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Oracle DBA FAQ - Understanding SQL SELECT Query Statements
A collection of 33 FAQs on Oracle SQL SELECT query statements. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on selecting rows and columns from tables and views, sorting and counting query outputs, grouping outputs and applying group functions, joining tables, using subqueries.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 125  Category: Tutorial    

Oracle BPEL Process Manager Provides SOA and Integration Platform Support.
Oracle has announced the immediate availability of the Oracle (Collaxa) BPEL Process Manager with native, cross-platform, and comprehensive BPEL support. The BPEL Process Manager enables enterprises to model, deploy and manage BPEL processes. It comprises an easy-to-use BPEL modeler, a scalable BPEL engine, an extensible WSDL binding framework, a monitoring console and a set of built-in integration services for transformation, user tasks, and java embedding.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 731  Category: Resource    

Oracle Database 10g: The Top 20 Features for DBAs
Over the last 27 years, Oracle has made tremendous improvements in its core database product. Now, that product is not only the world's most reliable and performant database, but also part of a complete software infrastructure for enterprise computing. With each new release comes a sometimes dizzying display of new capabilities and features, sometimes leaving developers, IT managers, and even seasoned DBAs wondering which new features will benefit them most.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 612  Category: Article    

OraDirect .NET Data Provider
OraDirect .NET Data Provider is a full featured 100% managed .NET data provider for direct access to Oracle for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Provides additional to ADO.NET functionality, design-time extensions and wizards.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 1474  Category: Tool    

Working With Oracle on Windows: Part 3
This article is a quick summary of basic SQL commands with a little touch of Oracle to prepare for application development.In the previous article, you were given you a rough idea of the design and development issues that are involved in creating a database in Oracle 9i. You learnt about built-in data types available in the Oracle 9i language. Also discussed were user defined object schemas. Covered in Part 1 on this series was how to configure both PHP and Apache configuration files such that they could communicate with an Oracle database.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 587  Category: Article    

Caching Oracle Data for ASP.NET Applications
Narayan Veeramani shows how ASP.NET developers can improve application performance by caching data stored in an Oracle database and keeping the cached data in

Type: Oracle  #Views: 543  Category: Article    

Caching Oracle Data for ASP.NET Applications
For building scalable and high-performance Web based applications, ASP.NET provides a feature called data caching. Data caching enables programmatic storing of frequently accessed data objects in memory. This feature can be extended to vastly improve performance for ASP.NET applications that query data stored in an Oracle database. This article describes a strategy for caching Oracle database data in ASP.NET Web applications deployed using a Web Farm environment.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 637  Category: Article    

Buffer Overflow in the XML Database of Oracle9i Database Server
A set of potential buffer overflows has been discovered in the XML Database (XDB) functionality of the Oracle9i Database Release 2. A knowledgeable and malicious user can exploit these buffer overflows to cause a Denial of Service (DoS) attack against and/or capture an active user session of the Oracle9i Database Server.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 555  Category: Resource    

Tips and Tricks for Oracle JDeveloper
These are tips coming from the Oracle JDeveloper Product Management and Development Team.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 497  Category: TipsAndTricks    

Caching Oracle Data for ASP.NET Applications
This article describes a strategy for caching Oracle database data in ASP.NET Web applications deployed using a Web Farm environment.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 539  Category: Article    

Abstracting Oracle Connectivity with PHP/OCI8
In this article Lorenzo explains a neat utility to simplify connecting to an Oracle database using PHP/OCI8.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 607  Category: Article    

Connect to Oracle via ASP
This question is a very valid question for most people beginning and experienced with Oracle from within ASP. Because of the variety of things that are needed, there can be many answers to this question.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 619  Category: FAQ    

06-Jun-03 Release of Oracle Data Access Components 4.15
Support for Oracle internal NUMBER datatype added. Allows to work with high precision numbers without accuracy losses Following list describes the main features of Oracle Data Access Components:

Type: Oracle  #Views: 529  Category: Resource    

How do I call an Oracle Stored Procedure
Folks, contrary to popular belief there are many ways to call stored procedures from an ASP page. I've tried it with Oracle (the only REAL RDBMS) and it works.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 2091  Category: FAQ    

HOW TO: Call Oracle Stored Procedures in Visual Basic .NET with the Microsoft Oracle Managed Provide
This step-by-step article describes how to use the .NET Managed Provider for Oracle to pass an Input parameter, to retrieve a Ref Cursor from an Oracle stored

Type: Oracle  #Views: 910  Category: Article    

Working With Oracle on Windows: Part 2
This article has hopefully given you a rough idea of the design and development issues that are involved in creating a database in Oracle 9i.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 497  Category: Article    

Tweaking Oracle SQL performance parameters
Oracle's SQL optimizer is a sophisticated tool for tuning database performance, but the default values may require tweaking.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 549  Category: Article    

Oracle-to-Excel is a program to publish Oracle databases as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Each Oracle table becomes a worksheet, each record becomes a row.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 1425  Category: Tool    

Partitioning in Oracle. What? Why? When? Who? Where? How?
Pavi has produced an article for Oracle DBAs interested in finding ways of partitioning the tables as well showing a new form of partitioning using Oracle 9i

Type: Oracle  #Views: 458  Category: Article    

Oracle with Doctor Janusz Getta
In this interview, devArticles has a chat with an informative university lecture about the Oracle database. I was impressed when Doctor Janusz Getta agreed to conduct an interview with me in relation to Oracle. I know how hard the life of a lecture is and to take the time to answer my questions was great to see. I have sat down to many of his lectures and found them extremely useful in the work I do today.

Type: Oracle  #Views: 513  Category: Article    

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