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xschema Resources
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oXygen XML Schema Editor
Oxygen offers a side by side presentation of the schema source and diagram. The diagram is synchronized in real time with the source editor: selecting an element in the diagram highlights the corresponding element in the source editor, while moving the caret in the source editor changes the selection in the diagram view. The schema diagram renders all the XML Schema and Relax NG components and allows you to quickly navigate to the referred definitions of elements, attributes, types, groups, patterns, etc. Two types of visual diagram are available for a schema: the Full Model View and the Logical Model View.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 186  Category: Resource    

Design a form based on an XML schema
An XML schema gives data a structure that can be used by various groups to collect and store information consistently, and to share data easily and reliably. You can create an InfoPath form based on an existing XML schema, so that your form uses an established data structure.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 699  Category: Resource    

XML Schema: Component Designators Working Draft Published
The XML Schema Working Group has released a revised Working Draft of XML Schema: Component Designators. The document defines a scheme for identifying the XML Schema components specified by the XML Schema Recommendation Part 1 and Part 2.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 471  Category: Resource    

Model Groups in XML Schemas - xs:all Groups
A recent article on discusses the use of xs:all to constrain a mixed content model groups. The question posed in the article perked my ears because I thought it was obvious that xs:all was not appropriate to the problem.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 777  Category: Resource    

Office 2003 XML Reference Schemas
This download contains documentation on the Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 and Microsoft Office Visio 2003 schemas.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 279  Category: Resource    

Q&A;: Microsoft Announces Availability of XML Schema for Microsoft Office Visio 2003
Microsoft today announced the addition of the Microsoft Office Visio 2003 XML Reference Schema to its open and royalty-free documentation and license program that was initially unveiled in November 2003. Microsoft Office Visio 2003 is the diagramming and data visualization tool in Microsoft Office 2003. Microsoft is providing the complete description of the Visio Extensible Markup Language (XML) file format to enable organizations to access information captures in their Visio diagrams and to integrate with other XML-enabled applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Extensive support of XML in the Microsoft Office suite will allow Office applications to create, view and edit structured data stored in disparate systems.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 248  Category: Resource    

Microsoft Continues Commitment to Open and Royalty-Free XML Schemas
Microsoft Corp. today announced the addition of the XML schema used by Microsoft® Office Visio® 2003, DataDiagramML, to the Microsoft Open and Royalty-Free Office 2003 XML reference schema program announced in November 2003. Through the Microsoft documentation and a royalty-free license, customers and partners can take advantage of the XML schema in its diagramming and data visualization tool. The availability of the Visio schema builds on Microsoft's commitment to XML by providing a complete and W3C-compliant description of the Visio Extensible Markup Language (XML) file format, enabling organizations to access information captured in their Visio diagrams and use it with other XML-enabled applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, as part of their business processes. While Microsoft is providing this documentation in an effort to aid solution providers and in-house developers who want to create Visio solutions, some early adopters already have begun developing solutions with Visio 2003, and have touted DataDiagramML's usefulness in creating data visualization solutions.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 210  Category: Resource    

Validating with XML Schema
Now that you understand more about namespaces, you're ready to take a deeper look at the process of XML Schema validation. Although a full treatment of XML Schema is beyond the scope of this tutorial, this section will show you the steps you need to take to validate an XML document using an XML Schema definition. (You can also examine the sample programs that are part of the JAXP download. They use a simple XML Schema definition to validate personnel data stored in an XML file.)

Type: XSchema  #Views: 225  Category: Resource    

The XML Spec Schema and Stylesheets
This document describes the various releases of the XML Spec schema and stylesheets.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 202  Category: Resource    

XML Standards News; XSchema, XHTML, XML Stylesheet Association and SVG
This document specifies the purpose, basic usage scenarios, design principles, and base requirements for an XML schema language. The scope of the work of this group includes the definition of structural schemas, a mechanism somewhat analogous to DTDs for constraining document structure (order, occurrence of elements, attributes).

Type: XSchema  #Views: 202  Category: Resource    

Content Model Declarations
Content model declarations are made within Model sub-element of the declaration for the element to which they apply. Model elements may appear inside XSchema elements for reusability, documentation, and reference, but will need to be linked to particular element declarations through mechanisms not yet defined (most likely XLink). All content model declarations have an optional id value for reference.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 199  Category: Resource    

Attribute Declarations
Attribute declarations are made with XSC:AttDef elements nested inside of the element declaration. The data type of an attribute is defined with a sub-element, as is a declaration of whether or not it is required and a possible default value.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 187  Category: Resource    

XSchema Extensions
XSchema provides areas in which XSchema developers can provide supplemental information and metadata regarding XSchema components in both human- and machine-readable formats. Human-readable information is provided through the use of a subset of HTML that conforms to XML syntax, while machine-readable information may be provided through the XSC:More element.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 176  Category: Resource    

XSchema Introduction
Extensible Markup Language (XML) uses notation inherited from the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) to represent document structures and inclusions in its Document Type Definitions (DTDs). While this achieves considerable compatibility with SGML, it makes it impossible to extend the capacities of a DTD beyond those provided in SGML, requires developers to understand two different syntaxes for documents and DTDs, and forces tool builders to create a separate set of tools for managing DTDs.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 207  Category: Resource    

XSchema and Namespaces
XSchema uses namespaces for its own operations and also supports schemas that take advantage of namespace facilities. XSchema processors are responsible only for elements that use the XSchema namespace appropriate to the version of XSchema they are processing. (This namespace is identified with the prefix XSC: throughout this document; see 3.3 below for alternatives.) Information in other namespaces may be passed to other applications as the processor deems appropriate.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 184  Category: Resource    

XSchema Syntax
This section describes the XSchema document syntax. The XSchema document is an XML document containing a single XSchema element in which information describing the schema is nested. The XSchema element must be preceded by an XML declaration and may be preceded by other declarations, comments, and processing instructions.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 195  Category: Resource    

XSchema - Goals
XSchema documents shall use XML document syntax, using element nesting and attributes to describe all constraints that may be verified by a processor using XSchema.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 155  Category: Resource    

XSchema 1.0 Advantages
Let's list the advantages of XSchema 1.0 [i.e. direct transliteration from DTD to XSchema and back]. It can be parsed and used with any XML-aware tool (e.g. SAX can extract elements).

Type: XSchema  #Views: 177  Category: Resource    

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