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xquery Resources
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Generate XQuery Code with Altova MapForce
Altova® MapForce® auto-generates standards-conformant XQuery code for mapping one XML Schema to another XML Schema. A visual data integration tool, MapForce® allows you to define data mappings graphically and then generate XQuery code to implement the data transformation. The ability to generate XQuery code allows you work with XQuery in a native implementation with MapForce® acting as a visual XQuery builder, and the XQuery code produced by MapForce® can be executed in an XML-capable database.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 56  Category: Resource    

Simple XQuery Development with Altova XMLSpy
Altova® XMLSpy® 2007 includes native, schema-aware support for XQuery 1.0, including creating, editing, debugging, profiling and executing XQuery files. XQuery is an important new language for extracting information from XML documents and databases. Built largely on the robust XPath 2.0 specification, XQuery is predicted to be for XML what SQL is to the relational database. Altova XMLSpy® 2007 provides powerful support for XQuery and XPath 2.0 and includes an XQuery debugger and an XQuery profiler. Support for both standards has been updated to comply with the respective standards released by the W3C on January 23, 2007.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 48  Category: Resource    

XQuery Editor
offers help editing XQuery expression by the following means: Content Completion and Syntax Highlight. The content completion is triggered by CTRL-Space shortcut, at any point in the expression. It shows the list of all the available XQuery functions and keywords. Each function has been commented.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 201  Category: Resource    

drx: XQuery
An introduction to XQuery, and a growing list of resources. The category is cross-referenced with others in the RDMS world, and you can stay up to date by subscribing to the RSS feed.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 339  Category: Resource    

Introduction to XQuery Development
This XQuery tutorial explains how to use Stylus Studio XQuery tools to you to construct XQuery expressions and run them.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 296  Category: Resource    

Accelerating XQuery Performance
An overview of the Stylus Studio XQuery Profiler that enables developers to benchmark any XQuery expression, locate performance bottlenecks and eliminate them for maximum XQuery performance.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 271  Category: Resource    

XQuery Mapping Tools
An overview of Stylus Studio XQuery-based XML mapping tools, including support for multiple data sources (flat files, relational databases, XML files, XML schemas, DTD's, EDI, and live web services), XQuery functions, XQuery operators, etc.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 237  Category: Resource    

XQuery Editor
An overview of the Stylus Studio XQuery editor, including XQuery syntax help, configuring XQuery processors (Saxon, DataDirect, Marklogic, etc), previewing XQuery output files, etc.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 275  Category: Resource    

XQuery From The Experts Chapter 1: An Introduction to XQuery (PDF)
Learn the basics of the XML query language with this tutorial by XML expert Jonathan Robie. Jonathan is XML Program Manager at DataDirect Technologies, an editor of several of the XQuery specifications, and a well-known speaker at XML conferences. The tutorial presents the XQuery language in detail using a series of queries that illustrate both the mechanics of the language and the rationale for the features of XQuery. It is excerpted from the recent book that Jonathan collaborated on called "XQuery from the Experts - A Guide to the W3C XML Query Language." Free printable PDF download!

Type: XQuery  #Views: 267  Category: Resource    

XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serialization
The W3C's XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serialization specification - This document describes how XSLT 2, XQuery and other related XML standards convert an instance of the XML DataModel into a sequence of octets.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 238  Category: Resource    

Using Saxon XQuery Processor with Stylus Studio
Covers executing and debugging XQuery expressions in Stylus Studio using Saxon, the popular Java XQuery processor.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 257  Category: Resource    

The XQuery Talk Mailing List
An XQuery mailing list for practical discussion about XQuery: a place to work together to learn a new language, talk about problem solutions, discuss engines and implementations, chat about the latest announcements, and so on.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 219  Category: Resource    

XQuery Innovator Award Program
The Stylus Studio XQuery Innovator Awards offers enterprise software developers, systems integrators, and IT consultants engaged in building cutting edge solutions based on new cutting-edge XQuery technologies the opportunity to have their work publicly showcased and gain valuable recognition as pioneers in the XQuery industry from the XML developer community.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 188  Category: Resource    

The 2005 XQuery Industry Study
The 2005 XQuery Industry Study is a survey of 550 XML developers which asks them if they are using XQuery, and if so, why? Topics covered includes: Who is using XQuery (developer demographics), what industries are using XQuery, what kinds of applications are being built using XQuery, etc.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 208  Category: Resource    

Frequently Asked Questions about XQuery
What is XQuery? Why should I use XQuery? Where can I use XQuery? The XQuery FAQ is list of Frequently-Asked Questions about the World Wide Web Consortium's XML Query Language (XQuery). It is intended as a beginner's guide for users, developers, managers, or any interested reader getting started with XQuery technologies. Got an XQuery question? add it to the XQuery FAQ today!

Type: XQuery  #Views: 234  Category: Resource    

XQuery Use Cases in Industry
Various XQuery use-cases from different industries, including aerospace and healtchare, which illustrate how developers are using XQuery technologies to simplify middleware applications, including Web services, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)and other XML data integration projects.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 214  Category: Resource    

Top 10 XQuery and XML Predictions for 2005
DataDirect Technologies, provider of components for connecting software to data, today announced its top 10 XML and XQuery predictions for 2005. The coming year will bring many new developments to XQuery, the highly anticipated language for querying and creating XML documents, that will ultimately lead to a complete overhaul in the way software applications are built.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 1072  Category: Resource    

Working Drafts: XQuery, XPath and XSLT
The XML Query Working Group and the XSL Working Group have released five updated Working Drafts.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 383  Category: Resource    

DataDirect Technologies to Enter the XQuery Market with Industry's Only Embeddable, Database-Indepen
DataDirect Technologies, the leading provider of components for connecting software to data, today announced the development of DataDirect XQuery(TM), an embeddable, standards-based software product that enables Java(TM) developers to access both relational and XML data sources using a single query. Built to accommodate XQuery, the new language for querying and creating XML documents, DataDirect XQuery will join DataDirect Technologies' comprehensive offering of data connectivity components to simplify application development, allow portability across databases and ease application deployment.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 370  Category: Resource    

TechEd 2004: DAT327 XQuery Demos posted
I posted the T-SQL XQuery demo. I will add the .Net Framework Xquery demo later. Also, Kent has written up a synopsis of the presentation. This time, I have no further comments :-). Thanks to all who showed up for the last presentation on a Friday afternoon. And congrats to the two winners of the XQuery books. There were lots of questions and though competition.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 360  Category: Resource    

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