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Creating a WML phone directory, part 1
Mobile devices are the way of the future for information sharing. A drawback is that mobile devices don't quite have the power of a standard desktop computer. This prevents you from developing feature-rich sites that are easily navigable through the use of images and JavaScript. However, with Wireless Markup Language (WML) and careful planning, you can create a nice wireless solution.

Type: WML  #Views: 1133  Category: Article    

Creating a WML phone directory, part 2
In the last article, I discussed Wireless Markup Language (WML) and built an introductory page for my WML company directory. Now I'm going to create the Active Server Pages (ASP) that will create the resulting WML for finding phone numbers.

Type: WML  #Views: 993  Category: Article    

Easy Task Reports with Outlook and WordProcessingML
Export Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 task data to XML and use this as a source for reports in Microsoft Office Word 2003. Use Outlook automation in the Microsoft .NET Framework to export task information. Then use XML and XSLT to create documents that display reports of tasks containing their completion percentage, status, and other detail. Then, package the XML/XSLT portion of the solution using an XML expansion pack in Word.

Type: WML  #Views: 741  Category: Article    

Adding Client-Side Logic To WAP Using WMLScript
Concise overview of WMLScript (the WAP corollary to the JavaScript scripting language), a client-only scripting platform used in combination with WML to provide client side procedural logic.

Type: WML  #Views: 673  Category: Resource    

WML and WMLScript Tips & Tricks
This article offers several tips for developers of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) content with Wireless Markup Language (WML) WMLScript from Martin Frost, author of Learning WML and WMLScript from O'Reilly & Associates.

Type: WML  #Views: 628  Category: TipsAndTricks    

Wireless Markup Language (WML) Tutorial - Introduction
The Wireless Markup Language (WML) is the markup language used to make sites suitable for viewing using a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) device. If you don't have a WAP device to view the pages, you can get a simulator by downloading the Wireless Companion from YourWAP.

Type: WML  #Views: 753  Category: Article    

WAP Glossary
Glossary of WAP Terms

Type: WML  #Views: 577  Category: Resource    

HOW TO: Protect Passwords in WML Devices
Routinely, users who browse to Web sites must type their user name and password before they enter secured pages. Some WML browsers save the values that you typed in for your credentials in the device's memory. However, in some cases, if you browse to another site that contains a variable with the same name of the variable that was saved in memory from the previous site, the new site can obtain the value of the variable.

Type: WML  #Views: 764  Category: Article    

Learning WML - Tools and Structure
This series of articles describes how to provide Web content to mobile devices through WML (Wireless Markup Language). This article covers some essential tools for coding and debugging WML code, as well as the basics of creating WML decks.

Type: WML  #Views: 728  Category: Article    

A small collection of FAQs about WML.

Type: WML  #Views: 1469  Category: FAQ    

Building WML Applications Using PHP
This tutorial shows the user how to use PHP in conjunction with Wireless Markup Language (WML) to serve dynamic content to a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enabled wireless device. A little prior experience with Apache Web Server, PHP, MySQL and introductory WML is assumed by the author.

Type: WML  #Views: 776  Category: Tutorial    

Introducing WML and WMLScript
An introductory tutorial in programming WML and WMLScript, beginning with download and setup of the sample environment, the Nokia WAP Toolkit. Also includes online and downloadable WML deck and WMLScript script samples from Nokia. Well illustrated with complete source listings.

Type: WML  #Views: 718  Category: Tutorial    

Building a WML Application
This tutorial details the process of developing a small Wireless Markup Language (WML) application that allows wireless device users to check global weather reports.

Type: WML  #Views: 651  Category: Tutorial    

The Wireless Markup Language (WML)
An introductory tutorial and overview of the Wireless Markup Language, covering valid elements, usuing variables, creating a WML deck and calling a server script.

Type: WML  #Views: 592  Category: Tutorial    

Device Independence and the Web
The Web is steadily increasing its reach beyond the desktop to devices ranging from mobile phones to domestic appliances.

Type: WML  #Views: 529  Category: Resource    

Media Resources Adaptation for Limited Devices
Media Resources Adaptation for Limited Devices

Type: WML  #Views: 494  Category: Resource    

BI Journal - Article
Mobile e-commerce is the union of the Web and the cellular telephone — both high-technology and high-hype topics. Until recently, the handset’s role was that of a modem to the laptop computer.

Type: WML  #Views: 687  Category: Article    

Creating Wireless Services with Java Technology, XML, and IP
Welcome to today's online chat. We'll be talking about creating wireless services with Java technology, XML, and IP. Our guests are three experts in this area: Alan Brenner, Sun's Director of Software Engineering; Robert Goedman, Sun's Director of Wireless Engineering; and David Bryant, iPlanet's Director of Engineering. They'll answer your questions about J2ME, XML, IP and other technologies in the wireless space. So let's begin -- who has the first question?

Type: WML  #Views: 534  Category: Resource    

Release Notes for iPlanet™ Portal Server: Mobile Access Pack
These release notes contain important information available at the time of the version 3.0 release of iPlanet™ Portal Server: Mobile Access Pack software. Known problems and other late-breaking issues are addressed here. Read this document before you begin using the iPlanet Portal Server: Mobile Access Pack product.

Type: WML  #Views: 571  Category: Resource    

WML Language Reference
WML is a markup language based on Extensible Markup Language (XML). It is designed for specifying user interface behavior and displaying content on wireless devices such as phones, pagers, and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Type: WML  #Views: 582  Category: Resource    

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