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XML Editor & XSLT Debugger
The basic use-case of consists in the development of the XSL stylesheets capable of producing rich SVG graphics. For example when you have an XML document describing the evolution of a parameter over time and you need to create a graphic from it, you can start with a static SVG, written directly in or exported from a graphics tool.

Type: SVG  #Views: 133  Category: Resource    

W3C Publishes Initial Working Draft for SVG's XML Binding Language (sXBL)
A First Public Working Draft of SVG's XML Binding Language (sXBL) has been released by members of the W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Working Group and the CSS Working Group. The sXBL language defines the presentation and interactive behavior of elements outside the SVG namepace.

Type: SVG  #Views: 635  Category: Article    

Mobile SVG
As you have no doubt read in my previous article, SVG Tiny, the SVG sub-profile geared toward mobile phones, offers very interesting features: 2D-vector drawing, raster-image embedding, animation, and definition of reusable assets like fonts and graphics objects. Advance on the standards front is good, but as we all know, success of a technology is not measured only by technical merit but also by market acceptance. This article aims at giving you the lowdown in terms of where SVG Tiny is headed in the mobile marketplace.

Type: SVG  #Views: 706  Category: Article    

Open-Source Airport and Instrument Procedure Diagrams in SVG
In our experience, SVG offers the easiest path to generating two-dimensional graphics. SVG does not live in a vacuum, though -- it usually augments web pages or printed material which are often generated from the same source within a set of workflow processes. A typical workflow includes data aggregation, XSL transformations, and specialized processing code. Tools that can combine existing and custom XML processing components to manipulate data and generate disparate outputs greatly simplify the life of application developers. In this paper we present STnG (Streaming Transformations and Glue) , a tool we developed for this purpose. As an example, we show how STnG simplifies generation of airport diagrams.

Type: SVG  #Views: 1042  Category: Article    

Mobile SVG Profile: SVG Tiny, Version 1.2
The Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Working Group has released a Last Call Working Draft of Mobile SVG Profile: SVG Tiny, Version 1.2. The draft defines SVG Tiny 1.2, a mobile profile of SVG 1.2 suitable for displaying vector graphics on small devices. Comments are welcome through 17 September.

Type: SVG  #Views: 908  Category: Resource    

SVG Open 2004 program available
The program for SVG Open 2004 is finally available. Its sheer diversity and the innovative nature of a good number of the talks is a tribute to SVG's flexibility and power.

Type: SVG  #Views: 659  Category: Resource    

W3C Working Draft on Mobile SVG Profiles Defines Features for Cellphones.
The W3C SVG Working Group has issued an invitation for public comment on a third Working Draft of Mobile SVG Profiles: SVG Tiny and SVG Basic, Version 1.2, released as part of the W3C Graphics Activity.

Type: SVG  #Views: 497  Category: Resource    

SVG and Typography: Animation
In the last part of our exploration of SVG and Typography, we turn our attention to effects with animated type, exploiting SVG declarative animation features.

Type: SVG  #Views: 734  Category: Article    

Antoine Quint charts the rise and rise of mobile SVG.
It has been a long while since I last indulged in sharing my precious affection for SVG with you, dear reader. Time has passed and things have evolved in the SVG world. In fact, things have evolved so much that I come back to you all charged up for what I hope will be many more strolls through the versatile SVG landscape. In my last report I was hinting at the emergence of two specifications that are coming into the public light today: one was SVG 1.2 and the other was SVG Mobile. While SVG 1.2 is heading soon to the W3C Last Call phase (more on this in the upcoming weeks and months), SVG Mobile has been a focus point for the mobile industry lately; and with such a major breakthrough just around the corner, I felt it was only right to give you a heads-up on the magnificent piece of technology that is SVG Mobile.

Type: SVG  #Views: 554  Category: Article    

DocSoft Announces CGM-to-SVG Conversion Software Beta Test
DocSoft, a leader in XML technology,is currently developing a multi-format conversion engine that will convert Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). The primary purpose of this software will convert CGM to SVG, but support for conversion of other formats to SVG will be available as well. The software will also have a developer's license and API available for integration with other software.

Type: SVG  #Views: 695  Category: Tool    

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.2 Working Draft Published
The SVG Working Group has released the seventh public Working Draft of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.2. The SVG language delivers accessible, dynamic, and reusable vector graphics, text, and images to the Web in XML.

Type: SVG  #Views: 540  Category: Resource    

SVG Demo - Dancing Lines
This SVG demo display a dancing line. You can change the lines with a simple click on the + and - button.

Type: SVG  #Views: 2956  Category: Example    

SVG Animation and Interaction
This section shows you to main SVG topics: Animation and Interaction. These two topics will be covered in depth with an overview and several useful examples.

Type: SVG  #Views: 690  Category: Resource    

SVG Demo: Draggable Element
Move the triangle anywhere on the page to view the placement coordinates. A very nice SVG demo.

Type: SVG  #Views: 1780  Category: Example    

Causeway Graphical Systems
You too can build graphs directly in SVG using GraPL, giving higher quality, download speed and scaling than a comparable image. GraPL can also import and export data and graphs in a variety of other formats, including VML and PostScript as well as older image formats.

Type: SVG  #Views: 545  Category: Resource    

SVG and Typography
Mixing the worlds of documents, programming, and visual design is a familiar experience for XML developers, especially when dealing with presentation technologies like SVG. Such mixtures can produce exciting new representations of information. They can also become ugly messes if one fails to learn the relevant aesthetic and design principles.

Type: SVG  #Views: 498  Category: Article    

SVG Tips and Tricks, Part One
The previous installments of this column discussed the two major techniques at the core of interactive SVG: SVG animation and DOM scripting. We saw how the powerful declarative syntax adapted from SMIL brought life to SVG documents, and how SVG's DOM goes further than XML's core DOM. This month's column, rather than a focused exploration of a particular SVG topic, will examine a few helpful tips and tricks.

Type: SVG  #Views: 509  Category: TipsAndTricks    

SVG Tips and Tricks: Adobe's SVG Viewer
Since Adobe's SVG Viewer is the main SVG implementation, with 160 million deployed units and counting, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some special features that only the Adobe SVG Viewer offers to its users. Want to see what we can do with it? Grab a copy of version 3.0 of the viewer and we'll be off.

Type: SVG  #Views: 510  Category: TipsAndTricks    

SVG Tips and Tricks: Adobe's SVG Viewer
SVG Tips and Tricks: Adobe's SVG Viewer. From: SVG Tips and Tricks: Adobe's SVG Viewer 07/03/2002 07:16.

Type: SVG  #Views: 5751  Category: TipsAndTricks    

SVG Tips and Tricks, Part One
This month's column, rather than a focused exploration of a particular SVG topic, will examine a few helpful tips and tricks. First, I'll introduce the viewBox attribute for zooming purposes, then explain...

Type: SVG  #Views: 446  Category: TipsAndTricks    

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