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XForms Designer and Viewer
We are proud to announce our W3C XForms Designer - XForms Viewer release candidate. For your convenience it includes a full .net framework. So don’t wonder about the file size. This a part of our new Xforms suit (sign, encrypt, timestamp,authentication, ...) coming soon. We would appreciate your comments. Please feel free to distribute this download. Hope to hear from you soon.

Type: XForms  #Views: 1375  Category: Developer    

Inside the XForms validator
Performing validation on mixed-namespace documents can be more art than science. XForms 1.0, which is used as a component inside arbitrary host languages, introduces some new questions about how a validator should process such documents. This article discusses some of the challenges that the author encountered while writing an online XForms validator tool, and techniques for overcoming these problems.

Type: XForms  #Views: 635  Category: Article    

Tip: Send part of an XForms instance to a Web service
An XForms form is handy as a Web service client because it enables you to easily send and receive an XML document, but what if you don't necessarily want to send the entire data instance? This tip explains how you can build an instance that includes a SOAP message along with other data, and then send only the SOAP message on submission.

Type: XForms  #Views: 770  Category: TipsAndTricks    

Create an XForms form that submits a second instance
Because they can easily send and receive XML, XForms forms make great Web services clients, but using them in this way limits your control over the structure of your instance. This tip explains how to manage your data within one instance while submitting a second.

Type: XForms  #Views: 659  Category: Article    

Prepare for the transition from HTML forms to XForms
XForms are an XML-based replacement for conventional HTML Web forms. Learn about the basic elements of XForms and see how to implement them in a standard Web form.

Type: XForms  #Views: 764  Category: Article    

Use XForms to send and receive Web services messages
One of the great strengths of XForms is the fact that an XForms client can send its data as XML, and that it receives XML in return. This capability can be exceptionally useful in the field of Web services, where that's exactly what gets sent and received: XML messages. In this tip, I'll look at how to use an XForms browser as a Web services client, sending a SOAP request and displaying the results directly in the browser.

Type: XForms  #Views: 671  Category: Article    

XForms 1.1 Requirements Updated
The XForms Working Group has updated the XForms 1.1 Requirements Working Group Note. XForms is the new generation of Web forms. Version 1.1 has enhancements for the XForms 1.0 framework, embraces SOAP, makes XForms authoring easier, and facilitates XForms use in other host languages.

Type: XForms  #Views: 530  Category: Resource    

Introduction to XForms: XML Powered Web Forms
As we deploy Web access to software at all levels of complexity ranging from business back-ends to simple electronic transactions, we need to revisit the design of HTML forms that are the essential underpinnings of the transactional Web. XForms — a revision to the existing HTML forms technology developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C — builds on the advantages of XML to create a versatile forms module that can stand the Web in good stead for the next decade.

Type: XForms  #Views: 704  Category: Article    

XForms for Managing Forms-Based Data
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)'s draft XForms standard defines a set of XML elements that expand vastly the power of data-entry devices, such as browsers, to capture and validate forms-based data. The XForms Working Group has focused on device independence, data validation, and improved internationalization support to give you a new, elegant, and powerful way to code data-entry systems. By centralizing form behavior and data validation into a single location, XForms eliminate the hassle of browser scripting, the associated quagmire of multiple browser-language versions, and the mind-numbing coding of data-validation checks.

Type: XForms  #Views: 559  Category: Article    

Hands on XForms
This page describes simplifying the creation and management of XML information.

Type: XForms  #Views: 2210  Category: Example    

Getting Started with XForms
The XForms standard, which became a W3C Recommendation last month, lets us define forms that are much more sophisticated than those of HTML. Perhaps more importantly, it makes it easier for applications that we write to grab and use the data entered into forms, because an XForms client can plug the data directly into any XML structure that you like.

Type: XForms  #Views: 642  Category: Article    

XForms: the Next Generation of Web Forms
HTML Forms formed the basis of the e-commerce revolution. Now after 10 years experience with them, W3C has released XForms, the next generation of Web Forms. In contrast to HTML forms, in which functional and presentation markup are intertwined, XForms lets forms authors distinguish the descriptions of the purpose of the form, the presentation of the form, and how the results (the instance data) are written in XML.

Type: XForms  #Views: 521  Category: Article    

SVG and XForms: Rendering Custom Content
Antoine Quint introduces the SVG 1.2 XML-based extension mechanism on IBM's developerWorks. "The first Scalable Vector Graphics specification (SVG 1.0) laid the standard for XML-expressed two-dimensional interactive and animated graphics.

Type: XForms  #Views: 608  Category: Resource    

XForms and Microsoft InfoPath
This month Microsoft is releasing Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003, putting an end to speculation about what the software giant's approach to XML data collection would be. InfoPath appears on the surface to be similar in functionality to several of the XForms engines I wrote about earlier. Although the official Microsoft FAQ no longer even mentions XForms as of this writing, InfoPath is frequently compared and contrasted with XForms.

Type: XForms  #Views: 900  Category: Article    

XForms Implementation Status
W3C's XForms Recommendation is implemented in X-Smiles. It uses the the "" - namespace. XForms can be embedded in XHTML, XSL FO, SMIL and SVG documents in X-Smiles.

Type: XForms  #Views: 491  Category: Resource    

W3C Recommends Xforms 1.0; PureEdge Applauds
PureEdge Solutions, a company dealing in "secure, XML forms-based business process automation," congratulates the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the XForms Working Group on its release today of XForms 1.0 as a W3C Recommendation. PureEdge is a founding member of the W3C's XForms Working Group.

Type: XForms  #Views: 536  Category: Resource    

XForms Becomes a W3C Proposed Recommendation
W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of XForms 1.0 to Proposed Recommendation. Comments are welcome through 29 August.

Type: XForms  #Views: 489  Category: Resource    

XForms Basic Profile Is a W3C Candidate Recommendation
W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of XForms 1.0 Basic Profile to Candidate Recommendation. The specification describes XForms processing tailored to the needs of constrained devices and environments.

Type: XForms  #Views: 497  Category: Resource    

XForms and XML Events Are W3C Recommendations
The World Wide Web Consortium today released XForms 1.0 and XML Events as W3C Recommendations. The specifications have been reviewed by the W3C Membership, who favor their adoption by industry.

Type: XForms  #Views: 466  Category: Resource    

IBM alphaWorks Releases XML Forms Package.
The XML development team at IBM alphaWorks labs has released an 'XML Forms Package' as one of several new technologies. The XML Forms Package is a toolkit consisting of software components designed to showcase the possibilities presented by W3C XForms. XForms is W3C's next generation of web forms defined in a Candidate Recommendation specification.

Type: XForms  #Views: 505  Category: Tool    

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