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xsql Resources
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Generating XSQL Server Pages
The Oracle8i database provides components and utilities, including the XSQL Servlet, that allow you to take advantage of XML technology in your database applications. The following excerpt from the Oracle XML Handbook (Oracle Press 2000) tells you how.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 633  Category: Resource    

CGI invocation of parameterized SQL using XSLT, XML, and Ferris
An XSQL like solution for exposing a relational database through server side parameterized SQL queries invoked through XSQL like CGI roundtrips. Ferris is used as the underlying tool to mount SQL queries and expose the results as a Filesystem or DOM.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 526  Category: Resource    

Oracle 9iAS XSQL Servlet File Permission Bypass Vulnerability
Oracle 9iAS package includes the XSQL Servlet as part of the XML Development kit. It may be used to convert the response from an SQL query into an XML format. Reportedly, the servlet does not properly enforce file permissions. An attacker may be able to exploit this vulnerability to view sensitive system configuration files, similar to the issues discussed in BID 4290.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 603  Category: Resource    

Oracle8i Database Master Index: H (Release 8.1.7)
... Interface Programmer's Guide) handle functions (Oracle Call Interface Programmer's
Guide) handleAction(Node) - oracle.xml.xsql.XSQLActionHandler.handleAction ...

Type: XSQL  #Views: 461  Category: Resource    

How to develop with XML on Oracle9i - An introduction
This chat will give you an opportunity to ask questions on XML and Oracle9i. As well as questions on the existing content we would also like to hear your opinions on what things we should be putting into the iDevelop Online XML content.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 785  Category: Resource    

Oracle XML Developer's Kits in Oracle9iAS
The Oracle XML Developer's Kits (XDK) contain the basic building blocks for reading, manipulating, transforming and viewing XML documents. To provide a broad variety of deployment options, the Oracle XDKs areavailable for Java, JavaBeans, C, C++ and PL/SQL. Unlike many shareware and trial XML components, the production Oracle XDKs sre fully supported and come with a commercial redistribution license. Oracle XDKs consist of the following components:

Type: XSQL  #Views: 577  Category: Resource    

Oracle9i Xml Sample
OTN developers have built sample applications that demonstrate the features of Oracle XML Developer's Kit(XDK) for Java and Oracle9i native XML support. The Product Orders sample application accepts user inputs for Product and Customer details to create a Product Order XML document. The Order XML document is created using the classes generated by the XML Class Generator for Java. The generated XML document is then stored in an XMLType column inside an Oracle9i database.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 624  Category: Resource    

Advanced How To Lessons - Page 4
This course will cover the parsing of XML using PLSQL and then how to do XSLT transformation with PLSQL.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 740  Category: Resource    

B2B with XML
OTN developers have built sample applications that simulate the business-to-business (B2B) interaction between entities in an international hotel reservation system. The samples include the following modules and interfaces (shown clockwise from left in the figure below):

Type: XSQL  #Views: 564  Category: Resource    

How The Webstore Demo Works
The WebStore demo uses Java applications to simulate B2B interaction between an online a retailer and several supplier companies. The applications use XML to exchange data, invoking the Oracle XSQL Servlet to handle document-processing chores. Another Java application acts as a message broker, using the Advanced Queuing (AQ) feature of Oracle8i to dispatch requests and responses to the appropriate recipients. The broker application also uses XSL stylesheets to format messages for recipients, enabling businesses to join the exchange at any time without worrying about formatting requirements of other retailers and suppliers. All the applications store data in Oracle8i databases.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 605  Category: Resource    

Updates the rows represented in the (optionally transformed) XML document that has been posted in the request.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 616  Category: Resource    

Creating an XSL Style Sheet for XSQL Files
In JDeveloper, you can create an XSL style sheet that you can apply to your XSQL files in order to format the data for HTML, WML or another output. When you create an XSL style sheet, it is added to the selected XSQL project.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 646  Category: Resource    

Oracle XML Developers Kit
Oracle XML Developer's Kit (Oracle XDK) is a set of components, tools and utilities that eases the task of building and deploying XML-enabled applications. To provide a broad variety of deployment options, the Oracle XDK components are available for Java, C, and C++. Unlike many shareware and trial XML components, the production Oracle XDK are fully supported and come with a commercial redistribution license. Oracle XDK consists of the following components:

Type: XSQL  #Views: 447  Category: Resource    

Formatting XML Data with a Style Sheet
After creating an XSQL file and adding tags, you can format the XML data with an XSL style sheet or view the raw XML data. You can use a style sheet you previously created or create a new one in JDeveloper and apply it. By applying a style sheet, you can convert the XML data into HTML or another markup language, such as wireless markup language (WML).

Type: XSQL  #Views: 623  Category: Resource    

Querying XML documents
XmlStarlet 'select' or 'sel' option can be used to query or search XML documents. Here is synopsis for 'xml sel' command:

Type: XSQL  #Views: 563  Category: Resource    

XML and Data Manipulation Language Commands (DML)
XML, like ASP, can also be used to do inserts, updates and deletes. The following query will use a form to add a new record. This uses the XML SQL Utility update of the XSQL Servlet.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 648  Category: Resource    

Web Site (Part 2)
In the previous exercise you created a database for your book selling site and two of the Web pages. In this exercises, you will complete your Web site, using Servlets, XSQL and JSP. You will also allow programic access to your Web site, using SOAP.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 590  Category: Resource    

Includes an XML fragment representing the names and values of all HTTP parameters, cookies, and session variables.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 341  Category: Resource    

Executes an arbitrary stored function returning a REF CURSOR and includes the result set in canonical XML format.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 755  Category: Resource    

Sets the value of a top-level XSLT stylesheet parameter.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 268  Category: Resource    

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