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Background Screening and Security Issues
This new web-based software application can assist companies and businesses in retrieving all the information they need for a thorough background check on their employees. Reports are typically returned in less than 48 hours. The background checking service verifies such information as: Employment History Dates of employment and position held Job performance and reason for leaving Pay rate Residential Address History County Criminal Records County level Felony and misdemeanor criminal history Based on zip codes provided by applicant State and Federal Criminal Records Name check for criminal history at State and Federal level repositories County and Federal Civil Records County and Federal records check for lawsuit involvement Liens and Judgment History Workers Compensation Search Discovery of any workers compensation claims in a particular state Social Security Number Verification Validate SSN and applicant's legal name Credit Report Credit History report covering previous seven years DMV Record Verify valid driver's license Identify derogatory driving history (traffic tickets, accidents, DWIs) US Bankruptcy Search Federal index search for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings Formal Education and Degree Verification Degree and date earned (or in progress) GPA. Contact to verify Military Record U.S. Military service records Rank and discharge status Professional License and Certification Verification Type of license, status, date of issue, expiration, and any noted disciplinary action Professional References Telephone interviews of references to verify applicant's work performance and character Drug Screening Applicant drug testing (outsourced to lab)

Type: Database  #Views: 69  Category: Website    

Free Online Class - MapForce Database Essentials
The costs and complexities of data integration have been greatly reduced by using XML as a common data-exchange format. However, without the right tool and the knowledge to use it, data mapping between relational and hierarchical structures can be intimidating and time-consuming. This intermediate, instructor-led, online class provides an in-depth look at how to use Altova MapForce to visually create and execute data mappings between relational databases and XML. It provides an overview of the database support features available within MapForce, and explores the issues that arise in mapping relational structures to hierarchical XSD. Register for this FREE class today!

Type: Database  #Views: 422  Category: Tutorial    

NEW! From the creators of XMLSpy - Altova DatabaseSpy
Altova DatabaseSpy 2007 is the unique multi-database data management, query, and design tool from the creators of XMLSpy. DatabaseSpy connects to all major databases, easing SQL editing and database structure design, for a fraction of the cost of single-database solutions. Its straightforward Project Manager organizes connections and related files to make accessing your databases and their components effortless. You can even open connections to multiple databases at once. The Database Browser clearly presents your tables, views, and data in easily negotiable windows. The DatabaseSpy SQL Editor facilitates query writing with capabilities like code completion, syntax coloring, drag & drop construction, and more. And the powerful Database Design Editor enables graphical design and visualization of database structures or schemas. You can also use it to duplicate existing structures in differing database types. DatabaseSpy supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005, Microsoft Access 2003, Oracle 9i and 10g, IBM DB2 8.x and 9, MySQL 4.x and 5.x, and Sybase 11, as well as other ADO or ODBC databases. It exports data in five formats, including XML, XML Structure, CSV, HTML, and Excel, and it imports data from CSV files. With all this capability and more, DatabaseSpy is sure to save you time, simplify your work, and ensure accuracy for all your data. It is the one tool to finally liberate data management. Do data differently! Download Altova DatabaseSpy today, and try it free for 30 days.

Type: Database  #Views: 92  Category: Tool    

Oxygen XML Editor
Oxygen offers support for importing database data, MS Excel files and text files into XML documents, that can be further converted into other formats using the Transform features. The user can examine the database contents and select the table to be exported using the database browser. It is possible to refine the data source by editing the generated SQL select statement in order to join multiple tables or to use advanced SQL expressions. Oxygen can generate an XML Schema from the database structure.

Type: Database  #Views: 281  Category: Resource    

Relational and XML Integration
This tutorial covers accessing Relational Data as XML. The following topics are covered: Overview of Database to XML Data Sources, Creating a Database to XML Data Source, Specifying Connection Settings, Using an ODBC Data Source in Stylus Studio, Working with Scenarios, Composing SQL/XML in Stylus Studio, Working with Relational Data as XML, Using the URL Builder.

Type: Database  #Views: 656  Category: Tutorial    

Using XML and Databases
This tutorial covers: An overview of DB-to-XML data sources, opening a New DB-to-XML data source document, specifying connection settings, working with scenarios, composing SQL/XML in Stylus Studio, and Working with relational data as XML as well.

