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Photo Flash Gallery - World's Number One Flash Gallery. Flash gallery application using XML/PHP. Artist? Professional designer? Photographer? Display your online portfolio with attitude and style! Just amateur? Share your favorites pictures online! Top reason to choose: easy and fast install; unlimited number of pictures; full browser view mode; full custom look and feel; build in slideshow, navigation module, user comments. Powerful Flash Content Management System integrated.

Type: Flash  #Views: 4404  Category: Article    

PHP/SWF Slideshow
PHP/SWF Slideshow creates attractive web slideshows from dynamic image files and data.

Type: Flash  #Views: 4511  Category: Tool    

Sending the LOGIN XML element
The user interface for the online brokerage system is a Flash movie. The first frame of the Flash movie contains a prompt for a user name and password. This frame contains two text fields assigned the variables username and password to input the user name and password. There is also a button labeled "Enter", and perhaps another button labeled "Forgot your password?" for the benefit of absent-minded users.

Type: Flash  #Views: 2314  Category: Example    

Sending the TRANSACTION element
The user interface of the Flash movie allows the user to enter a series of buy/sell trades. After these trades are entered, you want to transmit these trades to the server using the TRANSACTION element. To do this, the user interface scripts must first convert the data into an easy-to-manipulate form. You must create an Array object called trades that consists of one or more Trade objects.

Type: Flash  #Views: 1003  Category: Resource    

Flash MX | XML MP3 Loader
Loads mp3's from an easy to edit XML file. Title of mp3 as well as the artist included. No need to edit the fla file unless you want to change the looks of it. Everything is included, fla, xml file and sample mp3 files as well as complete editing instructions. Check out the demo!

Type: Flash  #Views: 3595  Category: Tool    

Flash MX | XML Link Loader
Flash MX | XML Link Loader is an easy to edit link list to organize links on your website. Completely customizable to fit any website. The links are dynamically generated from and XML file. Supports unlimited links.

Type: Flash  #Views: 2337  Category: Tool    

Flash MX | XML Transition Gallery
Flash MX | XML Transition Gallery is a simple image gallery that requires zero editing. It will support an unlimited number of images. All you need to do is edit the xml file and upload all files to your server and you are all set. You can resize the gallery to fit any image need.

Type: Flash  #Views: 8324  Category: Resource    

Flash MX | XML Image Gallery
Flash MX | XML Image Gallery is a fully customizable, expandable image gallery. Images are loaded dynamically via an easy to edit XML file. Supports unlimited images. Can be modified for larger images as well.

Type: Flash  #Views: 8991  Category: Resource    

XML and Macromedia Flash from Start to Finish
Start your XML education here with these resources.

Type: Flash  #Views: 2159  Category: Resource    

XML Radio with Flash MX dynamic MP3 loading
This is a small example showing a XML Radio with Flash MX dynamic MP3 loading.

Type: Flash  #Views: 2796  Category: Example    

The Flash of XML
Many think of Flash strictly as a web animation program. However, Flash has been ported to almost every platform – from game interfaces on the PS2 to mobile devices. The recent release of Flash Player 6 for PocketPC allows the 1.6 million registered Flashers to start creating games, presentations and application interfaces for Microsoft’s mobile platform. There are a few optimisation rules that one should follow, but aside from these, intermediate users should be able to begin porting their existing projects to the PocketPC in a matter of hours, as Ari Jacobs shows.

Type: Flash  #Views: 1331  Category: Resource    

Creating a JPEG slide show with XML
This article shows you how to create a dynamic JPEG slide show in Macromedia Flash MX using XML (Extensible Markup Language) and the XML ActionScript object. The sample slide show application shown below uses an external XML file that provides, for each slide, the URL to a JPEG file and a short text description. Each JPEG is loaded dynamically with the loadMovie action, and buttons let the audience navigate between slides. The movie also displays the index of the slide currently displayed, and the total number of slides.

Type: Flash  #Views: 3978  Category: Article    

The Collections Ticker
The Collections Ticker is a Flash and XML-based thumbnail viewer that provides access to the entire David Rumsey Map Collection. Thumbnails and short descriptions of maps, charts, globes and other items automatically "scroll" across your desktop (similar to a news or stock ticker).

Type: Flash  #Views: 1235  Category: Resource    

XML Image and Text Loader v1.0
Use an XML file and the XML ActionScript object in FLASH MX to load jpeg images and text descriptions into a flash image viewer.

Type: Flash  #Views: 4104  Category: Resource    

Radio Button Example
This example shows how to dynamically load groups of radio buttons into Flash. Use's LoadVars and Text Files.

Type: Flash  #Views: 1308  Category: Example    

XML to and from Flash
Previously discussed in the other XML tutorials was a brief explanation of what XML was and how it can be manipulated within Flash. What wasn't discussed was how exactly you get existing XML, on the server for example, into Flash in the first place. If you were adept enough to follow through with the whole XML editing brouhaha, then this should be a breeze. Otherwise it should still be fairly easy to understand as it is typically the initial steps taking in learning XML-Flash integration anyway; and the act of loading XML into flash isn't difficult to understand anyway.

Type: Flash  #Views: 1597  Category: Article    

XML for UI Description in Flash MX
Unless you've been living under a rock for the last several years, you've no doubt been bombarded with the hype surrounding a simple, plain text technology named XML - eXtensible Markup Language. But even with the books, magazines, and web sites dedicated to XML, many developers still have no idea what XML really is, or even how they can use XML in their applications.

Type: Flash  #Views: 976  Category: Article    

Flash Developer Resources
FlashDeveloper dot nl is a resource portal informing about Flash MX, Flash with XML, Flash versus SVG, and a Flash XML FAQ. Visitors can join the flash developer dot nl mailinglist, browse through book reviews about Flash, XML and SVG books and submit their own information. The focus of this extensive resource lies in making Flash MX communicate with other languages, documents, and to improve the use of dynamic flash. Make Macromedia Flash communicate with PHP, XML, mySQL, Perl, ASP, Access, Macromedia's Flashcomm server etc.

Type: Flash  #Views: 1261  Category: Resource    

Spark: A Flash to XML converter
Spark is a Java library that converts data in Macromedias SWF ("Flash") data format to XML conforming to a specialized DTD and vice versa. The primary goal of Spark is to make it easier to work with SWF in a Java and XML based server environment.

Type: Flash  #Views: 798  Category: Resource    

This method invoked by the Flash Player when an XML document is received from the server. If the XML document is received successfully, the success parameter is true. If the document was not received, or if an error occurred in receiving the response from the server, the success parameter is false. The default implementation of this method is not active. To override the default implementation, you must assign a function containing your own actions.

Type: Flash  #Views: 1396  Category: Example    

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