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drx: RDF
An introduction to RDF, a large and growing list of RDF resources, and an RSS feed of the list so you can keep up to date.

Type: RDF  #Views: 426  Category: Resource    

RDF Roundup
With the exception of a not unfamiliar round of bile spilling about SOAP and web services, recent weeks have been quiet in the XML developer community. Those eager futurists from the RDF interest list have kept going, however, and an overview of that activity forms the core of my report this week.

Type: RDF  #Views: 558  Category: Article    

Your RDF Query Language?
Among the several hats I wear these days -- including Managing Editor of O'Reilly's -- I'm also a member of the Data Access Working Group (DAWG), which is working on standardizing a query language and access protocol for RDF, the lingua franca of the Semantic Web. The DAWG has recently released the 2nd draft of its Use Cases and Requirements doc, which we're encouraging people to read and comment on. This document contains an odd baker's dozen of use cases -- little stories where we think a standard RDF query language would help you get the job done.

Type: RDF  #Views: 524  Category: Article    

All Roads Lead to RDF
August. Season of long, hot, lazy days, and not much else. While the vacation of all things XML continues, those eager RDF folks are still hard at work. Consequently, the XML-Deviant this week focuses largely on RDF-related topics.

Type: RDF  #Views: 491  Category: Article    

A First Look at the Kowari Triplestore
Kowari is an open-sourced (Mozilla Public License) triplestore optimized for RDF storage, created by Tucana Technologies, and written entirely in Java 1.4.2. It began its life as the storage component of the Tucana Knowledge Server (TKS), Tucana's proprietary knowledge management suite, and remains under active development by Tucana.

Type: RDF  #Views: 568  Category: Resource    

Introduction to Jena: Use RDF models in your Java applications with the Jena Semantic Web Framework
RDF is increasingly recognized as an excellent choice for representing and processing semi-structured data. In this article, Web Developer Philip McCarthy shows you how to use the Jena Semantic Web Toolkit to exploit RDF data models in your Java applications.

Type: RDF  #Views: 754  Category: Article    

Practical RDF Town Hall
Around 30 people attended the Practical RDF Town Hall at the XML 2003 conference this week, watching demos and asking questions.

Type: RDF  #Views: 493  Category: Resource    

Putting RDF to Work
Over recent months, members of the www-rdf-interest mailing list have been working at creating practical applications of RDF technology. Notable among these efforts have been Dan Connolly's work with using XSLT to generate RDF from web pages, and R.V. Guha's lightweight RDF database project.

Type: RDF  #Views: 543  Category: Article    

Using the Jena API to Process RDF
There has been growing interest in the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and a number of tools and libraries have been developed for processing it. This article describes one such library, Jena, a Java API for processing RDF. It is also the name of an open source implementation of the API.

Type: RDF  #Views: 557  Category: Article    

RDF - What's In It For Us?
RDF - the Resource Description Framework - is a foundation for processing metadata; it provides interoperability between applications that exchange machine-understandable information on the Web. RDF emphasizes facilities to enable automated processing of Web resources. RDF metadata can be used in a variety of application areas.

Type: RDF  #Views: 467  Category: Article    

Declarative RDF Models for feature-based targeting of content to multiple devices
We discuss an approach for targeted transformations of content to open sets of devices. The key element of this approach is the RDF Model that represents devices as sets of generic features and represents content resources as sets of components. The other key element is the RDF server utilizing this Model to support transformations across different devices and presentation channels. We illustrate our approach with an example that involves aggregating content and transforming it for display on wireless devices.

Type: RDF  #Views: 458  Category: Article    

RDF Application Overview
Short collection of RDF Queries taken from RDF Query and Rules: A Framework and Survey and XQuery examples provided by Jerome Simeon, Damian Steer, and Jonathan Robie's The Syntactic Web. Thanks to Paul Turner for helping put the slides together.

Type: RDF  #Views: 474  Category: Resource    

An introduction to RDF
This article introduces Resource Description Framework (RDF), developed by the W3C for Web-based metadata, using XML as an interchange syntax. RDF's essential aim is to make work easier for autonomous agents, which would refine the Web by improving search engines and service directories. Author Uche Ogbuji gives an overview of RDF aspects from schemas to usage scenarios. The article assumes that you are already familiar with XML.

Type: RDF  #Views: 457  Category: Article    

An RDF crawler
I wrote an RDF crawler (aka scutter) using Java and the Jena RDF toolkit that spiders the web gathering up semantic web data and storing it in any of Jena's backend stores (in-memory, Berkeley DB, mysql, etc).

Type: RDF  #Views: 525  Category: Tool    

Expressing Qualified Dublin Core in RDF / XML
In this paper Qualified Dublin Core is encoded in terms of RDF, the Resource Description Framework as defined by the RDF Model & Syntax Specification (XML namespace for RDF).

Type: RDF  #Views: 464  Category: Resource    

Notation 3
This is a language which is a compact and readable alternative to RDF's XML syntax, but also is extended to allow greater expressiveness. It has subsets, one of which is RDF 1.0 equivalent, and one of which is RDF plus a form of RDF rules.

Type: RDF  #Views: 434  Category: Resource    

RDF and other monkey wrenches
Somebody, I think it was Adam Bosworth of BEA, once said that every layer of abstraction costs you 50% of your audience. Or words to that effect. Let's do the math. You are presenting on the subject of a new business IT architecture to an audience of 100 people. You start with people and business processes at the bottom of your diagram. You add layers of abstraction on top so that everything fits neatly into some nice three letter acronym-emblazoned box at the top. Let's call the top level box XYZ for the sake of argument. The XYZ acronym becomes a strategy buzzword of the enterprise.

Type: RDF  #Views: 467  Category: Resource    

I have created a PNG[PNG] icon for pointing at RDF content inspired by the XML icon made by Dave Winer. The image contains its own embedded description including the terms of use as both PNG metadata:

Type: RDF  #Views: 541  Category: Article    

An Introduction to RDFWeb and FOAF
This document introduces the RDFWeb system, providing an overview of the technology, ambitions and architecture behind the project. While RDFWeb relies heavily on the W3C specifications for the Resource Description Framework (RDF), this document stands alone as a complete description of the system. A brief introduction of the RDF information model is provided for the curious.

Type: RDF  #Views: 420  Category: Resource    

RDFAuthor is a tool designed to ease the pain of creating rdf instance data. Authoring is largely a matter of dragging in data and binding it together using a graphical interface.

Type: RDF  #Views: 488  Category: Tool    

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