views: 235  Category: Resource    

XData Query Language
XQL is a language for querying structured documents, and it is a specification of W3C. The XQL engine in <blue>XS also provides numerical and boolean functions on attributes and date-time parsing. In the near future it will also support positional conditions.

Type: XQL  #Views: 214  Category: Resource    

Definition - XQL
XQL (XML Query Language) is a way to locate and filter the elements (data fields) and text in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) document. XML files are used to transmit collections of data between computers on the Web. XQL provides a tool for finding and/or selecting out specific items in the data collection in an XML file or set of files.

Type: XQL  #Views: 221  Category: Resource    

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