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Using SAX in Java
This article helps you understand: What is Simple API for XML (SAX); SAX Implementations in J2SDK; SAX Content Handler Interface My SAX Based XML Browser

Type: SAX  #Views: 542  Category: Article    

XML for Script
XML for Script is a simple, non-validating JavaScript XML parser that is designed to help Web application designers implement cross platform, client-side manipulation of XML data. XML for Script provides both DOM and SAX XML processors as well as a number of other tools that help developers create powerful, Web-based applications. XML for Script seeks to simplify web application development by providing developers the ability to send the data for their application in XML while the presentation is sent in HTML and style sheets. This XML can then be manipulated to initially populate any necessary form elements as well as store changes to the data. When finished with the manipulation of the data, the resulting XML string can then be sent back to the server. Since the data exchange is now 100% XML, the server can then process the new string with its own parser and take the appropriate actions. In effect, XML for Script allows n-tier client side application development to become a reality.

Type: SAX  #Views: 846  Category: Tool    

Practical SAX Notes
In this article I discuss issues related to recent articles in this column, including some practical problems using XML facilities -- SAX in particular -- across Python versions and installed software configurations. I also revisit ElementTree's support for XML namespaces and discuss some other Python tools' support for breaking large documents into chunks.

Type: SAX  #Views: 758  Category: Article    

SAX, the Simple API for XML
Today there are two widely accepted APIs for working with XML: the Simple API for XML (SAX) and the Document Object Model (DOM). Both APIs define a set of abstract programmatic interfaces that model the XML Information Set (Infoset). The DOM models the Infoset through a hierarchy of generic nodes that support well-defined interfaces. Due to the DOM's tree-based model, most implementations demand that the entire XML document be contained in memory while processing. SAX, on the other hand, models the Infoset through a linear sequence of well-known method calls. Because SAX doesn't demand resources for an in-memory representation of the document, it's a lightweight alternative to the DOM.

Type: SAX  #Views: 758  Category: Article    

Some Fun with SAX
In this article, I want to take a close look at the Visual Basic® SAX interface included in the July 2000 Microsoft XML Parser Beta Release. I decided to write some Visual Basic code, for a change, and I ended up writing quite a lot of code. I also gave the MSXML2.VBSAXXMLReader30 class a really good work out. The application looks like this:

Type: SAX  #Views: 652  Category: Article    

Simplify document handler programs with the SAX parser
Sometimes the code of a SAX document handler can become cumbersome, poorly structured, and difficult to maintain, especially for complex XML structures with many different elements. This article presents a design strategy that addresses this problem, and, therefore, can improve the quality and the maintainability of your code.

Type: SAX  #Views: 1451  Category: Article    

Introduction to SAX Path and Jaxen
The W3C ( defined XML as a data model. Soon thereafter, work was started to define XPath, the language for addressing parts of an XML document. XPath isn't a technology for performing queries upon an XML document - that's the realm of the XQuery specification - but rather a simpler method for addressing or matching parts of a document.

Type: SAX  #Views: 764  Category: Article    

Relax, and Take it Easy
Two technologies introduced on Wednesday at XTech 2000 promise to make developers' lives easier, giving them less work to do in processing and managing XML.

Type: SAX  #Views: 600  Category: Article    

Using SAXTransformerFactory
This is a tutorial explaining how to use the SAXTransformerFactory from Benoit Marchal, author of Applied XML Solutions, XML in the Enterprise and XML by Example.

Type: SAX  #Views: 658  Category: Tutorial    


Type: SAX  #Views: 657  Category: Tool    

CocoonWiki: SAX
An API for reading and creating XML files. Examples for XML-Parsers with a SAX interface are Crimson and Xerces.

Type: SAX  #Views: 620  Category: Resource    

Features and Properties
SAX2 defines standard methods to query and set feature flags and property values in an XMLReader. It is possible to change parser behaviors, such as requesting that an XML reader to validate (or not validate) a document, and register new types of event handlers using the getFeature, setFeature, getProperty, and setProperty methods:

Type: SAX  #Views: 547  Category: Resource    

How do I create a SAX parser?
This sections shows how you can create a SAX parser.

Type: SAX  #Views: 574  Category: FAQ    

Parsing XML with SAX and Python
In this article Nadia explains how to parse an XML document using the SAX API implementation available for Python.This tutorial will explain how to parse an XML document using the SAX API implementation available for Python. Of course, there is more than one way to parse XML data with Python. In this article we will focus at its built-in SAX module.

Type: SAX  #Views: 1263  Category: Tutorial    

SAX Adapter License
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

Type: SAX  #Views: 509  Category: Resource    

Using SAX for Proper XML Output
In his latest Python and XML column, Uche Ogbuji explains how to use SAX to generate proper XML output from Python programs.

Type: SAX  #Views: 783  Category: Tutorial    

Set up a SAX ContentHandler
This tip details the process of creating a SAX ContentHandler, the construct that handles user-defined logic in SAX parsing. You will understand the SAX package structure, see its relation to the SAX ContentHandler class, and get a handle on callback methods and their use in SAX parsing.

Type: SAX  #Views: 559  Category: TipsAndTricks    

SAX Tutorial 1
XML 1.0 allows you to encode your information in textual form and it allows you to create tags which allow you to structure the information stored in XML documents. This information must at some point be read by some program to do something useful, like viewing, modifying or printing it. In order for your programs to access this information you can use the SAX (Simple API for XML) or the DOM (Document Object Model) APIs. Both these APIs must be implemented by the XML parser of your choice (which also must be written in the programming language of your choice).

Type: SAX  #Views: 1323  Category: Tutorial    

When to Use SAX
When it comes to fast, efficient reading of XML data, SAX is hard to beat. It requires little memory, because it does not construct an internal representation (tree structure) of the XML data. Instead, it simply sends data to the application as it is read -- your application can then do whatever it wants to do with the data it sees.

Type: SAX  #Views: 532  Category: Resource    

SAX and document order -- track parent-child relationships
The tips in this series explore the concept of document order and the use of so-called document order indices in SAX. This tip looks at the use of DOIs in modeling parent-child relationships in XML documents. Such DOI representations of document hierarchy are useful in building applications, such as DOMs and query engines, that need to navigate through XML trees.

Type: SAX  #Views: 528  Category: TipsAndTricks    

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