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Not All SMILs
The Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL), the latest W3C recommendation, is completely in line with the trend of the consortium for the last few months, in that it builds on the other work of the body in an incremental fashion. In this case it means that SMIL, which is used to create time-based presentations that integrate different media objects into a single document, is based on XML.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 726  Category: Article    

Tips, tricks and answers from Support - Tip 1: SMIL
Do you have simple hands-on questions in your every day life as a developer? Here are some short cuts to make your work easier when dealing with SMIL and show you how to adjust your proxy server correctly.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 735  Category: TipsAndTricks    

Slide Show on the Web Using SMIL
This page shows how to slide a multimedia show on the web using SMIL.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 1475  Category: Example    

SMILGen is a Python–based, open source XML and Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) development tool for the RealOne platform.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 688  Category: Tool    

RealNetworks Releases Industry Standard SMIL Source Code to Helix Community
RealNetworks(R) Inc. , a global leader in network-delivered digital media, today added to the Helix Community, the source code for Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL(TM), pronounced 'smile'), the standard for synchronized display of digital presentations. With the source code of SMIL 2.0 and the Helix(TM) DNA Client, Helix community developers can support display of complex presentations in their products.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 870  Category: Resource    

Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL)
You should have a working knowledge of HTML in order for this resource to be helpful to you. However, SMIL is very straightforward and easy to understand, so even without HTML experience the functionality, elegance, simplicity, and value of SMIL should be evident.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 765  Category: Resource    

SMIL: Digital Media Meets XML
The Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) is an excellent example of a successful XML language development effort. The specialized, yet compact schema of SMIL offers powerful authoring capabilities for multimedia presentations and SMIL appears to be the clear winner for multimedia mark-up. This lab examines some good on-line resources that allow you to get a feel for using SMIL and and other XML-based languages that have been embraced by Real Networks ( in order to enable complex multimedia authoring.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 915  Category: Resource    

Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL)
This document, TECHnote: Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL), outlines the specification for the use of SMIL within learning objects.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 532  Category: Resource - Configurations
This configuration runs on PDA's with a Java 2 SE environment.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 546  Category: Resource    

Openworld Presenter Plus
Openworld Presenter Plus is a tool for creating polished multimedia presentations with RealMedia technologies.It is especially useful for creation of navigable video presentations as well as e-learning and distance learning courses. Our authoring environment produces presentations that mirror the real-life format of seminars and workshops.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 740  Category: Tool    

RealNetworks Releases Industry Standard SMIL Source Code to Helix Community
RealNetworks(R) Inc. , a global leader in network-delivered digital media, today added to the Helix Community, the source code for Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL(TM), pronounced 'smile'), the standard for synchronized display of digital presentations.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 621  Category: Resource    

Something to SMIL about
Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language, SMIL, (pronounced "smile") is the newly-minted W3C standard for authoring and presenting synchronized multimedia on the Web. SMIL is an XML-compliant markup language used to describe stylistic and synchronization information about a Web multimedia presentation.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 551  Category: Resource    

Working with SMIL
The Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) is a recommendation from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) intended to allow the easy implementation of sophisticated time-based multimedia content on the Web. SMIL is an XML extension and currently in version 1.0.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 651  Category: Article    

Captioning QuickTime: Part 5
SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) is very much like HTML. It is actually a form of XML (Extensible Markup Language). SMIL is used to control the way multimedia content is displayed on the Web. You can read about the SMIL standard at Quicktime 4.1+ is required for SMIL to work. If you are targeting audiences that may not have Quicktime 4.1+, use Quicktime to create the captioned movie. SMIL provides support for multiple languages for audio and text tracks and is much easier to implement if you are streaming Quicktime video from a Quicktime server. SMIL is also used by RealPlayer for media control, though the way in which it is implemented is slightly different.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 540  Category: Resource    

Mobile Streaming Media CDN Enabled by Dynamic SMIL
In this paper, we present a mobile streaming media CDN (Content Delivery Network) architecture in which content segmentation, request routing, pre-fetch scheduling, and session handoff are controlled by SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integrated Language) modification. In this architecture, mobile clients simply follow modified SMIL files downloaded from a streaming portal server; these modifications enable multimedia content to be delivered to the mobile clients from the best surrogates in the CDN.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 613  Category: Article    

Animation Example
Animation Example

Type: SMIL  #Views: 1067  Category: Example    

Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) Modules
Since the publication of SMIL 1.0 [SMIL10], interest in the integration of SMIL concepts with the HTML, the Hypertext Markup Language [HTML40], and other XML languages, has grown. Likewise, the W3C HTML Working Group is specifying how XHTML, the Extensible Hypertext Markup Language [XHTML10], can be subset, be extended, or be integrated with other languages.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 502  Category: Resource    

The Flying Green Inchworm
This example shows a simple path animation. Look at the string of numbers and letters given after the path element within the <smil:animateMotion> tag. Those are the x,y coordinates for our animation path. Click the button and watch the worm walk the path. Also notice that the repeatCount element is set for "indefinite", and the end command is set as an action — the animation will continue to loop until the user clicks the stop button.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 1026  Category: Example    

A Realist's SMIL Manifesto, Part II
In the first part of this article series, I mentioned two big problems -- and addressed the first -- obstructing widespread adoption of SMIL:

Type: SMIL  #Views: 551  Category: Article    

Ram File Summary
A Ram file is plain text file that uses the file extension .ram. Each line holds the full URL to a clip or SMIL presentation, and can include parameters that affect playback. Separate the first parameter from the URL with a question mark (?), as shown here:

Type: SMIL  #Views: 566  Category: Resource    

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