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JavaScript Popup Windows Generation and Testing Tutorials
20 tutorials on different ways to create and test popup windows created in JavaScript including: Creating popup windows on page load or unload events; Creating popup windows on moving mouse over or clicking links; Creating popup windows as modal or modeless dialog boxes; Creating multiple popup windows on timed intervals; Creating customized popup windows; Keeping popup windows re-opening when they closed; Testing JavaScript performances.

Type: Java  #Views: 42  Category: Tutorial    

JDK Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Notes
This free JDK tutorial book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning JDK himself. It can be used as a tutorial guide for beginners or a reference book for experienced developers. Topics include Blowfish, Calendar, certificate, character set, cipher, client authentication, collections, datagram, Date, decryption, DES, digital signature, encryption, DOM, DSA, DTD, HTTP, HTTPS, J2SDK, Java, JCA, JDK, JDK 1.3.1, JDK 1.4.1, JDK 1.5.0, key store, keytool, Locale, message digests, MD5, private key, public key, RSA, SAX, secret key, SHA, socket, SSL, TLS, unnamed package, Unicode, UTF-8, X.509, XML, XSD, XSL

Type: Java  #Views: 503  Category: Tutorial    

The Java XML API Reference
Stylus Studio XML IDE provides comprehensive integration with all of the major XML processing components, providing you the compatibility you need to ensure that the applications you develop in your XML IDE and the environment work the same way when you deploy your application to a live production environment. An updated Java API reference provides detailed information about the open source and commercial Java and XML processing components that are included and/or supported by Stylus Studio, including: DataDirect Connect for SQL/XML, Berkeley DB, Berkeley DB XML, Apache Xerces, Apache Xalan, Apache FOP, Batik, Apache SOAP, Apache XML-RPC, Apache AXIS, Saxon 8, Apache XML Beans, JDOM, and XML Security, and many others! XML developers can avoid the problems associated with those other proprietary XML components by simply using Stylus Studio, the world's only standards-based XML IDE. Download a free trial! About Stylus Studio Stylus Studio, a product from DataDirect Technologies, an operating company of Progress Software Corporation, is the industry's most innovative XML IDE providing advanced support for XML and its related technologies: XSL, XSLT, XML Schema, DTD, SOAP, WSDL, EDI, EDIFACT, SQL/XML, XML mapping, Web Services, Legacy data integration and XQuery. Used by over a half million leading XML developers world-wide, Stylus Studio simplifies XML programming and enhances developer productivity through innovation. Visit the Stylus Studio Web site to learn more.

Type: Java  #Views: 668  Category: Resource    

Java Code Generator
A new video demonstration shows just how easy it is to use the new Java Code Generator to automatically write, compile and run all of the Java code needed to run your XQuery and XSLT stylesheets in a live Java application. The new online video entitled: "Using The Stylus Studio Java Code Generator" covers the following topics: * Generating Java code to run your XQuery or XSLT stylesheets * Java code generation system requirements * Configuring a sample XQuery, including specifying what processor to use, parameters, post processing, and validation options * Running an XQuery and previewing the results from within Stylus Studio * Generating the Java Code to programatically invoke the XQuery using Saxon * Configuring the format of the generated Java code, such as the Java package and other Java coding conventions. * Browsing generated Java code in the integrated Java Editor * Configuring the Java class path environment * Compiling the generated Java code using the built-in Java IDE * Running the generated Java application in Stylus Studio and previewing the output Watch the movie online at:

Type: Java  #Views: 582  Category: Tool    

Stylus Studio JSP Editor
Stylus Studio includes a built-in JSP Editor, to enable XML developers to create dynamic JSP driven Web applications driven by XML data.

Type: Java  #Views: 399  Category: Tool    

Java & XML For Dummies
Java & XML For Dummies shows experienced Java developers how to start incorporating XML data in to their applications. Topics covered include Java/XML Bindings, SAX (Simple API for XML), DOM, SOAP, Web Services, data binding, XML from Java Applications, messaging with XML and Java, DTDs, namespaces, Xpath, CSS, UDDI, HTTP handing servers for SOAP and other XML format messages via serverlets, differences between parsers, Java API programming tools for handling XML, using XML to solve real-world programming problems, WSDL, UDDI, EAI, Message routing, turning java objects into XML, databases in XML. Download chapter one for free today.

Type: Java  #Views: 551  Category: Resource    

Framework for Java Database Connectivity
The Framework for Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) was implemented to demonstrate the ease with which a JavaTM application may be designed to access a source code repository using a relational query language, such as SQL. The design was made general enough to accommodate easy access to virtually any data source. The framework supports parsing of the SQL query along with calculations supported within the SQL 92 standard specifications. Access to the data source is performed through the creation of a specific plug-in.

