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Using DOM in Java
This article helps you understand: What is Document Object Model (DOM); Parsing XML Files with DOM The DOM Tree structure; Building a New DOM Document Converting DOM; Documents to XML Files

Type: DOM  #Views: 561  Category: Article    

Use DOM to create data-driven HTML documents
The Document Object Model can be a powerful object-oriented tool for creating data-driven HTML documents. See how DOM can be used in conjunction with XML data islands to increase the efficiency of your Web applications.

Type: DOM  #Views: 1123  Category: Article    

XML Parsing With DOM and Xerces (part 1)
The Simple API for XML (SAX) is just one approach to parsing XML. An alternative approach is the Document Object Model (DOM), which builds a data tree in memory for easier, non-sequential access to XML data fragments. In this article, find out how to combine the Java-based Xerces parser with the DOM to create simple Java/XML applications.

Type: DOM  #Views: 1436  Category: Article    

DomDocument document_element
This function returns the root element node of a document.

Type: DOM  #Views: 1588  Category: Example    

Minidom and the DOM standard
The xml.dom.minidom module is essentially a DOM 1.0-compatible DOM with some DOM 2 features (primarily namespace features).

Type: DOM  #Views: 747  Category: Resource    

Accessing the DOM
One very common way to extract XML elements from an XML document is to traverse the node three and extract the text value of each elements. A small snippet of programming code like a VBScript for/each construct can be written to demonstrate this. The following VBScript code traverses an XML node tree, and displays the XML elements in the browser:

Type: DOM  #Views: 1312  Category: Resource    

DOM Overview
How does DOM work ?

Type: DOM  #Views: 854  Category: Resource    

XSLT vs DOM, Document, 2003-07-16, This illustrates two different ways requires IE 6, or at least IE5+ and MSXML 3 2003-10-06.

Type: DOM  #Views: 1114  Category: Resource    

Resources about the Document Object Model (DOM).

Type: DOM  #Views: 739  Category: Resource    

MSXML 3.0 Illustrated
MSXML 3.0 is a DOM based XML parser, with SAX 2.0 support, full implementation of XSLT and XPath specifications, and more. Takes a practical approach including an example for each.

Type: DOM  #Views: 821  Category: Resource    

Using the XML DOM with Visual C++ and COM
The XML Document Object Model, or DOM, is a very powerful and robust programmatic interface that not only enables you to programatically load and parse an XML file, or document, it also can be used to traverse XML data. Using certain objects in the DOM, you can even manipulate that data and then save your changes back to the XML document. A full and comprehensive look at all the DOM's functionality would be impossible in the space provided here. So in this article I'll highlight some of the power of the DOM by using it to load an XML document and then iterate through the document's elements.

Type: DOM  #Views: 1897  Category: Article    

Introduction to DOM
This tutorial is a simple introduction to DOM. There is a more in-depth and technical coverage of the DOM API in the "Complete DOM" tutorial.

Type: DOM  #Views: 1150  Category: Tutorial    

DOM and SAX Are Dead, Long Live DOM and SAX
Most serious books, tutorials, or discussions of XML processing for programmers mention, even if only in passing, DOM and SAX, the two dominant APIs for handling XML. A general discussion of XML programming which failed to mention DOM and SAX would be as neglectful of its duty as would a monarchical subject who, upon entering the royal chambers, failed to acknowledge the presence of the King and Queen. Failing to acknowledge the potentate is simply one of the things one must never do.

Type: DOM  #Views: 612  Category: Article    

Build Your Own Lightweight XML DOM Parser
Microsoft's MSXML parser is rich in functionality, but in some cases a full-featured parser is too large for resource-limited environments. Don't count XML out yet though; you can write your own lightweight VB XML parser in fewer than 400 lines of code!

Type: DOM  #Views: 921  Category: Tutorial    

DOM for Web Services, Part 1
In this first article of a three-part series, I offer a tutorial of the W3C Document Object Model (DOM) with particular application to web services. Here we will discuss, explain, and demonstrate what DOM can do for the XML authoring and processing required by web service applications. We will consider each of the three DOM levels and apply the DOM functionality to explain why, when, and how to use the various features that W3C DOM offers. Each level provides a certain collection of XML authoring and processing features. Levels 1 and 2 have become W3C recommendations, while the third level is currently a working draft at W3C.

Type: DOM  #Views: 653  Category: Tutorial    

DOM, the so-called Document Object Model, is another name, in this context, for how XML can be read into memory as a tree/list and manipulated by a script or program. It's using a program, like Visual BASIC, to build or modify an XML document. The XML document can be cut and spliced, and parts of the list/tree can be located and changed with built-in routines. This is the kind of thing that would have been useful with HTML, and which might have been available at one point. But now you can take an XML document and read it into memory according to this 'Document Object Model'.

Type: DOM  #Views: 1058  Category: Tutorial    

microdom: an XML DOM Designed For HTML
As the change from HTML to XML-based standards takes place, it is natural to start using XML tools and APIs for processing and generating HTML documents. Unfortunately the change to newer standards is not without problems and requires additional work on part of the software. Although XHTML is an XML vocabulary, millions of HTML web pages still exist that are not well-formed. When it comes to generating HTML, a small but still significant number of browsers have serious problems rendering HTML that is well-formed XML. This article introduces microdom, a XML DOM implementation written in Python which was designed for dealing with HTML's legacy issues both when parsing and when generating documents.

Type: DOM  #Views: 575  Category: Resource    

DOM Level 3 Core, and Load and Save Are W3C Candidate Recommendations
W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of two Document Object Model (DOM) specifications to Candidate Recommendations.

Type: DOM  #Views: 488  Category: Resource    

DOM Level 3 Validation is a W3C Recommendation
The World Wide Web Consortium today released Document Object Model Level 3 Validation as a W3C Recommendation. DOM Level 3 Validation is a module that provides guidance to programs and scripts to dynamically update the content and the structure of documents while ensuring that the document remains valid, or becomes valid. Learn more about the DOM Activity.

Type: DOM  #Views: 464  Category: Resource    

Reading, Storing and Transforming XML Data in .NET - Introduction
Unless you happened to be involved in some other career field, it would almost impossible to not realize that XML is steadily growing as a common data exchange format that can used be across any platform. As long as you conform to standard XML specifications, you can send your XML file anywhere, have it parsed or searched, and displayed as if it were perhaps on your local computer.

Type: DOM  #Views: 557  Category: Article    

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