Type: Database  #Views: 1233  Category: Tutorial    

Hierarchical Structures and 4GLs
This is a tutorial on hierarchical structures, their semantics, and operational principles. It explains how nonprocedural 4GLs like SQL can process multi-leg structures automatically by utilizing the semantics in the structure being processed. The process of being able to process multi-leg queries automatically means that any query posed against a multi-leg structure can be processed nonprocedurally and the user does not have to be knowledgeable of the hierarchical structure. XQuery being more procedural requires that hierarchical multi-leg query logic be specified to indicate how the multiple legs need to be related in order to properly hierarchically process the query. This means the coder of the query also has to be knowledgeable of the hierarchical structure being processed. Multi-leg queries are hierarchically complex to process and require Lowest Common Ancestor (LCA) logic. Procedural queries require this logic to be specified externally, while nonprocedural queries perform this logic automatically internally. This tutorial describes this hierarchical processing and much more.

Type: Database  #Views: 569  Category: Tutorial    

IBM moves the database goalposts
Analysis At its annual analyst conference last week, IBM announced its next generation database. The big news is that this will not be a relational database. Or, to be more accurate, it will not just be a relational database.

Type: Database  #Views: 705  Category: Resource    

Managing content in an employee workplace, Part 5: Create an authoring process using portlets and IB
In this fifth article in the series about managing content in an employee workplace, the author describes how the team designed and implemented a sample Web portal application to support the authoring tasks for the document management scenario called Analyst research reporting. The scenario is about employees collaborating to author, review, and publish research reports accessible to every employee in the company.

Type: Database  #Views: 687  Category: Article    

Using Database Engines in a Mobile Application
Learn how to use databases on mobile devices.

Type: Database  #Views: 782  Category: Article    

The Elements of a Database
What elements comprise a database? This article deals mainly with the objects that comprise a database. Several concepts are worthy of coverage within the scope of the database as it relates to database design. As you work with data and databases, you will see how the origination of business information and databases is formulated into database elements. The intent here is to provide a brief coverage of basic database elements to provide you with a basic understanding of the elements found in a database.

Type: Database  #Views: 1012  Category: Article    

Death, Taxes, and Relational Databases, Part 1
Showcases the XML functionality of SQL Server 2000 by turning SQL Server into an object repository using XML as the bridge between relational and object-oriented data.

Type: Database  #Views: 672  Category: Article    

Relational databases get a grip on XML
Find out how well IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Oracle Database 10g, and Sybase ASE handle the structured documents that drive today's business.

Type: Database  #Views: 733  Category: Article    

Hands On: Cross-DB Resource Guide for Devs
More and more often, enterprise developers of all stripes (Java, VB/.NET, C++, etc.) are asked to build cross-database access for applications and end users. A growing list of methods to exploit features and libraries in JDBC, OBDC, ADOdb, JDO, SQL and XML are available to developers for such one-off integration projects.

Type: Database  #Views: 575  Category: Resource    

Keeping Passwords in a Database Secure
In this tutorial, you'll learn about authentication and how to use hashes alone and with salt for better password protection.

Type: Database  #Views: 959  Category: Tutorial    

How To Get Column Values from a SqlDataReader
Doug explains how to get data out of the SqlDataReader. He explains how to get the column data including GetString(), GetDateTime(), GetValue(), etc.

Type: Database  #Views: 925  Category: Article    

Binding Raw Xml to a DataGrid Control in ASP.NET
Xml has become a very ubiquitous and is an integral part of .Net and the System.Data namespace. The problem lies in that not many people know how to take advantage of some of the features. When we are using a database, we naturally use the Systen.Data namespace, but with Xml documents as data there are hundreds of solutions for displaying Xml data out there for .Net.

Type: Database  #Views: 1803  Category: Article    

Accessing database in the .Net environment
An extremely flexible and easy-to-use library that retrieves data in XML format, supports simple parameterized queries, stored procedures, and transactions. It can also be used as a web service.

Type: Database  #Views: 822  Category: Article    

Running Stored Procedures with ASP.NET
In this article, you’ll learn how to extract a list of stored procedures from a database, plus information about the parameters associated with the stored procedure. Finally, you’ll see how to take this information and use it to call a stored procedure on the fly.

Type: Database  #Views: 1153  Category: Article    

Inserting Data into Multiple Rows of Database
This tutorial explains how to use to allow insertion of multiple rows into a database table based on the data entered into a form by a user.

Type: Database  #Views: 1239  Category: Tutorial    

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