Type: Java  #Views: 689  Category: Tool    

Simplify Java XML Parsing with Jakarta Digester
Jakarta's Digester maps data from an XML source to Java objects. Learn all about this package and its advantages over other similar APIs. Then follow a real life Digester parsing example.

Type: Java  #Views: 908  Category: Article    

Understanding JavaServer Faces
The Internet has no doubt become the most popular source of information today. More and more businesses have adopted the Internet as the vehicle to display their business information, advertise their products, and maintain customer interactions. The activity of developing Web applications occupies a fair amount of resources, time, and effort.

Type: Java  #Views: 877  Category: Article    

Serializing Java Objects with XStream
Joe Walnes's XStream is a unique open-source Java library for serializing objects into XML and deserializing that XML into objects. Unlike other APIs, such as David Megginson's XMLWriter or Elliotte Rusty Harold's XOM, which use specific classes and methods to produce XML, XStream relies on Java idioms such as object names to produce element names and strings within classes to produce element content. It also produces a kind of reflection of objects in XML.

Type: Java  #Views: 791  Category: Article    

Borland launches JBuilder 2005
Borland Software Corp. has announced the imminent release of the latest version of its JBuilder IDE. What would have been JBuilder 10 will be known as JBuilder 2005, beginning a new naming convention for the popular Java IDE, which is scheduled to ship in September.

Type: Java  #Views: 627  Category: Tool    

Sybase RAD tool adds support for J2EE, .Net
Sybase announced Monday the availability of PowerBuilder Enterprise 10.0, a new version of the company's rapid application development (RAD) tool that adds support for J2EE and Microsoft .Net.

Type: Java  #Views: 1045  Category: Tool    

.NET & Beyond: J2EE split ending war with .NET
The big story in app development for the past few years has been the competition between Microsoft’s .NET Framework and products that support the J2EE specs. Lots of people have talked about it, and many development organizations have been faced with this issue. To a large extent, the .NET vs. J2EE struggle has defined the recent app development landscape.

Type: Java  #Views: 578  Category: Article    

Bridging the gaps from SQL Server to Java apps
With demand for Microsoft SQL Server connectivity for Java applications growing steadily, and with many companies migrating their production platform from the 32-bit SQL Server 200 Enterprise Edition to the 64-bit versions of SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005, JNetDirect has added 64-bit support to two of its components.

Type: Java  #Views: 600  Category: Article    

Practical data binding: JaxMe - The new kid on the block
The previous installments of this column gave you a thorough overview of JAXB, so you're now ready to study varying data binding implementations. This article begins an in-depth look at JaxMe, an open source implementation of JAXB. In addition to offering several enhancements to the basic JAXB specification, JaxMe offers integration with databases and Enterprise JavaBeans, both significant extensions to basic data binding behavior.

Type: Java  #Views: 742  Category: Article    

JavaOne 2004: Robust Java Economy Calls for Developer Entrepreneurship
As the message of Java's robust health permeated the 2004 JavaOne Developer conference, an underlying message became clear: The opportunities for Java developer entrepreneurship are also alive and well.

Type: Java  #Views: 486  Category: Article    

JavaOne 2004 Recap
Sun Microsystems held it's annual JavaOne conference in San Francisco this year. There was a great turnout and many announcements made during the first two days. For details on each announcement Sun has set up a nice JavaOne website to link you to more detailed information.

Type: Java  #Views: 505  Category: Article    

Java and XML Basics, Part 1
In a previous article (XML Basics Part One);we had a brief look at XML. However, as stated in the article, XML itself is worth nothing without the set of APIs that are generated-it would simply be just another fancy form of CSV, that is, a proprietary data format! My aim in this set of articles is not to actually reveal XML in its every detail, but rather have a look at the implications of XML in today’s technologies. That’s why the previous article only sheds a little light into the insights of XML, which included some terms and technologies you will be confronted with the moment you step in the XML arena.

Type: Java  #Views: 701  Category: Article    

Java and XML Basics, Part 2
Last time, we learned about JAXP, Xerces, DOM and the javax.xml.parsers Java Package. How about getting a little taste of the SAX interfaces? We look at available classes and interfaces, and learn how to use SAX for XML Processing. Given SAX's power, perhaps we can look forward to the day when we'll be translating not just XML, but maybe even Klingon! Maybe not. Before you get started, you'll want to download the support files for this tutorial.

Type: Java  #Views: 848  Category: Article    

Java and XML Basics, Part 3
So far, during this series of articles (part 1, part 2) we've looked at DOM and SAX, and I suppose most of you are thinking which one of the two approaches is preferable? Well, there is no general rule of thumb, but this article might help you make the right decision when you’ll have to.

Type: Java  #Views: 564  Category: Article    

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